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The Holy Grail War is a battle royale among seven magi who serve as Masters. Masters, through the use of the command seals they are given when they enter the war, command Heroic Spirits known as Servants to fight for them in battle. In the Fifth Holy Grail War, Rin Toosaka is among the magi entering the competition. With her Servant, Archer, she hopes to obtain the ultimate prize

Sunday at 12:00 AM et/pt on Tokyo MX
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
December 25, 2018
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Fantasy
Cast: Mela Lee, Bryce Papenbrook, Kari Wahlgren, Kaiji Tang
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Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Full Episode Guide

  • Having defeated Shir?, Gilgamesh mocks his ideals; he agrees with him, but reaffirms his dream nevertheless. As Gilgamesh attempts to finish Shir? off, Saber arrives and shields him, but is ordered by Shir? to save Rin. Having an epiphany about the true nature of his powers, Shir? activates Unlimited Blade Works and uses its infinite number of replicate swords to counter Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm. Meanwhile, Saber approaches the Holy Grail and recognizes it as a corrupted, improperly-summoned Servant called Angra Mainyu. She locates Rin, who uses two Command Seals and orders her to destroy the Grail with Excalibur as she is being consumed by Angra Mainyu. When Rin loses hope at surviving, Emiya's voice chides her for giving up and a barrage of swords pelts Angra Mainyu, freeing her. With Rin free and using her final Command Seal to augment her attack, Saber unleashes Excalibur and destroys Angra Mainyu's manifestation and the Holy Grail. As she fades, Saber laments that she will be unable to watch over Rin and Shir?, but accepts that her role is over. Inside Unlimited Blade Works, Shir? manages to overwhelm Gilgamesh, who angrily tries to draw Ea, but Shir? cuts off his arm and slashes him across the chest before running out of mana. Gilgamesh tries to finish him off, but a portal to the Holy Grail opens and engulfs him. He ensnares Shir? with a chain in order to pull himself out, but Emiya, having survived Gilgamesh's attack, intervenes by shooting a dagger into Gilgamesh's head, fatally wounding him. As he speaks his last words, Gilgamesh is consumed by Angra Mainyu before the portal closes. Rin and Emiya say goodbye as he fades away, with Emiya asking her to look after his past self. Shir? reunites with Rin, and they walk off together.

  • Returning to Shir?'s home, he, Rin, and Saber all decide to avenge Emiya and stop Gilgamesh by destroying the Holy Grail once and for all. Through the use of familiar spirits, Rin deduces that the Holy Grail is being summoned at Ryuudou Temple. She then explains that Shinji, the only other magus participating in the Holy Grail War, would be the only viable candidate as a substitute vessel, as it was apparent Illysaviel was supposed to turn into the Lesser Grail at the end of the war. While devising a strategy to defeat Gilgamesh, Rin realizes Emiya was the only one who could perfectly counter him, since he had the ability to summon a duplicate of any kind of weapon. She then concludes that Shir? needs to master Unlimited Blade Works so he too could be an even match against Gilgamesh. Since he doesn't have the sufficient mana to do so, Rin improvises, performing a ritual that implants her Magic Crest into Shir?, thus allowing them to share their mana storage. During the ritual, Shir? inadvertently taps into Rin's memories, something that embarrasses Rin when she finds out. Afterwards, Shir? finds Saber exploring his house, and she thanks him for showing her the way to her dream. Then, she has him promise that he and Rin will survive the Holy Grail War. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh has finished transporting Shinji to Ryuudou Temple, which summons the Holy Grail.

  • Shir? and Emiya continue their battle, with Emiya chastising Shir? for continuing to pursue his ideal and declaring that he will remove every trace of him in existence. However, as the battle continues, Emiya begins to realize that Shir?, being himself, will never give up and that it is pointless to defeat him now. Finally, as he explains the beauty he saw in his ideal, Shir?'s spirit begins to overwhelm Unlimited Blade Works, and he rushes Emiya. Emiya tries to react, but he becomes distracted by a flashback of Kiritsugu's last moments and is wounded by Shir?, just as Rin arrives. With this, Emiya admits defeat and allows Shir?, Rin, and Saber to escape, before being impaled by three swords fired from Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm. Declaring his hatred for fakes, Gilgamesh fires more swords at Shir? and Emiya, but Emiya pushes Shir? out of the way and dies after taking the full blow of the attack. Saber, expressing a familiarity with Gilgamesh, demands to know why he is here, and he explains that after the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War, in which he was an Archer-class Servant, he bathed in the Holy Grail during its destruction at the hands of Saber, also a Servant in that war, and took physical form. He then explains the Holy Grail's true function as a container for thousands of curses, before announcing his intention to take it for himself and use it as a weapon to eradicate the human race, being disgusted by the lifestyle of modern humans and hoping to rule over any potential survivors. He then leaves the villa and later finds Shinji in the forest, learning from him about Kirei's death and the reason behind Rin's escape. When Shinji asks about finding a vessel for the Holy Grail, Gilgamesh implants Illyasviel's heart into him, deeming him a worthy enough vessel, and leaves him as he begins to mutate into a massive, shapeless form of flesh.

  • Shir? and Rin confront Caster and Kuzuki, who engage them in battle. Meanwhile, Lancer overwhelms Archer with his attacks, after which Archer mocks his sense of loyalty and honor, thus infuriating him. As a result, Lancer tries to use his powerful Noble Phantasm to strike him down, but Archer is barely able to counter it with a magical barrier, which expends most of his strength in the process and destroys the church. After praising Lancer's power, Archer reveals he staged his betrayal of Rin so he could take advantage of Caster when she had her guard down, prompting Lancer to leave. Back at the church, Shir? and Rin are both overwhelmed by their opponents, but Archer suddenly appears and ambushes Kuzuki, firing several swords at his direction. Caster shields Kuzuki from the swords and is impaled herself. As she dies, she confesses to Kuzuki that her wish was already granted. Kuzuki then tries to fight Archer, explaining that since he had helped in disrupting the usual proceedings of the Holy Grail War, he had to finish what he started. He is then stabbed by Archer and crushed by a collapsing pillar. As Shir? attends to the captive Saber, Archer suddenly traps Rin inside a cage of swords and declares his intention, as a "Guardian", to kill Shir?.

  • While returning home from a trip in the next town, Shir?, Rin, and Saber find themselves inside a magical barrier, and they are ambushed by Caster and several water Golems. Caster reveals she has taken Taiga hostage and threatens to kill her unless Shir? hands over his magical circuits to her. When Shir? refuses, Caster tells him that she knows about the fire that he survived ten years ago, then claims her knowledge of a method to summon the Holy Grail without any further fighting, which can only be accomplished by Saber's mana. Shir? allows Caster to take his Command Seals in order to rescue Taiga, but an ambivalent Saber engages Caster in battle. Shir? uses a Command Seal to stop Saber, allowing Caster to stab her in the heart with a dagger-like Noble Phantasm called "Rule Breaker", which takes Shir?'s remaining Command Seals and gives Caster control over Saber. After releasing Taiga, Caster forces Saber to kill Rin, but Shir? is injured while taking the blow. Saber then resists against Caster's magic long enough for Shir?, Rin, and Taiga to escape with assistance from Archer. Regaining consciousness at Rin's house, Shir? finds a jewel. He recognizes it as the same one that had been used on him while Rin revived him after he was stabbed by Lancer during the first battle. Meanwhile, Caster arrives at Kirei's church and demands the location of the Lesser Grail, the vessel for the Holy Grail. When he refuses to disclose it, she has him attacked by Golems. Shir? finds Rin at the top of a skyscraper and tries offering his assistance. However, she tells him that without Saber as his Servant, there is no longer a reason for him to be involved in the Holy Grail War and leaves with Archer. As she leaves, Rin warns him to stay out of the war, otherwise he will die.

  • While walking back home, Shir? senses Archer following him. After a brief conversation, Archer responds that he doesn't have any interest for the Holy Grail. He then explains that Servants are no more than mere tools for their Masters and reveals that he died with no unfulfilled dreams before disappearing. Returning home, Shir? learns from Taiga that Mitsuzuri was found alive without any visible injuries. He then meets up with Saber and tells her of the truce he made with Rin, which she approves of. The next day, at the school library, Shir? and Rin discuss on how to locate the female Servant's Master before Shir? senses a sigil in one of the bookshelves, which Rin disables. They then explore the school grounds and disable other sigils, which they realize were set up for strengthening the magical barrier placed over the school. While preparing to head home, Shir? is confronted by Shinji, who reveals himself as the female Servant's Master and also the one who set up the barrier, also exposing the entire Mat? family as a former clan of mages. Shinji then tries to convince Shir? to form an alliance, but he turns the offer down, although he promises to keep quiet about their conversation. The following night, Shir? wakes up and finds himself restrained at Ryuudou Temple. He is approached by a hooded female Servant, identified as Caster, who admits responsibility for a purported series of gas leaks all over Fuyuki, enraging Shir?. Caster then expresses her intention to remove Shir?'s Command Seals and transplant them to her own Master, but before she could do so, Archer intervenes and prepares to engage Caster in battle. Meanwhile, Saber senses Shir?'s disappearance and heads to Ryuudou Temple, only to be faced by a second Servant, who identifies himself as an Assassin-class Servant and claims to be the Japanese swordsman Sasaki Kojir?. Then, he challenges Saber to a duel.

  • Five years ago, Kiritsugu tells Shir? about how he once wished to become a hero of justice. Shir? promises him that he will fulfill that dream for him, after which Kiritsugu passes away in satisfaction. In the present day, Shir? goes to school alone, despite Saber's insistence that she accompany him. At school, he learns from Issei that Mitsuzuri had gone missing the previous day and that she was last seen arguing with Shinji, who is currently absent, with no one able to contact him. As school ends for the day, Shir? is confronted by Rin, who attacks him despite his protests. After a brief chase, Rin eventually corners him and tries threatening him into handing over his remaining Command Seals, but before she could carry out her threat, they hear a scream. Shir? investigates and finds an unconscious student who had most of her mana absorbed. As Rin treats the student, Shir? is wounded after shielding her from an incoming attack by an unknown female Servant. He then pursues the Servant into the nearby woods, where he is restrained and nearly killed by her, only to be saved by Rin, whose appearance prompts the Servant to flee. Rin treats Shir?'s wounds and decides to call off their fight, taking him to her house to evaluate the situation. Then, the two agree to have a truce and track down the Servant and her Master together. The following night, Rin learns of Shir?'s magical training, which she is outraged by, as Kiritsugu didn't adhere to the tradition of magecraft by prioritizing himself as a father rather than a mage.

  • The girl introduces herself as Illyasviel von Einzbern, a name which Rin recognizes. She and Archer evaluate Berserker's strength before Archer moves to a farther position so he could attack Berserker from a distance. Berserker then attacks Saber, who is overwhelmed by his brute strength and agility. Archer and Rin try to provide support for Saber, but Berserker constantly winds up being unaffected by their strikes. When the fight moves away into the suburbs, Rin orders Shir? to run, but he remembers his agreement with Saber and instead follows them. As the fight progresses, Kirei is visited by a mysterious blond, red-eyed man, and they both claim their intentions to witnessing the Holy Grail's materialization in its fullest detail. The fight then moves through a forest and into a local cemetery, while Rin tries to kill Illyasviel, but she counters with several bird-shaped homunculi. Rin is rescued by Archer's attacks. While running back to Saber, Rin runs into Shir?, and they watch as Saber kills Berserker, which then suddenly resurrects and regenerates itself, one of its Noble Phantasms. Archer projects and fires a sword-shaped arrow at Berserker, which engulfs it in a massive explosion, but it fails to affect it. Illyasviel, impressed by Archer's strength, withdraws Berserker and flees. Seconds later, Shir? suddenly begins vomiting blood.

  • The events of the previous episode unfold from a different perspective, as Shir? wards off Lancer's attacks before summoning his own servant, Saber.

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