Disaster Guy

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Disaster Guy is a series that rebuilds homes of families who have been displaced or suffered a disaster. Steve Frasher, restoration expert, and his team of builders go to work on homes that have suffered the effects of tornadoes, floods, fires, and other disasters, and are in a race with the clock to have them restored within seven days. Steve and his team of builders not only restore homes to their original look and fashion, repairing damages from natural disasters, but the home is also a bigger and better version of itself. Steve's home rebuilds allow disaster victims to move back into homes, and begin to restore their lives.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
September 10, 2011
Kids & Family, Home & Garden, Reality, How To
Cast: Steve Frasher
Disaster Guy

Disaster Guy Full Episode Guide

  • An F-3 tornado lays waste to the Roncarati family home in rural Massachusetts. Disaster Guy Steve Frasher promises to rebuild beyond their wildest expectations.

  • The Morris's Tennesse home is destroyed by a powerful F-4 Tornado. Steve arrives on the scene and promises their two daughters he would rebuild their home from the foundation up in record time

  • Tina Lombardi was cooking dinner for her family when she walked away just for a minute to help her son with a school project. In an instant, a grease fire was burning their kitchen. Tina thought the fire was small and was told by the fire department that it had been extinguished, but later that night, the fire rekindled, burning the entire house to the ground.

  • The Labontes' beautiful and historic 100-year-old Victorian house burned as a result of an electrical fire. Luckily, mom, Annette, and their four children escaped the fire, but the entire third floor was destroyed and the rest of the house suffered extreme water damage.

  • Jason and Felicia Dillie from Greensburg, PA are devastated as their first home is literally torn in half by the infamous Greensburg Tornado, one of the most violent tornadoes of the horrific 2011 tornado season.

  • The Cameron family of Brownstown, MI is shocked as their home is struck by lightning during a horrible thunderstorm, and goes up in flames. Steve Frasher steps in and promises them that he will restore their house and have them home in a week.