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Bob Hoskins (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) stars as Arnie, a lovable Cockney rogue who wants to move up in the fledgling client-film industry. Prowling for potential investors, he finds hypercritical Maud and gets more than he bargained for. While keeping creditors at bay, squabbling actors on task, and an egotistical director under budget, Arnie and Maud try to build a business based on make-believe.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
September 16, 1980
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Bob Hoskins, Frances de la Tour, Fraser Cains, Philip Madoc

Flickers Full Episode Guide

  • Dauntless Arnie Cole is staring bankruptcy in the face once again after a disastrous fund-raising party.

  • Arnie plans to use Letty as a lure to attract a lecherous banker.

  • Arnie begins a lavish costume drama.

  • A feud between a star and a director threatens Arnie's newly formed movie company.

  • Arnie spends his first day of married life making deals, while Maud passes hers waiting for him -- and steaming.

  • Cockney entrepreneur Arnie Cole schemes to become a movie mogul in Britain's fledgling film industry.