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Tom Baker stars as the fourth Doctor accompanied by the iconic Sarah Jane Smith in this story that features a disembodied hand as the main villain that feeds upon radiation. Eldrad is banished from his home planet of Kastria when it is discovered he has committed a series of crimes that threaten the survival of the planet. As he is transported away his ship explodes with only his hand surviving the blast, the hand finds its way to a nuclear reactor in England where leaking radiation allows the hand to begin to grow once again.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
October 2, 1976
Science Fiction, Fantasy
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Doctor Who: The Hand of Fear Full Episode Guide

  • The energy of the reactor has returned the mysterious Eldrad to life. The Doctor agrees to take her back to Kastria. But what is waiting for them there?

  • The TARDIS materializes in a quarry just as the rock face is blasted away by open cast miners. Sarah-Jane is buried and when the Doctor and the miners dig her out, she is grasping a hand made of rock incredibly tightly. Soon, under its influence, she breaks into a nuclear power plant and places the hand in the radio-active core; quickly it starts to re-grow a body and gains a life of its own.

  • England, the near future. The TARDIS materializes in a quarry and Sarah is trapped under a rock fall. But what is the origin of the fossilized hand she is found gripping? And who is the Eldrad she keeps mumbling about?

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