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Four Star Playhouse had four rotating actors they were, Dick Powell, David Niven, Charles Boyer and Ida Lupino. Originally it was to be Dick Powell, Charles Boyer, Joel McCrea and Rosalind Russell, but that never happened. In its first year Four Star was on every other week sharing its spot with Amos 'N Andy show. Into the second season Four Star became weekly. Dick Powell played a character named Willie Dante who ran Dante's Nightclub. This character was shown in several episodes. The photo is from the episode 'Go Ahead and Jump' with Dick Powell as Eddie the cabdriver. The format of the episodes varied from comedy to drama.

7 Seasons, 174 Episodes
September 25, 1952
Comedy, Drama
Cast: David Niven, Dick Powell, Charles Boyer, Ida Lupino
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Four Star Playhouse Full Episode Guide

  • WW2 vet in Korea is labeled a coward.

  • As doctor is about to get an award, a dark secret surfaces.

  • Dante threatened by blackmailers.

  • Hollywood screenwriter used by ambitious actress.

  • Man's wife returns home after five years in mental hospital.

  • Priest stands by tyrant dictator threatened with assassination.

  • Professor agrees to marry a stranger and then disappear.

  • Accidental death of a friend, Only fiancee of dead man can clear other.

  • Intelligence officer captured by derelict white man in Red China.

  • Famous author drives young Mexican girl to her ranch.

  • Detective goes undercover to find killer on island.

  • Lonely spinster falls in love for first time with married man.

  • Newspaper needs to smuggle letter out of foreign country.

  • Woman plots to murder husband, but overheard.

  • Gambler Willie Dante becomes target for murder because of latest love.

  • Wealthy invalid menaced by man he crossed years before.

  • Bowling alley owner hires new pin boy, who is dangerous.

  • Workaholic must re-examine life to keep his wife.

  • Man reunites with young daughter after five years.

  • Woman finds her fiance has been married before.

  • Timid man forced to wear garish suit and personality changes.

  • Businessman makes deal with devil to modernize Hell.

  • Sheriff with failing eyesight is challenged by gunman.

  • After bad review, actress goes to critic's home with a gun.

  • Shill hired to find card cheater in country club.

  • 100 Year old woman recalls her romance in the old west.

  • WW2 captain must oversee an unwanted execution.

  • Gambling casino owner gets into trouble again.

  • Hollywood actress flops in stage play, determines to become actress.

  • Woman's loneliness makes her think back on painful memories.

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