Flipper & Lopaka

Flipper & Lopaka

  • 1999
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.2  (251)

This Australian animated television series aired in 1999 and starred an 11 year old Polynesian boy named Lopaka who can converse with dolphins. He befriends a dolphin named Flipper after he saves him from drowning. The series' premise is that Lopaka with the assistance of Flipper helps his fellow islanders and gets into scrapes of his own.

Flipper & Lopaka
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Edge of Doom
26. Edge of Doom
Dexter steals the seven crystals and traps Flipper in a crevice. He then leaves the crystals for Professor Troy to find. Thrilled, she prepares to raise Quetzo not caring that she will incidentally sink Iloka at the same time. Spike hurries to stop his mother but only when Spike grabs a crystal and nearly kills himself does Troy see the folly of her ways and step back from the brink.
Mirror, Mirror
25. Mirror, Mirror
Flipper and Lopaka now have six of the seven power crystals, but Kerava tells them the seventh crystal is the most important of all. Dexter knows that the final crystal is somewhere behind Kerava's mirror. Spike and Bolo are trapped in a mine shaft cave-in. Flipper and Lopaka finally retrieve the crystal and Dexter's weapon. Lopaka uses it to free Spike and Bolo.
Holiday Island
24. Holiday Island
Tourists turn up on Iloka to check it out as a possible tourist destination. Chief Kapuna is seduced by the dollar signs and the 'modernization' possibilities. Although Lopaka warns them not to, they begin to abandon their own heritage, which is the reason the tourists were attracted to Iloka in the first place.
Flipper's Twin
23. Flipper's Twin
In "Shark Alley" the meanest and toughest of all the sharks is a dolphin, Storm, who looks just like Flipper. He accompanies Dexter to Quetzo, where he is tricked into believing that Flipper is a despotic ruler who has banished sharks from the city. Furious, Storm helps Dexter kidnap Flipper and send him to imprisonment in Shark Alley. Lopaka and his sea friends find and rescue Flipper.
Fire and Ice
22. Fire and Ice
Two power crystals, of heat and cold, are found joined together by Goose, but become separated. The ice crystal begins to freeze everything on and around Tabu the hot cristal creats an underwater volcano that threatens to destroy the city. Flipper and Lopaka has to join the both crystals together again to save Iloka.
The Visitors
21. The Visitors
Spike convinces Goose to raise a infamous sunken pirate ship, in the hope that there'll be treasure aboard. Kapuna, thinking the ghost pirate Cutless has finally returned, orders an evacuation. Lopaka disguises himself as the ghost of Paluna and persuades Chief Kapuna to stand up to the ghost and protect their home. Finally Spike confess his prank. He promises not to pull anymore practical jokes.
20. Jessica?
Doctor Hefti, a rival of Troy's, and his daughter Jessica arrive, looking for rare treasures. Spike tries to warn the Milihune not to trust Jessica, but they don't listen. Flipper loses his hearing when he saves a small fish from an explosion. Despite his handicap, Flipper manages to save Quetzo from a vicious creature. Flipper (along with everyone else) is delighted when his hearing returns.
The Carnival
19. The Carnival
Troy, attempts to catch a killer whale to sell to a city aquarium. Flipper proves his friendship to Orkie when he saves Orkie's parents from the cage, but he becomes trapped himself. Lopaka, with the help of Puffy, Ray and Otty, manage to free him just in time. Flipper joins in on the Carnival with Orkie and it's a great success.
All Great Creatures
18. All Great Creatures
Dexter helps a sea captain capture Flipper, but he and his flunkies are also netted. On a nearby island the sea captain sells Flipper, Dexter and the sharks to a rich Sheik, who has his own Sea World-type adventure park. Lopaka convinces the Sheiks son that the sea creatures deserve freedom, not captivity as playthings. The boy then releases Flipper, Dexter and the others.
Day of Rest
17. Day of Rest
On Iloka, it's a traditional Day of Rest. But Spike and Goose have to search for some missing goats and they end up in a cave, trapped by a man-sized spider. Meanwhile Inky is kidnapped by some vicious Barracudas that Dexter has conned, he has to turn to his enemy, Flipper, for help.
Electric Soup
16. Electric Soup
A freak storm torments the islands caused by one of the seven power crystals, which Bia accidentally disturbed in order to get her soup's "secret ingredient". In a race to get the crystal, Flipper is struck by lightning and knocked out, leaving Troy to steal it. He recovers and Flipper and Lopaka claim the cristal back with help from the "solar energy" crystal.
Legend of the Sea Dragons
15. Legend of the Sea Dragons
Dexter intends to capture a baby sea dragon and bring it up as his faithful pet and secret weapon against Quetzo. Flipper realizes that the dragons are not only important creatures in their own right, but they are part of the delicate balance of the eco-system of the ocean. He and Lopaka go to the center of the ocean to protect the sea dragons.
Ghosts and Monsters
14. Ghosts and Monsters
Flipper and Lopaka must recover a lost jewel from a cave where ghosts are said to dwell. Meanwhile Nola and Spike find a village of primitive humans called the Hunemili. They want Nola to save them from the Morg: a fearsome creature from legend that steals their harvest. But the kids discover it is a former medicine man who only steals food to survive.
Big Bones
13. Big Bones
Spike uncovers a Dinosaur skeleton on Iloka. Accidently the Dinosaur comes to life with the spirit of a cristal. The Dinosaur almost destroyed his village and the friends has to find a way to help. Just as the Dinosaur is about to devour Dexter, Flipper bangs the cristal stuff and the Dinosaur instantly vanishes. Flipper and Lopaka store the cristall safely with the others.
The Crystal Cave
12. The Crystal Cave
In her ongoing search for the crystals Professor Troy excavates a underwater tunnel and causes tremors on Iloka and in the sea. During the confusion Dexter steals another crystal from the crystal cave and Chief Kapuna is missing his sacred mask. At least Flipper and Lopaka manage to free Troy trapped in a cave and Inky is pulling a quick stunt to recover the crystal from Dexter.
The Terrible Titan of Tabu
11. The Terrible Titan of Tabu
However Dexter gets a instruction for an Quetzoan machine similar to a giant octopus. Dexter rebuilds the monster and begins the destruction of Flipper's palace. Thinking very quickly, Flipper, Lopaka and Nola try to find a way to clog up the machine's gears. Dexter quickly abandons the machine as it goes berserk. Later Lopaka rebuild it as the new fruit-picking machine.
Magic Medicine
10. Magic Medicine
Chief Kapuna has fallen sick with Iloka fever. Luckily, Kerava informs Flipper and Lopaka of a secret plant which can save him. In her greed to get her own hands on the plant, she runs into trouble when an electric eel gives her a shock and she falls to the ocean floor, unconscious. Flipper and Lopka bring her to the surface in the nick of time where she apologizes about her selfishness
Dexter's Big Gulp
9. Dexter's Big Gulp
Professor Troy and Goose find a cristall on Tabu and take it despite reading a cryptic warning about sunlight. As Flipper and Lopaka attempt to take the light sensitive crystal from Troy's boat to keep it where it is safe Dexter accidentally swallows it. Troy captures him...waiting till it explodes. Poor Dexter! Flipper can not stand by and watch this happen, and thinks of a plan.
Flying is not for the Foolish
8. Flying is not for the Foolish
Bolo tries to build a flying machine, though, everyone has flying fever. Dexter is impressed with Prof Troy's helicopter and he makes his own comical attempts at flying. Then Bolo and Dexter hit in mid air, accidentally knocking an eagle egg into the water and sending Bolo crashing into the side of a smoking volcano. Now only Lopaka's untried machine can save Bolo and the eagle egg.
The Big Wave
7. The Big Wave
Spike and Lopaka's rivalry is getting out of hand and Kerava tells Lopaka that it is time to go away from the village for a period of quiet meditation. While Lopaka is meditating he has a recurring vision of Iloka being devastated by a huge wave. He rushes back to warn everyone. Then he helps Spike who is out surfing and saves the ill Nola. The big wave comes, but luckily no one is injured.
Treasure Hunt
6. Treasure Hunt
On Iloka the big island traesure hunt starts and Chief Kapuna feels sorry for Spike and lets him join in. While the treasure hunt Spike has a good chance of winning because Lopaka helps him come out of quicksand.Than he sees his mother's submersible being menaced by Dexter. What to do? Help his mum or keep going with the race to win?
Puffy, the Pied Piper
5. Puffy, the Pied Piper
Puffy finds a conch shell that he is able to play so sweetly that all the young sea creatures follow him and his Pied Piperish music. But Dexter is able to trick Puffy into aiding him in a dreadful plan... to lead all the fishes in the annual Quetzo beauty parade to Peril Rock, right into the net of Spike who brags to net a hundred fish!'
Secret of the Seven Crystals
4. Secret of the Seven Crystals
Troy and Goose discover some ancient hieroglyphics which explain the story of the sinking of Quetzo. The symbols tell of seven crystals all with different powers, which when united harness the power of the sun. Lopaka & Flipper must find the crystals first to prevent Troy from fulfilling her plan to raise Qetzo again with the criastals, never mind that Iloka will sink.
The Eclipse
3. The Eclipse
In the dark of a eclipse Dexter & his sharks steal Flipper's throne and take it to Dexter's grotto underneath Tabu. Flipper and Lopaka manage to convince Dexter that the throne is haunted, by using a powerful magnet to make it seemingly move by itself. Dexter, fooled by the trick begs Flipper to take the cursed throne away.
Strangers in Paradise
2. Strangers in Paradise
A boat arrives at Tabu bearing an archaeologist, Professor Sophie Troy, her son Spike and assistant, Goose. She is hoping to discover the remains of the lost civilisation of Quetzo.Troy's jetski looses control near Tabu and she comes face to face with Dexter who is angry about the humans invading his home, and tries to get rid of her. However, Flipper helps and they're going to stay a while!
The Mysterious Iland
1. The Mysterious Iland
Flipper's parents surprise him by announcing they are leaving Quetzo in order to lead productive lives helping others across the seas. Flipper is crowned Prince of Quetzo in their absence. On Iloka, Lopaka is trying to fill Kerava's shoes as village wise man. He teaches the Ilokan children about the dangers of the forbidden island of Tabu.Then Bolo heads off to explore Tabu alone...

This Australian animated television series aired in 1999 and starred an 11 year old Polynesian boy named Lopaka who can converse with dolphins. He befriends a dolphin named Flipper after he saves him from drowning. The series' premise is that Lopaka with the assistance of Flipper helps his fellow islanders and gets into scrapes of his own.Flipper & Lopaka is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on September 10, 1999.

Where to Watch Flipper & Lopaka

Flipper & Lopaka is available for streaming on the Seven website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flipper & Lopaka on demand at Amazon Prime.

  • Premiere Date
    September 10, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (251)