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  • TV-14
  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.2  (374)

Garage Rehab is a reality TV show that premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2017. The show is hosted by Richard Rawlings, Russell J. Holmes, and Chris Stephens. Richard Rawlings is a car enthusiast and owner of the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas. Russell J. Holmes is a construction expert and investor, while Chris Stephens is a marketing and branding expert. Together, the trio travels across America in search of garages that are struggling to stay in business.

The concept of the show is to take struggling garages and transform them into profitable businesses. The garages that are featured in the show are often run by individuals who are passionate about cars but lack the necessary business skills to make their garages viable. The show aims to help these garages by bringing in the expertise of Richard, Russell, and Chris.

Each episode of Garage Rehab follows a similar format. The trio visits a garage that is in need of their help. They explore the garage and assess its current state, identifying the key issues that are preventing it from being successful. They then make recommendations to the garage owners and work closely with them to implement the changes that are needed.

The changes that are proposed can vary depending on the specific needs of each garage. In some cases, the garages may need a complete overhaul. This could mean changing the layout of the garage, upgrading the facilities, or adding new equipment. In other cases, the garages may need help with branding and marketing. The Garage Rehab team helps the garage owners to come up with a new brand and marketing strategy that will help to attract new customers.

One of the unique aspects of Garage Rehab is that the show is not just about fixing up garages. It's also about helping the garage owners to develop the skills and knowledge that they need to run a successful business. Richard, Russell, and Chris work closely with the garage owners to help them understand the ins and outs of running a garage. This often involves teaching them about inventory management, customer service, and marketing.

Throughout the show, viewers get to see the transformation of each garage as the Garage Rehab team works their magic. They witness the struggles that the garage owners face as they try to implement the changes that are needed. They also get to see the triumphs as the garages start to turn a profit and attract a new customer base.

Garage Rehab is a show that will appeal to car enthusiasts as well as those who are interested in business and entrepreneurship. It's a unique concept that combines the best of both worlds, offering an entertaining and informative look at the world of car garages. The show is well-produced and features a great cast of experts who are passionate about what they do. If you're looking for a show that will inspire you to chase your dreams and turn your passion into a successful business, then Garage Rehab is definitely worth checking out.

Garage Rehab is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on August 30, 2017.

Garage Rehab
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Richard Revisits
11. Richard Revisits
March 19, 2019
Richard, Russell, and Chris drop in on their most recent Garage Rehabs to see who has and hasn't turned their businesses around.
Warrior Garage
10. Warrior Garage
March 12, 2019
Richard, Russell and Chris have seven days to turn around American Warrior Garage, a veteran-run garage that teaches men and women transitioning out of service the skills they need to become successful.
American Garage
9. American Garage
March 5, 2019
In the first part of a two-part episode, Richard Rawlings and his team take on their most meaningful project to date by rehabbing a floundering non-profit garage that trains military veterans for careers in auto repair.
Zurba Industries
8. Zurba Industries
February 26, 2019
Richard Rawlings and his rehab team take on a struggling custom hot rod shop in the wealthy Huntington Beach, CA. Richard has his work cut out not only in turning the shop around in less than a week but redirecting the scatterbrain owner's attention.
Low Life Industries
7. Low Life Industries
February 19, 2019
Richard and his team toss a lifeline to a Tampa, Florida and a custom motorcycle shop drowning in debt, clutter and broken equipment. Reimagining the garage as a three part shop, Richard puts the business on track to becoming its own unique brand.
Quick Stop Auto Repair
6. Quick Stop Auto Repair
February 12, 2019
Richard and his team take on their biggest challenge yet when they set out to rehab not just the filthiest, most outdated shop they've ever seen, but an owner who's lost pride in his business and himself.
Coastal Cruizers
5. Coastal Cruizers
February 5, 2019
Richard Rawlings sees potential in the golf cart industry and is willing to try to turn the shop around. When permitting a historical building puts their plans to a halt and the owner doesn't pull his weight, Richard has second thoughts about the project.
Keys Customs
4. Keys Customs
January 29, 2019
Richard Rawlings gives $100,000 of his time, money and contacts to help rebuild Keys Customs in Key West, Florida. The shop was devastated by Hurricane Irma and now Hurricane Richard and his crew have one week to turn this garage around.
Northrich Collision
3. Northrich Collision
January 22, 2019
Richard commits $300,000 to the biggest build in Garage Rehab history: the 20,000 square-foot Northrich Collision. Problems arise as Russell and Chris find themselves in the middle of a family feud, and Richard works hard to turn this garage around.
Fly N' Hi
2. Fly N' Hi
January 15, 2019
Richard and his crew help Fly 'N hi, a once-legendary shop in Phoenix, Arizona.
Jacob's Automotive
1. Jacob's Automotive
January 8, 2019
Richard and his team head to Sturgis, South Dakota to rescue a family-run garage, convenience store and service station.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 30, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (374)