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Law and Order: Los Angeles is a police procedural set in Los Angeles. It is a part of the Law and Order franchise of TV series. The first part of the show follows police officers in LA as the try to track down and catch a suspect, and the second part of the show follows the LA County District Attorney's office as the suspect is prosecuted, and last part of the show follows the DA's office's attempts to have them convicted in the LA Superior Court.

Law & Order: Los Angeles is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2010.

Where do I stream Law & Order: Los Angeles online? Law & Order: Los Angeles is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Law & Order: Los Angeles on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

1 Season, 23 Episodes
September 7, 2010
Cast: Kristin Kreuk, Matthew Marsden, Skeet Ulrich, Alfred Molina, Terrence Howard
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Law & Order: Los Angeles Full Episode Guide

  • When Javier Gomez is found dead at UCLA, the detectives learn that protecting his sister Malia, a star soccer player, may have been the motive for his murder. After speaking with Malia and her boyfriend Eric Kenter, the case takes a surprising turn. With the prosecution losing ground, DDA's Morales and Price are faced with the difficult task of uncovering the truth.

  • A birthday party turns deadly when all of the guests are beaten to death by some uninvited guests. Detectives discover that one of the guests escaped and the truth is revealed.

  • When a mass murder takes place at an office that is primarily Hispanic, detectives are stunned when a potential suspect accuses an unlikely person of racial profiling.

  • The murders of Kim Ho Lee and her live-in boyfriend leads to voter fraud and a reverend willing to condemn his son to death.

  • Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate a botched kidnapping, which becomes complicated when they uncover an additional crime. Unfortunately, this dilemma leaves Dekker with little time as ICE threatens to extradite witnesses who are key to his case.

  • Following a heated argument with his cousin, casino worker George Patrick is found brutally murdered in his hotel bathtub. However, after talking with the victim's girlfriend, they discover that more than one crime has been committed.

  • When a destructive wildfire suddenly terrorizes the hills of Malibu, arson is immediately suspected. Once the fire is under control, the detectives soon discover that a second fire was intended to cover up a gruesome crime.

  • A gunman opens fire during a rally with State Senator Celeste Kelman killing the senator and seven bystanders. Investigators identify a suspect with the help of modern technology. At the DDA's office, things get complicated when Dekker and Rubirosa disagree on how to handle the case.

  • When pre-med freshman Beth Garrett is found strangled to death, detectives discover a mysterious text. After some investigating at her sorority, the detectives learn this woman was hiding something.

  • Things become personal when a bank robber hands the teller a photo of her kidnapped son. Desperate to save him, she hands over the money.

  • The shooting of successful Hollywood stylist Lily Walker sends shockwaves throughout the city.

  • After a high-speed police chase ends, police are stunned to find the body of a dead woman, but no driver, in the car. Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski suspect her jealous boyfriend, but further investigation leads them to the bookkeeper for the city and a possible scandal. Meanwhile, DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa attempt to maintain order in East Pasadena as the case gains publicity and citizens begin to mobilize in protest.

  • Don Alvin's wife and son are murdered in front of him when someone breaks into their home.

  • When a normal quinceanera erupts in violence, leaving multiple people dead, the detectives work quickly to follow a lead.

  • The murder of golfer Kristin Halstead sends Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski to the Mens' professional circuit for leads, only to find them in Chip Jarrow. Trouble comes in the form of an incident between Jarrow and his wife Monica. Which leaves DDAs Dekker and Stanton to filter the chaos into a coherent case they can win.

  • When Department of Public Works employee Don Heller is found stabbed to death, detectives believe the gang bangers he encountered earlier that day are responsible. However, the case takes a significant turn when Winters and Jarzuszalski discover that Heller was investigating a string of unsolved murders that were committed over the past decade.

  • Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski look into the murder of an oil rig worker who was also a possible whistle-blower. Unfortunately, new evidence discovered during the trial may aid the defense, which leaves DDAs Dekker and Boone scrambling to regain the advantage.

  • Rebecca Townley, who is pregnant, is found run over and left for dead. The detectives discover that the baby's father may be a married politician, and the crime a homicide. As Winters and Jaruszalski begin digging deeper into her past, they are led to a young couple, Adam and Carolyn Yarborough, who seem to know more than they are willing to tell when it comes to Rebecca. DDA Morales must weave carefully through a political minefield as he begins the task of uncovering the truth.

  • When two innocent children are killed in an accidental meth lab explosion, Detectives Rex Winters and Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski track down the dealer's family. The investigation changes course when investigators determine those involved in the explosion were planning something more destructive. As the federal government steps in and attempts to take over the case, DDA Dekker fights to keep the trial in California.

  • The murder of a cult member who had been convicted of murder herself sends Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski on a torturous investigation involving the woman's fellow cult members. Yet somehow, this leads them to one of the original investigating detectives-Winter's wife, Lori. This turn of events puts DDAs Dekker and Stanton in an awkward position as they probe the old case, and the new, for the truth.

  • Los Angeles DAs and detectives team up to take down a bling ring that's been preying on Hollywood's young stars.

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