Brother's Keeper

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  • 1969
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (150)

Single dad Porter Wade has his hands full raising his young son, holding a job and keeping a household. When his younger brother Bobby, a professional football player, moves in with him things become even more hectic. Now he

Brother's Keeper
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The Duel
23. The Duel
May 14, 1999
Porter finally lets Dena know his true feelings for her.
The New Client
22. The New Client
May 7, 1999
When Porter (William Ragsdale) musters up the courage to tell Dena (Bess Meyer) he has feelings for her, he...
Politically Impolite
21. Politically Impolite
April 23, 1999
When Bobby appears on "Politically Incorrect," Dr. Henry Kissinger ends up stealing his only comment. Bill...
With Friends Like Porter
20. With Friends Like Porter
April 9, 1999
When Porter becomes frustrated that he has no friends, Bobby teaches him how to be one of the guys.
Security Farce
19. Security Farce
March 19, 1999
Bobby gives out his home address to an angry listener on his new radio show, making Porter paranoid of...
Everybody Says I Love You
18. Everybody Says I Love You
February 26, 1999
Porter invites his hard-hearted mother to try and resolve his and Bobby's problem with sharing their emotions.
An Odd Couple of Days
17. An Odd Couple of Days
February 19, 1999
When Porter and Bobby take a road trip, they meet an "odd couple" that impacts their relationship. Jack...
Dating the Teacher
16. Dating the Teacher
February 12, 1999
Porter and Bobby (William Ragsdale, Sean O'Bryan) both seek the affections of Oscar's (Justin Cooper) teacher...
Game Ball
15. Game Ball
February 5, 1999
Bobby (Sean O'Bryan) and Porter's (William Ragsdale) relationship is strained when Bobby decides he wants to...
Box of Stuff
14. Box of Stuff
January 22, 1999
Porter (William Ragsdale) remembers his first girlfriend when his grandmother sends a box of his and Bobby's...
You Are Me
13. You Are Me
January 20, 1999
Porter (William Ragsdale) attempts to keep his libido in check when the model (Elizabeth Berkley) he's dating...
12. Date
January 8, 1999
Porter is pressured into a dating situation that ends up disastrous.
Pillow Talk
11. Pillow Talk
December 11, 1998
Bobby (Sean O'Bryan) attends one of Porter's (William Ragsdale) classes to try to liven up his brother's...
10. Note
December 4, 1998
Sibling rivalry flares when Porter (William Ragsdale) learns his brother (Sean O'Bryan) received notes of...
The Boss of Me
9. The Boss of Me
November 20, 1998
Frustrated when Porter rejects Bobby's addition of a sexy poster to the kitchen decor, refuses to allow him to throw a birthday party for Oscar, and rejects the outsized gifts Bobby brings home for his nephew (a huge dog, a monster television system), Bobby demands a larger share in making decisions and begins by deciding to buy a new, much bigger house. Challenged by Bobby's assertion that he has always been afraid of change, a stunned Porter agrees to the move, then has second thoughts when he realizes how much of his life is tied up in the house he and his late wife made together. Compromise finds Oscar enjoying a lavish party, complete with pony, while Bobby brings home a huge boat he has purchased and Porter finally keeps his promise to phone the attractive nurse he met in episode 1.
You're in Trouble
8. You're in Trouble
November 13, 1998
Bobby (Sean O'Bryan) fails his drug test and enlists the help of Porter and Dena (William Ragsdale, Bess...
Kick Ball, Get Check
7. Kick Ball, Get Check
November 6, 1998
Bobby (Sean O'Bryan) may lose his place on the team if he doesn't figure out a way to overcome his...
Trick or Treat
6. Trick or Treat
October 30, 1998
Bobby (Sean O'Bryan) scares Oscar (Justin Cooper) so badly on Halloween that his favorite time of year becomes...
Cleaning Lessons
5. Cleaning Lessons
October 23, 1998
Porter (William Ragsdale) orders Bobby (Sean O'Bryan) to clean up after himself, so Bobby decides to hire a...
Sneaking Into The Movies
4. Sneaking Into The Movies
October 16, 1998
Porter finally lets Dena know his true feelings for her.
Since You Came Here
3. Since You Came Here
October 9, 1998
Porter's (William Ragsdale) worried about Bobby's (Sean O'Bryan) influence when Oscar (Justin Cooper) decides...
Who's Your Daddy?
2. Who's Your Daddy?
October 2, 1998
Oscar's (Justin Cooper) vice principal sends Porter and Bobby (William Ragsdale, Sean O'Bryan) to a parenting...
1. Pilot
September 25, 1998
Check out the first episode of Brother's Keeper.
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    7.2  (150)