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A heartwarming story begins with Woori, a bright girl who lives with her new family after her deaf mother marries to a dim-witted but kind stepfather, Bong Young Kyu. In addition to the new family, there is Bong Maru who has been raised by his grandmother and Bong Young Kyu. Bong Maru becomes ashamed of his family as he gets teased by his peers because of his dim-witted father.

On the other hand, Cha Dong Joo is a boy born into a family whose grandfather owns a cosmetics company. He meets Woori at a school playing piano and promises Woori he would teach her how to play the piano one day. At the same time, Bong Maru meets Dong Joo's parents and appreciates the warmness from Cha Dong Joo's mother, Tae Hyun Suk that he desires to become a part of the family.

A fire spreads in the factory where Woori's mother works at and she passes away after she barely escapes. On the same night, Dong Joo tries to sneak out of his house to keep his promise to Woori. During his attempt, he accidentally falls to the ground while hitting his head. As he wakes up in the hospital, only Cha Dong Joo and his mother discovers he is permanently deaf. Tae Hyun Suk finds out her husband had an affair with his secretary, and fathers a child who happens to be Bong Maru. Maru runs away from his family after promising Woori that he'll come back and joins Dong Joo and his mother to live in Saipan together.

As a plan to take revenge on her husband, Tae Hyun Suk raises Maru and have Dong Joo act like he has normal hearing so she can take away the company from her husband. The story continues to the future as a love story develops between Woori and Dong Joo while family conflicts arise and resolve between the two families.

MBC America
1 Season, 30 Episodes
October 11, 2011
Cast: Kim Jaewon, Hwang Jung-eum
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Can You Hear My Heart? Full Episode Guide

  • In the emotional finale of Can You Hear My Heart, everyone gathers for a funeral and says goodbye to one of their own. Secrets are revealed, sins are forgiven and relationships are put to the final test as everyone considers what it means to really be a family.

  • The motives behind Jun Ha's plans come to light, but is it too late for him to be redeemed? As a shareholder's meeting approaches, Dong Joo is forced to decide if he wants to fight for Energy Cell or simply cut his losses and move on. Shin Ae and Jin Chul finally clear the air.

  • Jun Ha and Jin Chul have an argument; Young Gyu and Mi Sook have a misunderstanding. Even as things settle down for Woo Ri's love life, the rest of her affairs aren't so simple, especially when Energy Cell is threatened by something bigger than everyone.

  • The gloves are off between Dong Joo and Jin Chul, and 15-year-old secrets are only the first fuels of the fire. Jun Ha takes advantage of their enmity to grow closer to his father, but what bigger game is he playing? And when Dong Joo and Jin Chul want to take the business in opposite directions, who will come out on top?

  • Yeon Sook is infuriated when Dong Joo announces his deafness to the public, but he's done being manipulated by her, a fact that drives them both to dangerous and unexpected extremes. In the wake of their confrontation, lies are exposed, secret meetings are held and hospital visits are made.

  • Brothers come to blows as Jun Ha and Dong Joo question each other's motives. Young Gyu and Mi Sook grow closer. Shin Ae makes trouble when she tells the family she's seen Ma Roo, but the biggest announcement of the night comes from Dong Joo and a certain explosive press conference.

  • Woo Ri tries to hold her family together in the wake of everything's that happened. Jun Ha has a talk with Jin Chul, but neither is sure of the other's intentions. No longer able to rely on her adopted son, Yeon Sook turns to Dong Joo to get her revenge.

  • Young Gyul struggles with the knowledge that his son is close and yet so far. Jun Ha must decide if he's ready to confront his past once and for all, but things grow complicated when the police want answers about Jin Chul's business, and they're willing to get them by any means necessary.

  • Dong Joo challenges Jin Chul. Seung Chul accepts his fate. With no more secrets between them, Woo Ri and Jun Ha finally reach an understanding, but she hasn't been the only one missing Ma Roo... and her father is about to get the shock of his life when he sees Jun Ha's face for the first time.

  • A heated argument between Jun Ha and Sun Geum leaves her in the hospital. Woo Ri is just happy that she found her in time, but Dong Joo struggles with sudden feelings of inadequacy when his deafness proves a problem in emergencies. Jin Chul gets a taste of his own medicine during a family dinner.

  • Woo Ri meets her mother's lookalike. Seung Chul returns from his business trip only to realize that he's lost Woo Ri to two brothers... who have, at last, figured out how they both feel. A shocking secret finally meets daylight, but will its players be able to handle the fallout?

  • The newest employee of the company comes with a surprise: her face. Yeon Sook gets wind of the plot to find Ma Roo and is forced to take action. Jun Ha and Woo Ri share a fun day together, but when Dong Joo catches them in an intimate moment, it may cause more harm than good.

  • Having realized his secret hearing loss, Woo Ri is left with the choice of playing along or telling Dong Joo the cat's out of the bag. Things aren't helped by Jun Ha, who has grown suspicious about the amount of time Dong Joo's been spending with her and is determined to equal the balance.

  • Is Jun Ha secretly Ma Roo? That's what Sun Geum believes, and Jun Ha has a hard time convincing her otherwise. Meanwhile, Young Gyu shows off his new writing skills, Shin Ae makes trouble, and Dong Joo and Woo Ri share a moment on his piano, re-igniting old feelings and old memories.

  • Woo Ri and her father take care of Dong Joo after his collapse. Yeon Sook and Jin Chul continue their game of cat and mouse. Dong Joo and Jun Ha have a talk about their love lives, neither realizing that they're both falling for the same woman.

  • Woo Ri confronts Dong Joo about his new business plan. To forget her troubles, Min Soo takes her for a girls' night out of drinking, but an unexpected appearance by Jun Ha complicates the situation even further. Young Gyu sees more than anyone realizes.

  • Woo Ri becomes Dong Joo's shadow, but he can't decide if it's a welcome distraction or an annoying habit. Jun Ha has to make a decision after Yeon Sook whispers in his ear. Young Gyu faces trouble at work; Dong Joo makes an unexpected move in the company that will affect them both.

  • Woo Ri and Jun Ha have reconnected, but she has no idea he's really her long-lost oppa - and still hiding under his new name and identity, he has no inclination to tell her. Meanwhile, Seung Chul struggles with unrequited feelings and Dong Joo makes a new friend in Young Gyu.

  • Woo Ri goes on television to appeal to her "missing brother." Both Dong Roo and Jun Ha happen to cross her path, but who will recognize who after so many years apart?

  • Ma Roo is now known as Jun Ha, a rich and successful doctor; Woo Ri has become her father's caretaker; Dong Joo has adapted to his deafness by employing tricks to pretend he can still hear. Their lives are entirely different... but fate has a funny way of bringing people together.

  • A factory fire has long-reaching consequences for everyone: the Cha family, who own and operate it, and the Bong family, whose lives are changed forever when one of their own doesn't get out in time.

  • Dong Joo's family plans for a big event, but little do they know that Ma Ru is intent on making a name for himself at the same time. Woo Ri continues pushing her mother and Young Gyu together in hopes of becoming of a family. There's also some kind of trouble brewing in the Cha home...

  • In the heart of the Korean countryside, Can You Hear My Heart opens with the childhood of three people who will remain connected through their entire lives: Dong Joo, the son and heir of a successful businessman; Ma Roo, a smart but poor boy angry at his circumstances; and Woo Ri, the girl who connects them both.

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