The television series Deceived is a TV One docu-drama describing the real life ordeals of people who have been betrayed by someone they trusted. Each episode is an account of an unsuspecting person or persons victimized by a smooth-talking con artist. These often charismatic predators work their way into the lives of their prey by emotional seduction, promises and the touting of fabricated pasts. The resulting damages range from broken hearts to broken bank accounts. Ultimately the predator

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on TV One
1 Season, 7 Episodes
March 25, 2013
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Phil Bernardin, Brian Cheeks, Bill Hobbs, Peter Lennox

Deceived Full Episode Guide

  • A young woman disappears after stealing thousands of dollars from a local church in Harrisburg, PA.

  • An potential star athlete is deceived by slick sports agents.

  • When hopeless romantic Rose Anglade met Paul Francois, she thought the Lord had finally answered her prayers. Eager to embark on their journey through life together she heeds Paul's advice and sells her home in New York City and shares her assets with her soul mate. But unbeknownst to Rose, it isn't just her money that he's taken.

  • Re-examining the 1992 incident in which Harris County, Texas, sheriff's deputy Kent McGowen shot and killed Susan White, whose son he had previously arrested on a gun-related charge.

  • A cheating husband hires a hitman to kill his pregnant wife.

  • A greedy preacher.