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The 2007 hit comedy BBC television show Freezing used to be one of the most popular shows on TV. This show stars Hugh Bonneville as well as Elizabeth McGovern, who are up and coming actors who have really brought their characters to life. The show received mostly positive reviews from critics, as it has icy a quality plot that imply get everyone interested and intrigued.

The show is all about a very successful couple who are in their 40's. The couple then finds themselves to be unemployed. Matt played by Bonneville is this publisher who has lost his job recently, while Elizabeth played by McGovern is this popular Oscar-nominated actress who's been having a tough time getting a job since she has moved in with Matt to London.

The Freezing television series was originally at first a one-off comedy to be a part of BBC Four's close Spot season, but the first airing then became the show's first episode, as it got so much viewers and attention. Each episode is continuously all about the couple and the life they experienced together.

On top of the couple's story, the show also follows Leon. Leon is this agent who has moved in with the British publisher and the Oscar nominated actress. Altogether, they work inside of one home, and that can cause a huge stir between their lives. All the characters in the show really made the show believable and realistic. No matter how great a shows story may be, if the actors are unable to make their characters believable, the show will then not be believable.

The plot is very interesting and always leads to more exciting episodes. The ratings of the show simply increased throughout every episode, as it really can be such an addictive show. The best part about the show is that it is very relatable to people everywhere. People all over the world can relate to most of the characters in the show, as they all have such different personalities.

Everyone who wants to watch a funny show that still sustains a good plot, then they should definitely consider to watch Freezing. This show got such great reviews because it is a show that people can really watch continuously. Most people have even found themselves watching the shows again, as it is that addictive.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
January 10, 2011
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Caitlin Glass, Josh Grelle, Jamie Marchi, Terri Doty
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Freezing Full Episode Guide

  • Chiffon and the remaining Pandora girls must face the Nova threat in one final battle for humanity's future.

  • The chaos on the Alaskan base intensifies as a new Nova threat and a massive army of Maria Lancelot clones descend upon the Photon Generator.

  • The E-Pandora rebellion tears allegiances apart and pits Pandora comrades against each other in battle. Meanwhile, Amelia continues to transform into a Nova.

  • Furious that the Mark IV experiments are scheduled to resume, the E-Pandora girls plan to escape from the Alaskan base. But the situation only worsens when the regular Pandora learn the truth...

  • Emotions run wild as Satellizer and Kazuya square off against Luis and Holly in an epic, decisive battle in Bali.

  • Satellizer comes face to face with Luis, a part of her dark past she had hoped to forget.

  • Elizabeth leaks top-secret information to the Mably family in an effort to protect the E-Pandora. Meanwhile, Kazuya and Satellizer visit Bali instead of returning to Japan.

  • An emergency situation develops as the Mark IV slowly changes Jina into a Nova. Elizabeth insists that Satellizer needs to stay out of the matter, which only complicates things further.

  • Rana and Satellizer keep their competitive spirit alive. Meanwhile, the E-Pandora project continues with a test of the experimental Mark IV, a drug that could make E-Pandora just as powerful as Original Pandora.

  • Original Pandora and Evolution Pandora face off in exhibition fights in order to determine their difference in abilities. Meanwhile, everyone grows accustomed to life on the new base.

  • Satellizer and other Pandora battle an unexpected foe during a trip to Alaska. Later, they learn they're going to assist in a project to create artificial Pandora.

  • In the heat of battle, Satellizer pushes her powers to unnatural levels, putting her at risk of being possessed by the Nova. To survive, she'll need help from Kazuya, her fellow Pandoras, and one of their fallen comrades!

  • As the slave Nova-Pandora hybrids approach the Ravensborne Nucleochede, Satellizer and her comrades stage a desperate last stand in order to protect the source of their power.

  • Satellizer want to be Kazuya's limiter.

  • Kazuya meets a Pandora who carries the essence of his dead sister, and East Genetics Academy is attacked by four Novas with unprecedented abilities!

  • Kazuya has a hard time deciding whom he should escort to the big dance, Rana or Satellizer. The untouchable queen enters a Pandora beauty pageant.

  • Rana and Satellizer attempt to turn the tables on their attackers after they find out that they have been tricked.

  • Two powerful Pandoras are manipulated into a fight to the death by upperclassman.

  • Kazuya is attacked by three sadistic Pandoras while on his way to Satellizer's room for a private celebration of their new union. When his powers suddenly vanish, he'll need help from a new friend to survive the night!

  • Satellizer must locate a limiter or else she will be forced to duel the powerful "Protector of Order" alone.

  • Kazuya gets caught up in a catfight between Satellizer and a cold-hearted classmate who collects Limiters. When his Untouchable Queen is humiliated by her sultry attacker, Kazuya shockingly unleashes his true powers!

  • Kazuya's attempt to apologize to Satellizer is interrupted by the arrival of Ganessa, who appears eager for a rematch. When the poor boy gets caught up in the battle, Satellizer reveals a fierce new ability!

  • Satellizer el Bridget is the top-ranked Pandora at the West Genetics academy, but her status as the "Untouchable Queen" is jeopardized by a strange encounter with young Kazuya Aoi.

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