Food Truck Nation

Food Truck Nation

  • TV-G
  • 2018
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.3  (10)

Chef and food truck aficionado Brad Miller travels across the country to find the latest and greatest bites on wheels. He highlights the innovative chefs who push the boundaries of food and their customers' curious palates.

Food Truck Nation
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Corn Dogs and Cheesesteaks
13. Corn Dogs and Cheesesteaks
October 15, 2019
Brad gets a corn dog in Seattle and ice cream sandwiches in Hollywood.
Tacos, Drumsticks and Waffles
12. Tacos, Drumsticks and Waffles
October 8, 2019
Brad Miller is in Nashville, where he fills up at That Awesome Taco Truck. Then he grabs reimagined Indian food at DesiPDX in Portland, OR, and Japanese fish-shaped waffles stuffed with sweets at BeanFish in Seattle.
Pork Buns, Falafel and Snow Cones
11. Pork Buns, Falafel and Snow Cones
October 1, 2019
Brad Miller hits the road in St. Louis, where he gets a taste of authentic Hawaiian food from Buzz's Hawaiian Grill food truck. Brad tries Chef Thomas "Buzz" Moore's signature yellow fin tuna poke bowl and his Kalua Pork Buns topped with barbecue sauce and pineapple slaw. Next, Brad travels to Seattle to meet Chef Shimi Kahn at Falafel Salam, where he tries the lamb gyro salad and the famous falafel with spicy pickled mango sauce. Then Brad finishes things off in Nashville at the Retro Sno truck, where he learns how to make extra-large snow cones from scratch with a variety of homemade toppings. He tries the Rainbow Snoball with cherry, pineapple and blueberry sauces as well as the Tres Leches Snoball with vanilla ice cream, caramel and sweetened condensed milk.
Ribs, Ramen and Gooey Butter Cake
10. Ribs, Ramen and Gooey Butter Cake
September 24, 2019
Brad Miller starts out in Seattle with massive smoked beef ribs and chicken wings. Then he finds pork belly ramen in Portland, OR, and a St. Louis specialty -- gooey butter cake -- in the Show-Me State.
Hot Chicken and Spicy Beef
9. Hot Chicken and Spicy Beef
September 17, 2019
Brad samples hot chicken in Nashville and makes Indian frybread in Seattle.
Burritos, Kabobs And S'mores
8. Burritos, Kabobs And S'mores
September 10, 2019
In St. Louis, Brad Miller visits the Seoul Taco truck, where Chef David Choi is serving up a unique spin on Mexican food by infusing it with the flavors of Korea. Brad samples a Gogi Bowl and the popular Korean barbecue burrito filled with marinated beef and spicy kimchi fried rice. Next, Brad travels to Portland, Ore., to meet Chef Victor Darchini at his Caspian Kabob food truck. Victor shows Brad how to make authentic Persian food, including his popular lamb and beef kabob. Brad sticks around Portland and stops at the Wild North food truck, where Chef Brandon Hughes uses his wood-fired oven to deliver the inventive Shrimp Boil Bread Bowl. For dessert, Brad satisfies his sweet tooth with the decadent Campfire S'Mores Cookies featuring toasted bourbon-vanilla marshmallows.
Cobbler a la Mode
7. Cobbler a la Mode
September 3, 2019
Brad Miller takes a bite out of the Pastrami Zombie sandwich in Portland, OR. Then he grabs a Filipino-style sweet bread sandwich in St. Louis and learns the secrets of Grandma's Blueberry-Lemon Cobbler in Nashville.
All-Day Brunch, Jerk Chicken
6. All-Day Brunch, Jerk Chicken
August 20, 2019
Brad grabs grits for brunch in Nashville and fresh conch salad in Atlanta.
Arepas and Mac 'n' Cheese
5. Arepas and Mac 'n' Cheese
August 13, 2019
Brad Miller gets a taste of Venezuelan street food at Arepas House food truck in Denver, Colo., where Chef Jorge Dominguez serves a traditional corncake sandwich filled with marinated flank steak, grilled pork sausage and creamy avocado sauce. In Nashville, Tenn., Brad checks out inventive macaroni and cheese from Chef Kayla Nicholson and The Mac Shack truck. Brad samples the Mac Waffles, a spin on chicken and waffles, with three-cheese macaroni baked right in. For dessert, he hits Atlanta, Ga., and the Simply Done Donut truck, where owner Karissa Norfleet presents a pair of sweet mini doughnuts.
Barbecue Ribs and Cheese Melts
4. Barbecue Ribs and Cheese Melts
August 6, 2019
Brad Miller travels to Nashville, Tenn., for hickory-smoked baby back ribs with hot, Memphis-style barbecue sauce from the Smoke Et Al food truck and owner Shane Autrey. Then he samples a pair of gooey cheese melt sandwiches from Genevieve Hardin at the What Would Cheesus Do? food truck in Denver, Colo. Finally, Brad heads south to Atlanta, Ga., where he finds the Meatballerz Truck and owner Cara DeLalla's hand-rolled meatballs stuffed inside Italian boules. For dessert, Brad gets his hands on their seasonal unicorn cake fritters.
Biscuit Sandwiches and Wings
3. Biscuit Sandwiches and Wings
July 30, 2019
Brad Miller travels to Atlanta, Ga., where he finds the Deep South Biscuit Co. truck and Chef Gia Rosenfeld delivering the goods with a fried chicken biscuit with bourbon-bacon jam and a brisket biscuit sandwich with cherry cola barbecue sauce. Next, Brad visits the Hunje truck in Denver, Colo., where Chef Jason Bray serves Brad a plate of hickory-smoked fried chicken wings slathered in homemade Asian hot sauce. Finally, Brad is in Las Vegas, Nev., to sample dessert hand pies, like the strawberry French toast creation, at the Smiley Pies truck.
Hot Dogs, Po' Boys and PBJ
2. Hot Dogs, Po' Boys and PBJ
July 23, 2019
Traditional Guatemalan street food; a double hot dog loaded with spiced shredded cabbage, chimichurri and guacamole; a blackened shrimp po' boy.
Pizza, Burgers and Cookies
1. Pizza, Burgers and Cookies
July 16, 2019
Neapolitan-style pizzas; Hatch Pizza with shredded chicken and roasted green chilies; Belgian Farmer Pizza with bacon, Brussels sprouts and goat cheese; artisanal burgers.

Chef and food truck aficionado Brad Miller travels across the country to find the latest and greatest bites on wheels. He highlights the innovative chefs who push the boundaries of food and their customers' curious palates.Food Truck Nation is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on March 12, 2018.

Food Truck Nation is available for streaming on the Cooking Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Food Truck Nation on demand at Cooking Channel, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, FuboTV, Google Play, Apple TV and Science Channel.

  • Premiere Date
    March 12, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (10)