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Flying wild Alaska is a reality television show that depicts the daily lives of pilots that own and operate a family business of transporting goods, services and people into and out of the most remote parts of the state of Alaska to show accurately depicts the conditions of flying in one of the most dangerous environments in the world each episode has segments from the air bases and airports. They demonstrate how the planes are loaded cared for and maintained in the extremely harsh conditions. Everything from deicing the wings to keeping the engine warm to making sure the weight distribution for each load is just right.

The other part of the show is actually flying with the pilots themselves to deliver the goods and/or services to the remotest parts of the state. This allows the viewers to get a firsthand look at just how dangerous flying in the remote wilderness can actually be everything from landing and taking off on a frozen river to landing on the side of the mountain and taking off from the mountain again to transporting someone from a remote native village. That is in need of serious medical attention. The bravery and courage and flying skills of the pilots that can be viewed in this show is absolutely amazing it takes an extremely unique individual to be able to pull off some of the aromatic feats of these pilots and will leave the viewer with a great appreciation for just exactly what these individuals do and the role they play in keeping the remotest parts of the wilderness connected to the outside world.

The other intriguing part of the show is of course the drama that comes with not only operating a business but a family business and all the little bumps in the road today expands on a daily basis. Trying to make sure the company runs as smoothly as possible so that the customers get the services they desperately need, all while trying to keep family life completely separate from business flying which adds the viewer can see from watching any episode is not always as easy as it sounds.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
3 Seasons, 31 Episodes
January 14, 2011
Cast: Ferno Tweto, Ayla Tweto, Ariel Tweto, Jim Tweto
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Flying Wild Alaska Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Jim considers a new career path after 30 years, and Ariel is met by the FAA in the last step to obtain her pilot's license.

  • Sarah takes on a windstorm while transporting fuel to a research station; Jim completes a difficult landing; Ben retrieves a priest for an Easter service.

  • Ariel disappears from radio contact and emergency services are alerted. Over the remote village of Hooper Bay, pilot Erik Snuggerud battles a narrow runway.

  • In Bethel, pilot Erik Snuggerud struggles with mechanical issues. On Alaska's North Slope, pilots Doug Stewart and John Rende work to keep their plane from veering off an icy runway. In Unalakleet, Ariel receives a surprise visitor.

  • Pilot Doug Stewart's skills are tested when he has to land on a runway melting into the ocean. Pilot John Kapsner searches for two snow-machines lost in the Alaskan Bush.

  • Era's fleet deals with the harshest Alaskan winter in years. Sarah Fraher has a challenge when her aircraft door opens during flight. With explosive chemicals on board, Doug deals with his brakes freezing. Jim tries to land on the frozen Anvik River.

  • Villagers in Wainright have no water due to the Arctic cold. Solar flares leave Ponts and Ben in danger. In Unalakleet, a criminal is on the loose and the Tweto's are on edge.

  • Era works to survive a harsh winter. Ariel joins the search effort to find her missing friend. Sarah Fraher tries to help a stranded pilot. Ponts tries to assist in an emergency medical drop over a Kavik camp.

  • Era Alaska transports fire crews to combat wildfires across the state; Ariel flies solo for the first time; Ponts goes through a deadly pass on his first training flight.

  • Pilots John Dronenberg & Justin Essian attempt to transport 1600lbs of volatile propane to a secluded fishing lodge. Luke Hickerson is challenged with failing equipment over the remote tundra and Ponts pushes Ariel to make the perfect landing.

  • Ponts' old skate crew accepts the task to build a skate park for local kids on Unk's newly paved roads. Ariel heads into the skies in a new plane with dangerous results and lead Pilot Erik Snuggerud battles heavy turbulence with a very special delivery.

  • Era Alaska offers relief to a village devastated by heavy flooding. Two pilots get lost in a sea of fog off the Russian coast while trying to deliver desperately needed ammunition. In Anchorage, Jim's prized Cessna 180 starts on fire.

  • Jim looks for a group of missing mountain climbers lost somewhere in Alaska's Brooks Range. Up in Barrow, Luke is desperate to take a village elder to the hospital before it's too late and a pilot tries to set a world speed record to the North Pole.

  • A group of world-renowned rock climbers arrive in Unk and Jim must transport them deep into the remote Brooks Range. Luke flies a Barrow whaling crew over the sea ice in search of a site to hunt the Bowhead whale to provide food for their hungry community.

  • A late winter storm complicates operations; Ben deals with icing conditions while Erik takes drastic measures to ship medicine to a snowed-in village.

  • The Iditarod dog sled race increases business in Era Alaska. Ferno, Ayla and Ariel Tweto run with the reindeer in Anchorage. A pilot takes on malfunctioning trim control over the frozen Norton Sound and a tsunami warning threatens the entire West coast.

  • After two months of darkness, the villages of Western Alaska must get fresh supplies. Jim attempts a risky landing on a frozen river and Luke has problems getting his plane in the air. A pilot flies to the Russian border to deliver vaccines.

  • Two pilots attempt to deliver a specialty drill through dense fog. Luke delivers the first ever ATM to Wainwright, along with a planeload of cash. Erik races to deliver passengers and critical supplies before a spring storm shuts him down.

  • Two pilots push their limits to deliver vital vaccines two miles from Russia on Alaska's most treacherous runway. In Unalakleet, Ariel Tweto takes to the skies once again and proves that she still has a lot to learn.

  • John Ponts endures heavy turbulence and angry passengers on a flight through the Nulato Hills. Jim and Ferno leave the terminal in the hands of the pilots and Sarah's flight to rescue a villager lost in a storm turns into a battle for her own survival.

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