Friend Our Legend

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Friend Our Legend also known as Friend or The Untold Story, is a Korean television series that falls into the following genres of friendship, romance, and drama. It primarily airs on the MBC channel, and it has an approximate running time of 1 hour. Friend Our Legend was written by Kwak Kyung Taek, Han Seung Joon, and Kim Won Suk, and it was directed by Kwak Kyung Taek and Kim Won Suk. This Korean television series also star's many well known actors and actresses like Hyun Bin and Kim Min Joon

This television series is mainly focused on four friends who are living in a time where students are supposed to have collars fastened up tight and their pants creased to near perfection. However, these four friends choose to wear their own custom uniforms. Walking the streets and the halls of the school having no fear and feeling almost indestructible when they are together. They share the same interests and fantasies of the naked women in the fastest porn magazines, and the love of Bruce Lee's Kungfu. These for friends consist of Joon Suk, Dong Su, Sang Taek, and Joong Ho.

Joon Suk happens to be the son of a well known Vigilante gang boss, while Sang Taek happens to be a very dedicated and focused student. Furthermore, Dong Su is the one and only son of the feared undertaker, and Joong Ho has a bad habit of never being able to keep his mouth shut. In Friend Our Legend these four young men remain close friends. Unfortunately, as they begin to grow up, they also begin to grow apart as their lives all take different paths. Ultimately, their lives begin to cross each other again and start to cause conflict with each other.

They cross paths and conflict with each other because Joon Suk ends up being the lead henchman for his father's well known crime ring, and Dong Su just so happens to be working for the crime rings rival gang. While Joon Suk and Dong Su fight with each other, waving swords, both Sang Taek and Joong Ho have to watch without being able to stop it.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
June 27, 2009
Cast: Hyun Bin
Friend Our Legend

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