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  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (30)

Returning home from the hospital with their new bundle is a handful for rookie parents. No matter how prepared they think they are, new parents have no clue what's in store. The focus is on the first 36 hours after expecting couples become parents.

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Renaissance Baby
60. Renaissance Baby
December 15, 2021
Judi and Steven met at a Renaissance fair, and music influences every aspect of their lives. With one child already at home, the addition of a new baby boy forces these parents to accept that children march to the beat of their own drum.
Hipster Baby
59. Hipster Baby
December 15, 2021
Donielle and Byron are thrilled about adding a new baby to their growing family. Donielle has a 9-year-old son from a previous relationship. When baby Cheyenne won't stop crying and has trouble latching on, the harmony of this family is tested.
Older Dad's First Child
58. Older Dad's First Child
December 15, 2021
John and Tracy entered the parenting game relatively late in life -- she's 38 and he's 46. With all their life experience, how hard can a new baby be? Once baby Kylie arrives, these new parents learn it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.
Doula's Second
57. Doula's Second
December 15, 2021
Doula is a Greek word meaning "mother's helper." After the birth of her first child, Yana becomes a doula. When she and husband, Robert, bring home baby number two, however, they need all the help they can get to deal with 2-year-old Benini's jealousy.
Identical Twins
56. Identical Twins
December 15, 2021
Jennifer and Michael already have a young son. When they bring home their two twin boys, their workload increases threefold. When they combine the challenge of taking care of three boys in diapers with the decision to host a barbecue, tensions rise.
Powerhouse Parents
55. Powerhouse Parents
December 8, 2021
Sam and Alexis are busy Hollywood talent managers who are used to taking care of people, but once baby Boaz arrives, the focus of these new parents is on their most important star -- their son.
Culture Clash Baby
54. Culture Clash Baby
December 8, 2021
Saeko is from Japan and Walid is from Tunisia. Because they come from opposite ends of the earth, their love will produce a multi-cultural baby. When baby Amin joins the family, these new parents learn that a baby can speak a new language all his own.
Realtor Baby
53. Realtor Baby
December 8, 2021
Lisa and Andrew are thrilled, excited and petrified about bringing home their new baby boy. When he suffers from a broken clavicle, sustained at birth, and a case of jaundice, the anxiety level for these new parents increases exponentially.
Talented Parents
52. Talented Parents
December 8, 2021
Jon and Nicole are a fun-loving couple who share a real passion for life. When baby Jack is unexpectedly born by C-section, these new parents rely on each other and their sense of humor to get them through this difficult time.
Circle of Life
51. Circle of Life
December 8, 2021
Ellen and Dan have a 17-month-old toddler and a 15-year-old son. Everyone is thrilled about the arrival of new baby brother, Will. Well, almost everyone -- big sister Sarah struggles with sharing her parents' attention.
Friend's Baby
50. Friend's Baby
December 1, 2021
It was fate and friendship that brought Ryan and Kristin together. When a case of endometriosis threatens this couple's ability to conceive, they are thrilled about the arrival of their baby.
Against All Odds
49. Against All Odds
December 1, 2021
Catherine and Josh have overcome numerous obstacles in their life together. No one thought they could have a child, and when their miracle baby is born six weeks early, the physical toll of taking care of a newborn proves to be the greatest challenge yet.
Preemie Goes Home
48. Preemie Goes Home
December 1, 2021
Baby Saki was born seven weeks early to Kelli and David, a loving, funky and free-spirited couple. With the combination of painful feedings, a newborn with extra needs and a house full of cats, these new parents have their work cut out for them.
Single Mom
47. Single Mom
December 26, 2005
Laura, a young, single mother, moves back home with her mother and 6-year-old brother. With the baby's father under house arrest, Laura must struggle with learning to care for her new daughter all by herself.
Nanny Free Baby
46. Nanny Free Baby
December 1, 2021
When Raymond and Donna had their first two boys, they lived in the Philippines and had a nanny on board to help them out. Now, their stress levels rise as they are forced to adapt to a new country and a new baby without the help of a nanny.
Teacher's Baby
45. Teacher's Baby
November 24, 2021
Heidi, a preschool teacher, and husband Garry have been together for 16 years. When new baby Max arrives, the combination of his recent circumcision and their dog's unhappiness with having to share his home puts these first-time parents to the test.
Career Change Baby
44. Career Change Baby
November 24, 2021
Bill and Lisa traveled the world and were ready for something completely different. Enter Adam. This nine-pound baby immediately grabs the spotlight from Lisa, a former actress, and forces these two 40-something parents to play their most demanding role.
Missionary's Baby
43. Missionary's Baby
November 24, 2021
Aracely and Michael are having a hard time dealing with their newborn. Between Michael's germaphobic tendencies and Aracely's fears and real physical pain, it's going to be a long 36 hours -- especially when Aracely's out of control family arrives.
Military and Mirth Baby
42. Military and Mirth Baby
November 24, 2021
Todd and Ursula prepared the nursery, read all the books, and seem ready for their newborn. Todd, a military man, is unsure when it comes to solo diaper changes and feeding duty.
O.C. Baby
41. O.C. Baby
November 24, 2021
Married less than a year, Chris and Melissa's active, on-the-go lifestyle changes in a hurry once they bring their baby home. They're ready and eager to be parents, however, since they both come from large and loving families.
Beach Baby
40. Beach Baby
November 17, 2021
Jeff and Stayce have been best friends since high school. They work well as a team, but when it comes to changing messy diapers for new baby Sarah, Jeff plays it solo. Overwhelmed by the newborn, Stayce is in tears, and Jeff is neck deep in dirty diapers.
New Parents Again
39. New Parents Again
November 17, 2021
Carlos and Miriam each have a daughter from previous relationships, but each are thrilled to bring home their first child together -- a baby boy.
Opposites Attract
38. Opposites Attract
November 17, 2021
Aubrey and Joshua have some obstacles to overcome when they bring home their new baby. They don't have the nursery set up yet, and their dog just delivered eight puppies. For these new parents, juggling has become a full-time job!
Baseball Baby
37. Baseball Baby
November 17, 2021
Jeff and Karie are very close to their families and rely on all of them to teach them how to handle their new baby. After depending on them so much in the first 36 hours, they now have to see how they will fare by themselves.
Red Sox Twins
36. Red Sox Twins
November 17, 2021
After spending three months on bed rest, new mom Alyssa and husband Jeff welcome twins into the world. The arrival of the couple's sons, Zachary and Dylan, is the culmination of a destiny they believe is linked to their favorite team, the Boston Red Sox.
Daddy's Boy
35. Daddy's Boy
November 10, 2021
For Alex and Mayra, it took years of trying before they succeeded in having a baby, but Roman Alexander was a prize worth waiting for! Mayra's mother comes to the rescue to help this new family get started.
18-Year Baby Gap
34. 18-Year Baby Gap
November 10, 2021
When Anna and Mark found out they were pregnant, they were shocked. All at once, the couple faced a renovation of their house, a new marriage and a baby on the way. This made for a wild ride on their road to parenthood.
Baby on Parade
33. Baby on Parade
November 10, 2021
Wesley and Derica come home with a new baby boy, and the parade begins. They've got a lot of help and support, and they need it! While Wesley still copes with the loss of his father, this strong young couple manages to enjoy every bit of being a parent.
Baby Makes Three
32. Baby Makes Three
November 10, 2021
Married for just a few months, David and Lucy are thrilled about the birth of their newborn son, Logan, but cultures clash as Lucy's Chinese mother insists on raising her grandson the traditional way.
Little Duke
31. Little Duke
November 10, 2021
Lori and Gilbert, recent transplants from Florida, moved across the country to pursue their dreams. They know they will face many challenges on their own, but with the right amount of humor and love, they also know they can make their dreams come true.
Irish Baby
29. Irish Baby
October 27, 2021
When Drea and Gary bring home their new son, Drea's mom is there to lend a hand. Although Gary's family is all back home in Ireland, his best friend shows up with a special treat that surprises and moves everyone to tears.
High School Sweethearts
28. High School Sweethearts
September 5, 2005
High school sweethearts Steve and Leslie share a love of God and family. Everyone in the family is ecstatic over the newest addition, whose mild jaundice and persistent gas can't dampen the festive homecoming.
Soccer Baby
27. Soccer Baby
October 27, 2021
Newly married Ryan and Julie are in for the time of their lives raising their newborn son. Ryan, a professional soccer player, continually struggles with how to balance his professional and personal lives.
Overcoming Obstacles
26. Overcoming Obstacles
October 27, 2021
When Kristi and Donovan found out they were pregnant, they were shocked and excited, but they knew there would be challenges ahead. Kristi has been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis for years and is anxious about taking care of a newborn.
World Traveler's Baby
25. World Traveler's Baby
October 22, 2021
Gary and Alyssa share a love for travel and have been all over the world. Their traveling days slowly dwindled when their first child was born. Now, with a new baby boy added to the mix, they have all the adventure they can handle right in their own home.
Writer's Baby
24. Writer's Baby
October 22, 2021
Mark and Julie, both only children with no experience with newborns, find the challenge of taking care of baby Hunter a bit daunting. Fortunately, Grandma and Grandpa fly in from Britain to offer support.
Surprise Baby
23. Surprise Baby
October 20, 2021
Krista, a single mother of three and a cancer survivor, is shocked and thrilled by the birth of her fourth child. When baby Jonah refuses to breastfeed properly, this experienced mom relies on family and friends to get her through this trying time.
A New Brother
22. A New Brother
October 20, 2021
Monica and James already have a full house with a 2-year-old daughter and a teenage son. Once baby Diego joins the family, trouble arises when big sister Julia decides she'd rather have just one brother and not two.
Unconventional Baby
21. Unconventional Baby
October 20, 2021
Unconventional parents Brent and Guady are thrilled about the arrival of their son, but their happiness is overshadowed by Guady's headaches brought on by an epidural during labor. She worries about whether she will still be able to bond with her baby.
Mamie's Grandbaby
20. Mamie's Grandbaby
August 2, 2021
Charlotte, a 25-year-old single mom, must rely on her large family to help her with her newborn. During the first 36 hours, they are loving and supportive, but she wonders if they will continue to stick by her once the novelty of a new baby has worn off.
Ambers' Miracle
19. Ambers' Miracle
August 2, 2021
Michael and Michelle struggled through the pain of fertility treatments and celebrated the birth of their daughter as a miracle. When her jaundice levels start to rise, these new parents must rely on their sense of humor and each other to make it through.
Mariachi Baby
18. Mariachi Baby
August 2, 2021
Geno, a Mariachi musician, and Alma, an account executive, were well prepared for the birth of their baby. When a difficult delivery puts Alma out of commission, however, Geno has to step up to the plate and play the role of both mother and father.
Time for a Baby!
17. Time for a Baby!
August 2, 2021
After 14 years of marriage, Janice and Billy couldn't be happier with the arrival of their baby, but the same can't be said for their dog, Comet. Every time the baby makes a peep, Comet barks, whines and cowers. Dad tries to persuade Comet that it's okay.
Traditional Baby
16. Traditional Baby
August 2, 2021
A modern storybook romance, Greg and Tammi met on the internet. Recently married, they are about to welcome their first baby, Jack, into the family. Jack is born nearly three weeks early with jaundice, however, and breastfeeding is difficult for Mom.
Young Couple's First
15. Young Couple's First
July 26, 2021
Twenty-year-old Isaac and his 18-year-old girlfriend, Mary, are thrilled about the birth of their son, Isaac, Jr. They look forward to the challenge of raising their son and having the support of their very large, tight-knit family.
Dad's Little Buddy
14. Dad's Little Buddy
July 26, 2021
New parents Karla and Dan are delighted by the birth of their new son, Donovan. To celebrate, they throw a party on the day he gets home. While family and friends enjoy the festivities, however, the new parents are kept busy with a very hungry baby!
Together Again
13. Together Again
July 26, 2021
After eight years of separation, Jeff and Leah are together again. They are thrilled to be bringing their second child home but are concerned about how their son, JT, will react. They'll work together to make sure big brother doesn't feel left out.
Stay at Home Dad
12. Stay at Home Dad
July 26, 2021
New father Elisha is serious about his plans to be a stay-at-home dad when his wife Ariana goes back to work. After the first 36 hours with the newborn, however, he may not still feel as strongly about it.
A New Beginning
11. A New Beginning
July 26, 2021
When Jesse and Melanie bring home their first child, their lives begin again -- again! They've each already overcome personal demons, but now they feel that raising a child will be the biggest challenge they will ever face.
Parents' First Baby
10. Parents' First Baby
September 9, 2005
Liz and Kirby are first-time parents who don't know the first thing about newborns. They might not know much, but one thing they know for certain is that they want to raise their son following their vegan lifestyle. Their first hurdle will be Grandma.
Two Moms
9. Two Moms
September 8, 2005
Nancy and Cathy have been trying to have a baby for five years, so they were ecstatic when Cathy became pregnant. Family members, friends and five dogs fill the house with tears, love and drama -- a great beginning for bringing home baby.
Double the Fun
8. Double the Fun
September 7, 2005
David and Joelle are headed home from the hospital with twins. They have family to help, but all of grandma's expertise can't prepare the new parents for the challenge of caring for two. Nerves will be frazzled and patience will be stretched thin!
A Family Affair
7. A Family Affair
July 19, 2021
When Joe and Michelle bring home their new daughter, Madison, they are greeted by a houseful of people. This is the first grandchild for both sides of the family, but all the family support can't help Michelle with her biggest problem: breastfeeding.
Mack Truck Twins
6. Mack Truck Twins
August 30, 2005
Bob and Roxanne are actors living in the Hollywood Hills, California, running their own internet maternity clothing line. Even though they have a 7-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter, they decide to have one more child and end up with twin girls!
20-Year-Old Mom
5. 20-Year-Old Mom
January 19, 2006
Nataly's parents never wanted her to become a single mom at age 20. Once she does, however, her large and loving family gathers around her offering her support.
Actor's Baby
4. Actor's Baby
October 3, 2005
Dominic and Geraldine have enjoyed their pre-child Hollywood lifestyle, so when the baby arrives, they find parenthood to be one of their most challenging roles. The two work to overcome their fears and write the perfect ending.
Animator's Creation
3. Animator's Creation
September 27, 2005
First time parents Julie and Pablo couldn't wait for the birth of their daughter and thought it would be easy for Pablo to work from home as an animator. Juggling the demands of a new baby and a work schedule turns out to be harder than anticipated.
10 Year Anniversary Baby
2. 10 Year Anniversary Baby
September 21, 2005
Married for over 10 years, Steve and Jennifer have enjoyed the freedom that comes with being child free -- until now. They must cope with the lifestyle change and are put to the test right from the start, as baby Penelope proves to be quite a handful.
Panamanian Celebration
1. Panamanian Celebration
August 29, 2005
First-time parents Mike and Cynthia are surprised by an emergency C-section. They scramble to put the nursery together when their baby arrives three weeks early and face a plumbing emergency at home. Then, their new daughter shows signs of jaundice.

Returning home from the hospital with their new bundle is a handful for rookie parents. No matter how prepared they think they are, new parents have no clue what's in store. The focus is on the first 36 hours after expecting couples become parents. Bringing Home Baby is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (59 episodes). The series first aired on August 29, 2005.

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    August 29, 2005
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