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The television series Daryl's Restoration Over-Hall bring Daryl to restaurants that are failing and gives him the chance completely renovate them. He has limited time and money to change the decor, clean, and redo the menu. Darlyn is the last hope for many of these places that are losing money.

Daryl's Restoration Over-Hall is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on July 19, 2014.

Daryl's Restoration Over-Hall is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Daryl's Restoration Over-Hall on demand atAmazon, Sling, Google Play, iTunes online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on diy network
1 Season, 9 Episodes
July 19, 2014
Home & Garden, Reality
Cast: Daryl Hall
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Daryl's Restoration Over-Hall Full Episode Guide

  • Daryl is almost finished with the addition to his house. With family coming soon, the pressure is on and there are a lot of details Daryl still has to deal with.

  • Daryl takes on one of the most daunting tasks of the house - the kitchen - and he's very specific in every single detail.

  • Daryl tackles the first floor, starting with the Sitting Room. Keeping it historically accurate, this front room will have a more formal and ornate look, using both reclaimed wood and crafted paneling from new lumber.

  • With the outside of the house finished, Daryl Hall focuses on the inside. First is the Stone Room where Daryl plans to play some music. Along with finishing the interior, Daryl's getting ready for the opening of his new club.

  • With the frame of the addition complete, it's time for Daryl Hall to button up the outside of the house. He'll have to find period doors for the entrances, get up the clapboard, and find a mason to build the fireboxes and chimney.

  • Nicole Curtis stops by to help Daryl refinish a salvaged door for the new kitchen pantry. Daryl shows Nicole his collection of salvaged materials in the barn. After they pick out the door, it's time to work. After sanding and painting the door is ready. Daryl looks for historically accurate hinges for the door to finish the process.

  • The walls are up on the second story and Daryl's ready to get the windows in and roof on. With some creative techniques, the new roof will look like it's been on for two hundred fifty years. He has to use salvaged chestnut to build the frames for the window, which gives the house an authentic feel. He picks out traditionally fashioned sconces and candle stands at a foundry in Pennsylvania to help put the historically accurate finishing touches on the addition. Daryl tries striking iron.

  • The foundation to Daryl's 1787 farmhouse addition is in. Now they can start putting up walls, but a town problem causes a delay and Daryl has to make a creative decision so they can go forward. Daryl wants this house to be unique, so he combines historic and modern building techniques, new wood and salvaged lumber. But trying to find the best summer beams for the kitchen is harder than he thought. After he finds the right beams, they have to get the huge beams into place.

  • Once Daryl is done designing the new space he breaks ground on his 1787 farmhouse addition. But before long he discovers the soil is full of dense pockets of hard stone. Making things worse, the excavator hammering is shaking the original house foundation. Rotting beams are found in the cellar, which means it might have to all end. Will they be able to find a way to go around it?