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  • TV-Y7
  • 1997
  • 1 Season
  • 6.6  (715)

Extreme Dinosaurs is an animated series that ran from 1997 to 1998, starring the voices of Blu Mankuma,Terry Klassen,Lee Tockar,Andrew Francis,Jason Gray-Stanford,Scott McNeil,Stevie Vallance,Samuel Vincent,Gary Chalk,Sam Kouth. The show features a group of dinosaurs that have been mutated by an evil scientist and now possess superhuman abilities. Led by the Tyrannosaurus Rex, T-Bone, the group of four dinosaurs fight to protect the planet from their arch-nemesis, Dr. Hypno, who aims to take over the world.

The show has a unique blend of action, comedy and science fiction elements, making it a hit among young audiences in the late 90s. Each episode features thrilling fight scenes as the Extreme Dinosaurs take on Dr. Hypno and his army of mutated reptiles. The team uses their special powers to defeat the villains, with T-Bone's strength and speed, Stegz's ability to shoot energy beams, Bullzeye's precision with his boomerangs, and Spike's enhanced senses.

But amid the action and adventure, the show also tackles issues such as environmentalism and the dangers of unchecked scientific experimentation. The Extreme Dinosaurs must confront the consequences of having been mutated and the resulting changes to their bodies and abilities. They also strive to protect the environment and preserve natural habitats for all creatures, including humans.

The characters are each unique with their own personalities and quirks, which adds to the humor and entertainment value of the show. T-Bone is the team leader and the bravest of the group, but he can also be impulsive and quick to anger. Stegz is the brains of the group, always coming up with new strategies and inventions, but he's also a bit of a hypochondriac. Bullzeye is the joker of the group, always cracking jokes and one-liners, but he's also fiercely loyal to his friends. Finally, Spike is the calm and collected member of the team, with heightened senses and intuition, but sometimes comes off as aloof and detached.

Overall, Extreme Dinosaurs is a fun and action-packed show that has something for everyone. With a strong emphasis on teamwork, loyalty and protecting the planet, it's a great show for kids who love adventure and action with a moral message. The animation is also top-notch for its time, with stunning visuals and designs that bring the prehistoric world to life.

In conclusion, Extreme Dinosaurs is a classic animated series that still holds up today. With a talented cast of voice actors, compelling characters, and exciting action sequences, it's no wonder that it has remained so popular with fans of all ages. It's a timeless gem of 90s animation that proves that dinosaurs never go out of style.

Extreme Dinosaurs is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 1997.

Extreme Dinosaurs
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Holiday On Ice
52. Holiday On Ice
December 24, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs take a vacation in subzero conditions and run into the Raptors.
51. Medusasaur
December 9, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs encounter an ancient dinosaur who has found his way into their time. He isn't too happy about it, though.
The Mysterious Island Of Dr. Monstromo
50. The Mysterious Island Of Dr. Monstromo
December 8, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs end up on a strange island that is ruled with an iron hand by Dr. Monstromo.
A Bone To Pick
49. A Bone To Pick
December 2, 1997
Bullzeye has a bone to pick with the others.
The Extreme Files
48. The Extreme Files
December 1, 1997
The dinos encounter what seem to be aliens.
Sir Gus And The Dragon
47. Sir Gus And The Dragon
November 25, 1997
The dinos have to deal with a dragon.
46. Safarisaurus
November 24, 1997
The dinosaurs go on a safari.
45. Zogwalla-Con
November 18, 1997
One of the dino prisoners has escaped.
44. T-Foot
November 17, 1997
The raptors try to take over the world with a new machine.
43. Salsified
November 11, 1997
The dinos get turned to stone.
Double-O Dinosaur
42. Double-O Dinosaur
November 10, 1997
One of Stegz's experiments has gone horribly wrong, and now the Extreme Dinosaurs each have a duplicate.
Sur Fasaurus Up
41. Sur Fasaurus Up
October 29, 1997
The dinos go to a deserted beach.
Dinosaur Warriors
40. Dinosaur Warriors
October 28, 1997
The dinos train to be true warriors.
39. Colossodome
October 27, 1997
The dinos enter themselves in a tournament.
Cliff Notes
38. Cliff Notes
October 22, 1997
The dinos get trapped on a cliff.
Tiptoe Through The Tulips
37. Tiptoe Through The Tulips
October 21, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs travel to a tropical island for a relaxing getaway. That is, until they run into the Raptors, who are scheming their next plot.
36. Jinxed
October 20, 1997
Bullzeye thinks he's been jinxed.
The Weresaur
35. The Weresaur
October 17, 1997
One of the Raptors has mutated.
Enter The Dinosaur
34. Enter The Dinosaur
October 16, 1997
A new dinosaur comes to town.
Lights, Cameras, Raptors
33. Lights, Cameras, Raptors
October 15, 1997
The Raptors get caught on film.
Captain Pork
32. Captain Pork
October 14, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs have to deal with a pig.
A Few Good Dinosaurs
31. A Few Good Dinosaurs
October 13, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs prove it only takes a few.
Night Of The Living Pumpkins
30. Night Of The Living Pumpkins
October 10, 1997
The raptors bring a bunch of pumpkins to life.
Shrink Rap
29. Shrink Rap
October 9, 1997
The raptors shrink the Extreme Dinosaurs.
28. Jealousaurus
October 8, 1997
Bullzeye gets jealous of one of the others.
The Return Of Argor
27. The Return Of Argor
October 7, 1997
An old foe of the Extreme Dinosaurs returns.
The Raptor Who Would Be King
26. The Raptor Who Would Be King
October 6, 1997
One of the Raptors dreams he has taken over the world.
The Dinosaur Prophecy
25. The Dinosaur Prophecy
October 3, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs try to stop a prophecy from coming true.
Day Of The Condorsaurus
24. Day Of The Condorsaurus
October 2, 1997
The Raptors send a robot after the Extreme Dinosaurs.
Rebel Without A Clue
23. Rebel Without A Clue
October 1, 1997
A human tries to trap the Extreme Dinosaurs.
Earth Vs. Flying Raptors
22. Earth Vs. Flying Raptors
September 30, 1997
The Raptors get their hands on a flying device.
The Bad Seed
21. The Bad Seed
September 29, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs are trying to weed out a bad seed.
Bones Of Contention
20. Bones Of Contention
September 26, 1997
Another dinosaur comes back from the dead.
Have A Nice Daynosaur
19. Have A Nice Daynosaur
September 25, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs try to have a relaxing day, but it keeps getting interrupted.
Lunar Toons
18. Lunar Toons
September 24, 1997
The moon causes some strange things to happen, which the Extreme Dinosaurs decide to look into.
The Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs
17. The Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs
September 23, 1997
Aliens shrink the Extreme Dinosaurs.
Monstersaurus Truckadon
16. Monstersaurus Truckadon
September 22, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs go up against the Raptors in a monster truck tournament.
The Rulebook Of Love
15. The Rulebook Of Love
September 19, 1997
Bullzeye remebers his past love.
Raptorian Crude
14. Raptorian Crude
September 18, 1997
The Raptors plot to fool the Extreme Dinosaurs into thinking they do not wish to rule the world anymore, and violent complications arise.
There's No Place Like Dome
13. There's No Place Like Dome
September 17, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs excavate one of their old hangouts before the great meteor struck. They feel nostalgic and out of place on present-day Earth.
Dialing For Dinosaurs
12. Dialing For Dinosaurs
September 16, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs use the Internet to try to track down more of their kind.
Loch Ness Mess
11. Loch Ness Mess
September 15, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs travel to Loch Ness to search for the legendary beast. Unfortunately, the Raptors wish to use Nessie for their own evil deeds.
10. Cyber-Raptors
September 12, 1997
The Raptors attack a mechanical lab and encase themselves in state-of-the-art armor to make sure the Extreme Dinosaurs take a well-earned beating.
Mission Implausible
9. Mission Implausible
September 11, 1997
The extreme dinosaurs aren't sure they can stop the raptors this time around.
Jurassic Art
8. Jurassic Art
September 10, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs give their opinions on some ancient artifacts. However, the Raptors plan to steal the artifacts to sell for weapons.
Saurian Sniffles
7. Saurian Sniffles
September 9, 1997
When one of the Extreme Dinosaurs becomes ill, it will become tough to defeat the Raptors and thwart their next scheme.
Bullzeye Surfs The Web
6. Bullzeye Surfs The Web
September 8, 1997
Bullzeye learns how to use the Internet.
5. Raptoroid
September 5, 1997
One of the Raptors inhales a chemical fluid to become mechanized. The Extreme Dinosaurs will have to team up to defeat this cybernetic abomination.
Inevitable Eggztinction
4. Inevitable Eggztinction
September 4, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs find their lost eggs fossilized. They attempt to find a way to revitalize them, but the Raptors try to steal them.
Ick-thysaurus Vacation
3. Ick-thysaurus Vacation
September 3, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs are short a man when one of the members decides to take a vacation. They'll have to get him back so they can defeat the Raptors.
Fossil Fooled
2. Fossil Fooled
September 2, 1997
The Extreme Dinosaurs think their old nemeses, the Raptors, are finally extinct. But the Raptors have also been released after millions of years.
Out Of Time
1. Out Of Time
September 1, 1997
A radioactive meteor struck Earth 65 million years ago, but the Extreme Dinosaurs and Raptors were cyrogenically preserved until the 20th century.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 1, 1997
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (715)