Dance Your Ass Off

"Dance Your Ass Off" was a new spin on American reality television shows that combined aspects of dancing contest and weight loss series into one hybrid program. The show aired on the Oxygen network for two seasons. Drawing on the popularity of shows like "Dancing With the Stars," where contestants regularly lose weight and get in better shape, and shows like "The Biggest Loser," "Dance Your Ass Off" involved overweight men and women competing in a ballroom dancing competition.

Contestants were paired with expert dancers throughout the season and challenged to learn different styles of dance. These dances were performed and taped each week as pairs tried to impress a panel of judges, which included Danny Teeson, Lisa Ann Walker and Mayte Garcia. In addition to working on their dance moves in hopes of remaining on the show for another week, contestants were also taught diet and exercise tips to use as they attempted to lose the most weight as well.

Host for the first season was Marissa Jaret Winokur, who was replaced in the second season by Melanie Brown. Contestants on the show were monitored during taping by Rob Huizenga, the medical doctor who rose to fame while speaking with contestants on "The Biggest Loser."

Contestants in the first season, who were known only by their first names, included Angela, Warren, Karla, Tara, Brandon, Miles, Trice, Mara, Alicia, Shayla, Pinky and Ruben. In the finale, Ruben defeated Shayla and Pinky for the inaugural title, though Shayla was the fan favorite. Ruben also lost the most weight during the season with a total of 74.4 pounds.

The second season included contestants Caleb, Meredith, Sarah, Kiki, Briana, Erica, Katie, Stephanie, Corey, Michael, Adamme and Latoya. In the final episode of the second season, Michael was second runner-up, Adamme was first runner-up and Latoya won the championship, though she trailed the other two finalists in total weight lost with only 63.2 pounds. Adamme led the season with 111.4 total pounds lost.

Mondays at 10:00 p.m. on Oxygen
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
September 7, 2009
Cast: Lisa Ann Walter, Danny Teeson, Lee Wall, Mario Mosley
Dance Your Ass Off

Dance Your Ass Off Full Episode Guide

  • Adamme talks about staying focused and working towards his goals for the finale.

  • Kiki Continues to push it hard at home, while hoping to make it to the reunion hotter then Corey!

  • Michael's run ends on DYAO but he's thankful for all that he's achieved.

  • Travis Wall of SYTYCD guest judges the final four contestants who are struggling to keep up with learning two routines.

  • Six contestants travel to Las Vegas and prepare for their last weigh-in.

  • Katie says goodbye and talks about her experience at DYAO.

  • Rachel shows the cast some great ideas for making their salads.

  • The contestants are challenged when they are forced to order from a menu.

  • It's Latin Week on Dance Your Ass Off.

  • The dancers are introduced to their professional dance partners and put together a routine that showcases their personalities.

  • The 12 contestants have their first performance of the season.

  • The contestants are chosen.

  • A sneak peek of next week's season finale!

  • Shayla shops for new bras.

  • An exclusive sneak peek of the next episode.

  • Learn how to dance your ass off with Lisa. Lesson 7: Hip Hop

  • Mara on trying to win a phone call home.

  • Learn how to dance your ass off with Lisa. Lesson 5: Movies

  • Lock It Down Latin Style

  • On his reason for competing.

  • Extended scene of Alicia freaking out.

  • A dozen of plus-sized competitors head to Los Angeles, in a competition to lose weight through diet and dance.

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