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  • 2001
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"The Elements" (2001) is an American avant-garde dance film. It's a short film (15 minutes long) in which the dancers perform as the four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. The dancers depict the physical and metaphysical aspects of the elements.

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Ep. - 26
26. Ep. - 26
July 2, 2001
Turkey watched 24 hours to protect the eggs of Caretta Sea Turtles Japan festival on Tokyo's Senso Temple Mongolia mass migration to cities following third year of severe drought Britain massive financial investment turns Britains dirty waterways clean Australia mining company & university join forces to help safeguard Koalas future near major mine in Central Queensland Dubai ski slope
Ep. - 25
25. Ep. - 25
July 2, 2001
USA in song and dance children thank American benefactors for secondhand computers Australia scientists fit tracking device to Great White Shark Republic Of Chechnya: The struggle of survival for the people of Gronzy One-man airboard is answer to transport pollution problems Lebanon: hashish revived A mission to clone humans
Ep. - 24
24. Ep. - 24
July 2, 2001
Birth & auctioning of baby elephants, hippos & rhinos Spain: researchers development treatment that reverses damage of rheumatoid arthritis Towns at the foot of Mount Fuji have conducted first large-scale disaster drill Swarms of locusts engulf southern region of Russia & moving to China Entrepeneur turns hobby into successful business with launch of world's first on-line garden
Ep. - 23
23. Ep. - 23
July 2, 2001
Britain: Cambridge University researchers build one fuel-efficient car Tibet: Conservationists warn growing trade In 'Shahtoosh' wool threatens Tibetan Antelope Europe: Message on European Melanoma Day Water: A hotel for fish Britain: Stone-age found near Stonehenge in Wiltshire Scientifically surveyed London: Foot & Mouth crisis effects the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens
Ep. - 22
22. Ep. - 22
July 2, 2001
Thailand clinic claims cure for Aids Thousands of uncut diamonds & diamond jewels gathered for first time exhibition Worlds first artificially conceived dolphins have been born Pakistan two piolets plan to fly Ultra Light Aircraft around the globe in 80 days Scientists develop 'super plant' that extract harmful heavy metals from polluted soil Internet kennel allows owners to watch dogs on holiday
Ep. - 21
21. Ep. - 21
July 2, 2001
Rio De Janeiro: 10,000 beach rescues every year Australia: first cloned pig born in Adelaide Egypt: archaeologist discovers submerged ancient city of Heracleion Healthcare of the New Millenium: integration of age-old remedies with modern western medicine Automatic Mini-submarine: embarks on lone mission under the Antarctic Sea Competitors: vying for title 'European Mosquito Killing Champion'
Ep. - 20
20. Ep. - 20
July 2, 2001
Cause & Effect: Tuberculosis still a big killer Fire: Mount Olympos natural fires burn for thousands of years Water: The worlds first solar and wind powered ferry Earth: Foot & Mouth disease sees price for leather goods in U.S.A rise to an all time high Finally: Japan new law intended to help protect endangered animals from poachers
Ep. - 19
19. Ep. - 19
July 2, 2001
USA: Obesity problem - cycle Karaoke & srollercise very popular Water: Absence of safe water supply leads to disease & death in the developing world Britain: Scientists use DNA marketing technique learn more about bumblebees Kenya: women become environmentally conscious New York City: alligator captured in Central Park Germany: artist aligns The Great Wall of China with 1000 life size figures
Ep. - 18
18. Ep. - 18
July 2, 2001
Earth Water Atmosphere Cause and Effect
Ep. - 17
17. Ep. - 17
July 2, 2001
Kenya: antibody breakthrough for aids Earth: dog fighting Thailand: beginning of the Buddhist New Year Britain: Research shows vegetarian diet can help determine the gender of a child during pregnancy Britain: Foot & Mouth epidemic -vegeterian restaurants & stores sudden increase in business Malaysia: Mars ancient Portuguese ruins in historic Malacca City
Ep. - 16
16. Ep. - 16
July 2, 2001
Water: 20 year old Turtle receives man-made shell Earth: Forestry Championships: Lumberjacks demonstrate skill and precision Cause & Effects: Liverpool famous discovery by the school of tropical medicine - The transmission of malaria By mosquitoes Water: Holland rising sea levels give The Netherlands plans for floating city by 2050 Finally: Monkeys mangrove environment is disappearing
Ep. - 15
15. Ep. - 15
July 2, 2001
Britain government allows eighteen Wind Farms to built offshore on seabed Moscow British Vet Dentists at Moscow Zoo begin life saving Tusk-removal operations on 10 Pacific Walruses London The Chelsea Flower Show Pakistan extreme water shortage forces authorities to consider melting glaciers Thailand Festival Competition of homemade rockets acts as plea to Gods for annual rainfall & food bounty
Ep. - 14
14. Ep. - 14
July 2, 2001
Tokyo hay fever has been identified with The Japanese Cedar Tree Revolutionary new Eco-friendly housing scheme balances energy production & consumption Hydro-gen-1 concept vehicle offering economic use of the earths resources The battle against foot & mouth disease in Britain Britain: plans for the largest wooden ship Ecological life support systems solution to last planned longer space flights
Ep. - 13
13. Ep. - 13
July 2, 2001
Water: Zebrafish provides crucial insights into Human Disease Earth: Britain Conveyor Belt Homes answer to Britain Housing crisis Cause & Effect: Mexico - Mexico City's Food Bank provides food for thousands of impoverished city residents Atmosphere: Foldaway Bike combines public transport and cycling Finally: Cave explorers discovered an ancient dump of human bone
Ep. - 12
12. Ep. - 12
July 2, 2001
England Age-old Waterways Scientists Dedicate studies to the sun: A Complex Violent Energetic System Kenyan woman overcomes Polio to lead full life. Russia: 400 endangered Siberian Tigers in the wild British Zoos return stray Tigers to natural habitat Britain Red Cross launches campaign to trace peoples separated by war or natural disasters Giant 'antonov 225' plane, now carries tonnes of cargo
Ep. - 11
11. Ep. - 11
July 2, 2001
Water: Thailand: Crocodile Industry Run Off Its Feet Atmosphere: USA: Nasa Experiments Help Us Learn More About Earth Earth: China Revelers At The 'cheung Chau Bun Festival' Fed 'food Of The Ghosts' Water: Antarctica Baroness Partricia Scotland The First British Minister To Visit Antarctica Finally: Thailand Cockfighting
Ep. - 10
10. Ep. - 10
July 2, 2001
Mongolia Food Aid Reaches Thousands of Nomadic Herders In Harsh Winters & Drought Sydney Greenpeace Seals & Penguins Sydney Harbor returned to natural Habitat Scientists Transform Natural Science Into Works of Art USA Japanese Cherry Blossom Obsession Spreads To The USA American & Chinsese studying First Intact Dinosaur Fossil Australia Researchers close to finding cure for Parkinsons Disease
Ep. - 9
9. Ep. - 9
July 2, 2001
Water: Southwest Tokyo: Small Whales Beached Earth: Egypt: Archeologists Uncover Ancient Egypt Through Eleven Mummies Adorned In Gold Cause & Effect: Scottish Highlands: Beauty Can Be Deceptive Atmosphere: Malaysia: Surplus Palm Oil Is Environmentally Friendly New Energy Source And Finally: London: Notting Hill Street Party Becomes A Celebration Of Freedom For All Races And Cultures
Ep. - 8
8. Ep. - 8
July 2, 2001
Water: Russia Thousands Of Frogs In The Path of Speeding Trucks & Cars Cause & Effect: Industrial Architects Energy Efficiency / Working Environment Top Priorities Earth: Foot & Mouth Improved Vaccine 3 Years Away Atmosphere: Astronauts High-flying Cameramen & Photographers Air: Kites Fill Washington Skies Cause & Effect: 'landmine Detector' Developed Through Attempts To Build Better Mobile Phones
Ep. - 7
7. Ep. - 7
July 2, 2001
Air: Oxygen Bars Breathe Easy Cause And Effect: Casanova Panda Returns To Japan Earth: South America: Colombian Tourists and Catholics Seek Respite Amid The War In South America Under A Mountain Of Salt Earth: 'Vinotherapy' A Cure For Aging Cause And Effect: China The St Bernard Dog Bred To Meet Dog Meat Delicacies. And Finally: Finland Ice Swimming
Ep. - 6
6. Ep. - 6
July 2, 2001
Cause & Effect: Rio Earth Summit Program For Sustainable Development Earth: Wasabi Researchers Unlock Culinary & Medical Secrets Elements: Jerusalem A Virtual Reconstruction Centre The City As It May Have Appeared 2000 Years Ago Water: Malaysian Fisheries Dead Leatherback Turtles Found Atmosphere: Manned Mission To Mars International Space Station Year 2020 Finally: Southeastern Turkey Traditions
Ep. - 5
5. Ep. - 5
July 2, 2001
Earth: Environment Indonesia's National Parks Water: Vietnam Van Ninh District Self sufficient Thanks To Lobster Farming Cause & Effect: Somalia Mild Narcotic Miraa - Alternative To Drinking Alcohol Water: Satellite Project Mapping The Wave Patterns Of Every Great Ocean On Earth Earth: Unearthing 6,000 Year Old Mastodon Dinosaur & Other Species Finally: Ancient Remedy Emu Oil Miracle Or Quackery?
Ep. - 4
4. Ep. - 4
July 2, 2001
Earth: Animal Activists: In Favour Of A Vegetarian Kenya Water: Artic Circle: The Annual Dogsled Race Cause And Effect: Foot And Mouth Scare Reaches European Zoos Earth: Heibei Province : Land Lies Abandoned Earth: Wyoming Yellowstone National Park: Worst Forest Fire In One Hundred Years And Finally: Southest Asia: Logging Will Lead To The Extinction Of The Orangutun
Ep. - 3
3. Ep. - 3
July 2, 2001
Earth: Remote Sensing Infrared Detects Pests For Wine Growers Earth: World Wildlife Fund: Help To Increase Numbers Of Brazil-uk- Monkeys Cause & Effect: Smoking And The Aging Process And Finally: World Ice Golf Championships: How Changing Environments Suit Our Needs
Ep. - 2
2. Ep. - 2
July 2, 2001
Earth Water AtmAtmosphere: Ozone Update Cause & Effect: Ostrich Eggs: Alternative For European Concerns On Foot and Mouth / Mad Cow Diseases Earth: China- Possible Green Chopsticks Solution And Finally: Maps- Location Of Fish Speciesosphere Cause and Effect
Ep. - 1
1. Ep. - 1
July 2, 2001
Earth: The Eden Project - The Worlds Largest Greenhouse - Britain Atmosphere: Coconut Fuel - An Alternative To Rising Oil Costs? Atmosphere: Issues Concerning Earths Survival Water: Whale Blubber - The Profitable Business Of Whale Offcuts And Finally: Helicopter Rescue - The Progress Of A Baby Born In A Makeshift Treehouse In Flood Stricken Mozambique

"The Elements" (2001) is an American avant-garde dance film. It's a short film (15 minutes long) in which the dancers perform as the four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. The dancers depict the physical and metaphysical aspects of the elements.

  • Premiere Date
    July 2, 2001