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Chicago Hope is a television drama that takes place inside a Chicago-area hospital. The series follows the professional and personal lives of a group of doctors. Dr. Jeffrey Geiger is the lead doctor at the hospital. He is a prominent and brilliant surgeon who is committed to his career. His wife suffers from a psychiatric disorder and she ends up killing their child. Dr. Geiger is also close friends with another prominent surgeon at the hospital, Dr. Shutt. Dr. Nyland is the stud of the hospital. He ends up having an affair with the family member of a patient, resulting in a career censure.

Dr. Kronk is a controversial, no-nonsense doctor who likes to play by his own rules. In one dramatic scene, he helps victims at an accident. One person is trapped and Dr. Kronk, wasting no time, cuts off the person's leg with a chainsaw in order to free them. There are strong female doctors as well who must battle with the male egos at the hospital in order to make a name for themselves.

The doctors all experience a lot of intense personal problems that affect their ability to practice medicine in some cases. One doctor suffers a brain aneurysm and loses his ability to perform surgery. The chief of staff at the hospital is killed by a gunshot to the heart. Dr. Geiger ends up getting promoted to Chairman of the Hosptial's board and he ends up firing all the other doctors. The personal drama is all balanced with extreme medical cases and conditions that the doctors must deal with. There is one episode where Dr. Geiger performs a surgery with the goal of separating a set of conjoined twins. Another time, he has to performe a heart transplant using a baboon's heart to save a person. Another doctor has to reattach a finger to a world-famous flutist, potentially saving or destroying her career. Throughout it all, the doctors and staff battle and support each other as they go about the dramatic business of saving people's lives.

6 Seasons, 141 Episodes
September 18, 1994
Cast: Thomas Gibson, Jayne Brook, Christine Lahti, Mandy Patinkin, Adam Arkin
Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope Full Episode Guide

  • When the hospital is put up for sale, Miller purchases stock in a company owned by a paralyzed computer genius who is about to undergo an experimental operation that utilizes his company's technology, leaving hospital's ultimate fate in McNeil's hands.

  • While recovering from a heart attack, Miller befriends a dying patient whose survival depends on cutting through HMO red tape; a woman regains consciousness after being in a coma for fifteen years.

  • McNeil goes against procedure and red tape and performs a hip replacement surgery. Shutt and Simon transplant a computer into a patients brain. Alberghetti tries to ignore her feelings for Miller.

  • The hospital is purchased by an HMO, and immediately suffers budget cuts. During an operation that Miller is filming for a documentary, the heart stops beating on both the patient and her unborn child.

  • Doctors fight to the save the lives of co-joined twins when one is diagnosed with cancer; McNeil's childhood mentor seeks help for a gunshot wound and asks McNeil to keep quiet about how it happened.

  • Shutt and Simon invent a procedure and use it to save the life of a girl. McNeil treat a wrestler who's been using steroids.

  • A mentally challenged couple enters the hospital. The husband needs open heart surgery. The wife discovers that she can't become pregnant after she was sterilized without her consent.

  • Keith discovers a heart murmer while giving Alicia a physical. Jeremy performs an appendectomy on Siamese twins.

  • A man must choose which of his two children is to receive a liver transplant; police charge McNeil with involuntary manslaughter after one of his patients dies after taking Viagra; Simon suspects Rose Weber is addicted to her seizures.

  • A teenager is forced to live his life as a girl after the slip of a knife, and McNeil goes to court to try to help.

  • A woman believes her comatose husband is a conduit for the Lord; in his quest to fund a new coronary unit, Geiger discovers a doctor experimenting with human cloning in the hospital's basement.

  • Hanlon attempts to convince a Laotian refugee to undergo cancer surgery; a man with a heart condition believes his body jewelry protects him from harm.

  • On the way to a football game, Aaron and Jack get sidetracked... after they find themselves in a hostage situation with 3 wounded patients, a loose gunman, and the police about ready to enter the building.

  • As Thanksgiving approaches...Geiger and Alberghetti fight to save a patient's life by watching a satellite feed of a surgeon in Sri Lanka performing an experimental procedure.

  • An outbreak of a deadly disease forces the hospital to be quarantined.

  • Alberghetti and an obstetrician attempt to impregnate a patient after the woman miscarries and her husband dies of a heart attack; the hospital finds itself in the midst of a rodent crisis.

  • Cacaci attempts suicide by jumping off the hospital's rooftop, prompting doctors and ex-wives to reflect upon their feelings about the enigmatic doctor.

  • A risk management committee investigates McNeil's amputation of a young baseball player's arm; Shutt deals with a young unidentified girl who is unable to speak.

  • A doctor with Tourette's Syndrome is brought to Chicago Hope to operate on an infant with a severe heart defect. A patient comes into the ER with, what he claims to be, Albert Einstein's brain and gives it to Dr. Wilkes. A woman is using plastic surgery to make herself look like a Barbie Doll.

  • A patient who underwent routine liposuction surgery is found dead in the recovery room; surgeons operate on a priest whose sex organ was bitten off; Geiger refuses to operate on a dying boy.

  • Geiger returns as the head of the hospital board and proceeds with a major housecleaning of the staff. Emblematic of a new drive for excellence, the doctors treat an infant with a seemingly inoperable brain tumor.

  • The doctors deal with the fallout from a rave party where a mystery drug was distributed; Austin's NASA plans are impacted by an auto accident; Watters resigns in the wake of continuing bureaucratic problems.

  • Passion leads to cardiac arrest when Austin and her first husband reunite; a pregnant woman diagnosed with cancer determines to give up her own life in order to save her baby; Cacaci accuses Watters of having sex with a patient.

  • The doctors deliver a set of premature octuplets; Yeats struggles to diagnose an ailing gorilla; Shutt brings his dog to see a psychiatrist.

  • Austin comes under fire when she comments on the size of a patient's genitals; a woman gives birth to twins fathered by two different men; a boy genius whose brain never "shuts off" seeks Catera's help.

  • Shutt finds himself trapped in a mental institution when his undercover research goes awry; parents consider the possibility of cloning their dead three-year-old; a confused elderly woman mistakes McNeil for an old lover.

  • Austin's former mentor-who tormented her during residency-demonstrates a new surgical device at the hospital; Grad's patient is diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria; Wilkes attempts to convince an obese man that surgery is his best chance of losing weight

  • Sean's death forces McNeil to confront his relationship with his father; Kronk desperately attempts to save the life of a friend afflicted with a seemingly inoperable heart tumor.

  • As Valentine's Day ailing childhood friend asks Watters for one of his kidneys; a woman injured in an automobile accident seeks to have her dead mother's hand transplanted onto her arm.

  • Kronk attempts to save the life of a Good Samaritan; Grad assists an HIV positive pregnant woman with the birth of her baby; an ailing Yeats is driven to the brink by a noisy homeless woman.

  • Austin accompanies Yeats to a yoga retreat when a medical condition jeopardizes her chances of becoming an astronaut.

  • A baby-sitter falls in love with Kronk; one of Shutt's favorite patients commits suicide; Yeats finds himself caught in an ethical dilemma when a couple attempts to conceive a gifted child; Cacaci screens candidates for a crisis control center.

  • As the Christmas holiday draws near...a player on McNeil's all-girl basketball team collapses; Yeats clashes with the daughter of a patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease and a failing heart; Shutt has a therapy session with Raymond.

  • Raymond Wilkes shoots his best friend with his father's gun; a gorgeous patient professes having sexual fantasies about Shutt; a NASA representative performs a background check on Austin.

  • On Thanksgiving...Kronk discovers that his mother is pregnant; Austin searches for answers when a thirteen-year-old Tibetan spiritual teacher experiences fainting spells; an actor who has portrayed Jesus for twenty years collapses during a performance.

  • A media circus erupts when a popular television actor is rushed to the hospital.

  • Hancock saves the life of an African-American transient who was shot by a white off-duty policeman. Mays teaches a terrified Austin how to fly a plane. Yeats infuriates McNeil by suggesting a patient with back pain be given injections.

  • McNeil violates a young Jehovah's Witness' right to refuse treatment. Shutt assists a childhood idol who suffers from mental illness. Austin suspects that a patient who suffered chest pains after using Viagra is cheating on his wife.

  • Geiger, Camille and Nyland visit the hospital when Chicago Hope celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Meanwhile, Watters takes ill... and encounters Birch in his dreams.

  • Grad suspects that a couple is responsible for starving their infant to death. Shutt believes one of his patients suffers from multiple personalities.

  • A television crew photographs Catera as she performs brain surgery. Hancock accuses the hospital of discriminating against minority patients. Shutt clashes with an HMO representative over a patient's need for an expensive medication.

  • Austin supervises the medical evaluation of an ex-astronaut preparing for a new mission into outer space. Shutt treats a young Hasidic man who fears his double life will cost him his relationship to his father.

  • A legal battle erupts when a physician harvests organs from a patient who died as a result of an assisted suicide. Hancock and other innocent bystanders take ill when nerve gas is released inside a bank. Shutt considers returning to surgery.

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