Disney Animation Collection: Vol. 2: Three Little Pigs

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Mickey Mouse was one of the earliest successes for the Walt Disney Animation company, but once the animations went to color, the Three Little Pigs found huge success. Relive the glorious remastered animations featuring The Three Little Pigs in an exclusive collection.

Along with the original short, the extended collection features new shorts where the Little Pigs take on the Big Bad Wolf and his extended family of little wolves. The comedy features a lot of slapstick and great music.

2 Seasons, 8 Episodes
April 7, 2009
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Disney Animation Collection: Vol. 2: Three Little Pigs

Disney Animation Collection: Vol. 2: Three Little Pigs Full Episode Guide

  • The Monkeys taunt little Elmer Elephant because of his long trunk, but when Tillie Tiger's house catches fire he rescues her by using his trunk as a hose puts out the fire.

  • As Captain Katt pursues the three mice, the mice get mixed up in a collection of bottles that serve to visually increase their number, confusing Katt.

  • Foxey Loxey cons the farmyard chicken and dim-witted Childen Little into believing his cave is the only safe place when the sky is falling. Once they enter, the chickens are devoured.

  • A stork delivers a lion cub to a flock of sheep by mistake, which eventually proves fortuitous for the sheep when Lambert grows up to realize his power and uses it to protect the sheep from a wolf.

  • Sequel to the Three Little Pigs, the two pigs blow the practical pig's horn one too many times. They are captured by the Three Little Wolves but saved in the nick of time by using a "Wolf Pacifier.

  • Red Riding Hood is warned by the Three Little Pigs about the wolf, who is waiting for her at Grandmother's house. She is rescued in the nick of time by the Pratical Pig, who gets rid of the wolf with hot coals and popcorn.

  • While two happy-go-lucky pigs build flimsy houses of straw and sticks, the third pig toils at building a secure brick dwelling. The Big Bad Wolf manages to huff and puff and blow down the first two houses, but meets his match at the third house.

  • This collection includes Three Little Pigs, Three Blind Mouseketeers, Chicken Little, Big Bad Wolf, Lambert the Sheepish Lion and Three Little Wolves.