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  • 2011
  • 1 Season

Confronting... is a powerful and emotional series on the OWN network that explores the lives of victims and survivors of some of the most heinous crimes in recent history. Hosted by award-winning journalist and producer David Makes Man, the show delves deep into the personal stories of those who have experienced trauma and loss, and the difficult journey they have taken to confront their perpetrators and seek justice.

Each episode of Confronting... focuses on a different individual or group of survivors, and their harrowing accounts of abuse, assault, and violence. Makes Man interviews these brave individuals as they share their personal stories and reflect on their experiences, discussing the physical and emotional tolls of their trauma and the impact it has had on their lives.

The show then moves to exploring the process of confronting the perpetrators themselves, from the legal battles to the emotional tolls of facing their abusers in court. The survivors are joined by friends, family members, and advocates as they navigate the complex legal system and strive to hold those who have hurt them accountable for their actions.

Throughout the series, Makes Man provides a supportive and empathetic space for survivors to share their stories, processing their emotions and offering insight into the healing process. He also highlights the importance of community and support, showcasing organizations and individuals who work tirelessly to provide resources and assistance to survivors of trauma and violence.

Confronting... addresses a variety of topics and issues, from sexual assault and harassment to police brutality and racial injustice. The show examines how these issues intersect and impact different communities, from marginalized groups to high-profile public figures.

Despite the often-heavy subject matter, Confronting... is ultimately a hopeful and inspiring series, showcasing the resilience and strength of survivors and the power of confronting one's past in order to move forward. Makes Man's compassionate and caring presence, combined with the brave and honest storytelling of the survivors, make for a truly impactful and emotional viewing experience.

Overall, Confronting... is an important and essential series that sheds light on the ongoing fight for justice and the human cost of trauma and violence. Through its powerful storytelling and compassionate approach, the show provides a platform for survivors to share their stories and raise awareness, while also inspiring viewers to take action and create change in the world around them.

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Episode 4
4. Episode 4
October 15, 2011
Summary not available
My Husband's Killer
3. My Husband's Killer
October 8, 2011
The widow of a Washington State tool salesman killed in a 2004 robbery confronts one of the men convicted of the murder.
Destiny's Killer
2. Destiny's Killer
September 24, 2011
Joseph Hopkins stabbed his friend Destiny Wright 18 times during a cocaine-induced rage, forcing her infant daughter to grow up without a mother. Nineteen years later Kimberly is desperate to confront Joseph about the brutal murder.
Jenny's Killer
1. Jenny's Killer
September 17, 2011
Two years after her death, Mark and Deb Jastrow anticipate meeting the man who killed their daughter Jenny, and confront him about the moment that changed all of their lives forever.
The Drunk Driver Who Killed My Son
0. The Drunk Driver Who Killed My Son
April 28, 2011
Summary not available
  • Premiere Date
    April 28, 2011