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This award-winning US series began airing in 2002 as a companion to the documentary series Frontline. The spin-off extends the original series' US-centered programming to cover a variety of topics from around the globe. The focus on socio-political as well as criminal justice subject matter remains as the focus tilts to global events and organizations. Frontline/World is aired sporadically four or fives times a year. The episodes are in magazine format with separate segments within the hour airtime that cover a variety of different topics.

Previous themes this series has covered include the women and men at the forefront of events that shook humanity. In-depth reporting on their motives and the environment enveloping their decisions is intended to, as in the original, further spurn debate and insight. Previous topics include Saddam Hussein's tumultuous reign and the people of Libya and the civil unrest that ended 30 years of tyranny. The reporting they broadcast on human trafficking in Eastern Europe earned the series the Edward R. Murrow Award from the Overseas Press Club of America, among others.

The depth does not end at the television screen. The series makes use of web tools to provide access to primary and secondary source documents, in-full, as well as any interviews, poems, essays, in or any text they determine relevant to their reporting. For years, they have included this as a means of expanding the understanding of the events they felt compelled to document. The producers do not limit their content pool to their own in-house research. Certain episodes are created by independent filmmakers and included as part of the series to expand the breadth of reporting and topics. The series is produced by WGBH Educational Foundation, the parent company of WGBH-TV in Boston and distributed through the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on PBS
9 Seasons, 52 Episodes
May 23, 2002
Cast: Marco Werman, Alexis Bloom, Kelly Whalen, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
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Frontline World Full Episode Guide

  • An update on the program's 2005 report on the PlayPump, a merry-go-round-like device designed to deliver fresh water to remote sections of Africa by harnessing the energy of children; a new idea for providing post-disaster relief that's being tried in Haiti; a painter who travels to the jungles of West Papua in search of the "art" created by the Vogelkop bowerbird.

  • The Season 9 premiere examines the carbon trade in the Amazon; the repercussions of a 2008 immigration raid at a kosher meatpacking plant in Iowa; and a new approach to the threat of cross-species diseases.

  • An exploration of Pakistan's struggles against the Taliban. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy unveils the attempt to sway the hearts and minds of the citizens of Karachi and treks across the country. David Montero investigates the death of a friend/journalist against the Taliban during an Army Swat Valley campaign.

  • An examination by Sharmeen Obaid of the Taliban's increasing power and influence over Pakistan. Also, South Korea's possible newest public health crisis: Internet addiction.

  • Season 8 begins with the story of an Italian restaurant owner who refused to pay the required monthly "tax" from the Mafia, under the backing of the anti-crime activists and law enforcement. Also included is a story of Chinese Muslims who are being detained at Guatanamo Bay, Cuba; and a Brazilian politician who legally changed his name to Barack Obama.

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