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'Ghost' is the quintessential 90s paranormal romance, one that is now recognized as a modern classic in the genre. Long before Bella and Edward, there were Demi and Patrick. Don't forget Whoopi Goldberg, fresh off her 'The Color Purple' Oscar snub. She went on to win for Best Supporting Actress, and indeed turns in one of the most memorable performances 'Ghost' has to offer.

The plot of 'Ghost' is pretty straightforward, and not the least bit original, though ironically it also won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The story of gifted potter Molly Jensen losing her one true love, Sam Wheat, and connecting with him beyond death by the power of love was long ago played out in Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights'. 'Ghost' borrows quite a few elements from classic Gothic fiction, love transcending death and interspersed with psychic phenomena being just a few.

But the year 1990, when 'Ghost' was released, was noted in part for its downward glare at the 80s, and 'Ghost' represents this shift in cultural modes. Even Demi sports a trendy, short haircut, in stark contrast to the shoulder-padded, huge-haired 80s heroines of film and television. That 'Ghost' features two female leads bespeaks much of the 90s also, the decade of Girl Power.

Patrick Swayze's character is calmly masculine, though he still moves like the dancer he was in real life. Between young Demi and athletic Patrick, the flesh-bearing scenes abound, and one in particular in which a cuddling, fondling Patrick and Demi sit at a spinning wheel, caressing an unformed mound of clay, has passed into pop culture cinematic legend.

'Ghost' offers a few interesting plot devices to keep the story moving. Not only has Sam Wheat been killed by his best friend, who's putting the moves on Molly, but much of the movie follows Sam as he navigates the Great In Between world, a sort of purgatory-prison full of restless spirits who have unfinished business. He practices walking through walls and enlists the help of a fake psychic, Oda Mae, played by Whoopi Goldberg. Oda Mae successfully assists Sam, redeeming her own sketchy past in the process.

Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on ViiKii
1 Season, 20 Episodes
May 30, 2012
Action & Adventure, Comedy, Korean Drama, Mystery
Cast: Ji-seob So, Yeon-hee Lee, Do-won Kwak, Ha-yoon Song
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Ghost Full Episode Guide

  • Crucial evidence is found, which reveals CEO Jo Hyun Min at the death of Nam Sang Won.

  • Ki Young confesses his murder aid of Nam Sang Won in order to make a testimony of Jo Hyun Min¡?s murder, for Ki Young believes that is what Woo Hyun must have done.

  • Upon hearing from Kim Woo Hyun's father that Woo Hyun was trying to reveal the truth, Park Gi Young, Inspector Yoo Kang Mi and Senior Inspector Kwon Hyuk Joo go to Woo Hyun's house to retrieve evidence.

  • As soon as Cho Hyun Min leaves the True Story office, Park Gi Young (a.k.a Kim Woo Hyun) receives a call from Senior Inspector Kwon Hyuk Joo with an urgent message to evacuate the office immediately.

  • One by one, people connected to the Se Kang Group Political Slush Fund File is turning up dead

  • Yeom Jae Hee, Cho Hyun Min's henchman and right-hand assassin, has been found dead in the interrogation of the very National Police Agency itself.

  • With Detective Han murdered, the Cyber Crime Investigation team members are doing the best to uncover the truth behind the tragedy.

  • As Gi Young (a.k.a Woo Hyun) suspects Detective Han to be an accomplice of the Phantom, he backtracks from his main house in order to track down Detective Han.

  • It is revealed that Cho Jae Min, the newly elected Vice-Chairman of Se Kang Group and the cousin of Cho Hyun Min, the Phantom, is framed for the murder of Nam Sang Won by hands unknown.

  • Gi Young (a.k.a Woo Hyun) visits the enigmatic Villa no. 15, a heavily watched property under the ownership of the Se Kang conglomerate group.

  • The investigation at SeongYeon High School comes to a dead end as the investigators are faced with the dilemma of finding out the relation between the two murder victims.

  • With the serial murder case ended in the death of the murderer, Gi Young, a.k.a. Woo Hyun, is faced with a new challenge protecting the Se Kang Securities, a major Korean investment firm, which had received a DDoS attack from an obscure hand.

  • The hacker team has finally gotten through all the defenses employed by the government of the Republic of Korea, and the country's life is literally paralyzed as electric supply has shut down across the whole nation.

  • With the serial murder case ended in the death of the murderer, Gi Young, a.k.a. Woo Hyun, is faced with a new challenge protecting the Se Kang Securities, a major Korean investment firm, which had received a DDoS attack..

  • A year has passed, and Park Gi Young, now newly reborn as his deceased friend Kim Woo Hyun, is briefed and prepared by Inspector Yoo Kang Mi on basics of impersonating Woo Hyun.

  • Kim Woo Hyun discovers that Park Gi Young, his Police Academy colleague, is deeply connected to Shin Hyo Jeong's murder case.

  • Kim Woo Hyun is a head investigator in the Cyber Investigation Bureau of Republic of Korea.

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