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  • TV-14
  • 2004
  • 1 Season
  • 7.1  (1,354)

Gundam SEED Destiny, or Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, is a sequel series to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. SEED Destiny takes place two years after the conclusion of SEED, with the plot focusing on Shinn, a Coordinator soldier of the ZAFT organization. The series examines Shinn's role, as well as the role of several new and returning characters, during the build-up and engagement of a new war between the Coordinators, humans born on colonies in space, and the Naturals, humans born on the planet Earth. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny comprises 50 half-hour episodes, as well as four compilation films.

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The Final Power
51. The Final Power
October 1, 2005
Kira in the Strike Freedom is confronted by Rey in the Legend. Meanwhile, Athrun in the Infinite Justice battles Lunamaria in the Impulse and Shinn in the Destiny. Requiem is destroyed in a joint effort of the Infinite Justice and Mu in the Akatsuki. The combined efforts of the Archangel and the Infinite Justice, damage the Minerva, causing it to crash onto the Moon. Durandal and Kira confront each other in the collapsing Messiah. Durandal is shot by Rey, and Captain Gladys orders Kira to leave as she, Rey and Durandal are killed when the Messiah falls to the Moon surface. The Second Bloody Valentine War ends
50. Rey
September 24, 2005
Summary is not available.
To a New World
49. To a New World
September 17, 2005
Chairman Durandal calls for the implementation of the "Destiny Plan", which is supposed to decide the fate of each individual on a genetic level. Only the Orb Union, the Kingdom of Scandinavia, and the Atlantic Federation reject this plan. ZAFT repairs Requiem and fires it at the Earth Alliance lunar base of Arzachel, killing the President of the Atlantic Federation. Terminal forces head towards Relay Station 1 of Requiem.
48. Meer
September 10, 2005
A funeral is held for Meer on the Archangel. Athrun, Kira, Lacus, and Meyrin read Meer's diary and learn why she had aided Durandal.
The Song of Truth
47. The Song of Truth
September 3, 2005
While gathering intelligence under the guise of a shopping trip at Copernicus City, Lacus receives a message from Meer, who is afraid of being killed. Though Athrun and Meyrin insists it is a trap, Lacus decides to meet Meer anyway. The would-be assassins are killed, but Meer is mortally wounded.
Prelude to Revolution
46. Prelude to Revolution
August 27, 2005
After the attack on the PLANTs by the Requiem, the Orb forces begin their preparations to leave Earth. ZAFT begins their assault on Requiem and the Minerva is sent to the front lines. Lunamaria is given the task of destroying Requiem's controls while the Destiny, the Legend, and Minerva divert the enemy's attention away from her. The Destiny and the Impulse destroy Requiem's controls. Djibril attempts an escape on the Girty Lue, but Rey discovers him and destroys the Girty Lue. Cagalli parts with the crew of the Archangel and watches the ship leave for the Moon.
Two Lacuses
45. Two Lacuses
August 20, 2005
Summary is not available.
The Counter-Attacking Voice
44. The Counter-Attacking Voice
August 13, 2005
Summary is not available.
With Freedom & Justice
43. With Freedom & Justice
August 6, 2005
As the attack on Orb continues, Cagalli faces off against Shinn. She is saved by the timely arrival of Kira who descended from space with Lacus. Shinn is forced to retreat to resupply. While Kira continues to destroy ZAFT forces, Lacus shows Athrun the ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice and gives him the decision to choose whether he wishes to stay away from the battle or become a soldier again and fight for what he believes in.
42. Refrain
July 30, 2005
Summary is not available.
Golden Intentions
41. Golden Intentions
July 23, 2005
Summary is not available.
Kira of the Sky
40. Kira of the Sky
July 16, 2005
After the Eternal learns Durandal's true motives, the ship is discovered by ZAFT forces and a battle ensues. Kira helps them with the Strike Rouge and reunites with Lacus. He then receives the new ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom from Lacus and disables the ZAFT units and ships chasing the Eternal with ease.
A New Flag
39. A New Flag
July 9, 2005
ZAFT and their allies attack Heaven's Base, and despite their great numbers, their forces are weakened by the new Logos weapon Nibelung and five Destroy units. The situation changes when the three mobile suits of the Minerva launch and decimate the Logos forces. Djibril flees the base before its surrender
The Thundering Darkness
38. The Thundering Darkness
July 2, 2005
Summary is not available.
Athrun Escapes
37. Athrun Escapes
June 25, 2005
Summary is not available.
Chaos Ahead
36. Chaos Ahead
June 18, 2005
Summary is not available.
35. Nightmare
June 11, 2005
The PLANT Supreme Council supports Chairman Durandal's new policy, while ZAFT military headquarters issues orders for the Minerva to destroy the Archangel. Shinn defeats Kira and destroys the Freedom. The Archangel is apparently destroyed.
A Revelation to the World
34. A Revelation to the World
June 4, 2005
Summary is not available.
33. Stellar
May 28, 2005
Both the Minerva and Archangel try to stop the Destroy, but Shinn hesitates when Neo tells him that Stella is the pilot. Kira blows up the Destroy, fatally wounding Stella and angering Shinn. Meanwhile, Captain Ramius encounters the defeated Neo.
The Endless Night
32. The Endless Night
May 21, 2005
Rey and Shinn are arrested, but Chairman Durandal orders the charges dropped. Stella is given the GFAS-X1 Destroy mobile armor, and levels three cities, including Berlin.
Instant Dream
31. Instant Dream
May 14, 2005
Summary is not available.
30. Fates
May 7, 2005
Chairman Durandal muses about how Kira and Lacus met and their relationship. The episode also shows parts of the Chairman's own relationship with Talia Gladys and his motives. This episode is largely composed of footage from Gundam SEED.
The Remaining Life, The Fallen Life
29. The Remaining Life, The Fallen Life
April 30, 2005
Summary is not available.
Unreaching Feelings
28. Unreaching Feelings
April 23, 2005
Summary is not available.
27. Promise
April 16, 2005
Summary is not available.
Place of Sin
26. Place of Sin
April 9, 2005
The abandoned facility turns out to be the place that creates the Extended pilots. The truth about this creation and the bodies they find traumatizes every ZAFT personnel tasked with securing the facility. The three Phantom Pain pilots hear of ZAFT at the lost facility, causing Auel to snap, and Stella to go berserk in her mobile suit, and heads to the facility on her own in an attempt to "protect mother". Shinn, with the help of Athrun, takes down her machine.
Disagreeing Glances
25. Disagreeing Glances
April 2, 2005
Summary is not available.
The Shadow of War
24. The Shadow of War
March 26, 2005
Cagalli intervenes and orders the Orb forces to stand down. But Yuna orders the Orb forces to attack to begin a three way battle. Kira's interference agitates the other pilots as he disables mobile suits on both sides, making him the prime target of Heine and Stella. As Stella charges to attack the Freedom, she kills Heine in the process.
Sword of the Azure Skies
23. Sword of the Azure Skies
March 19, 2005
The Minerva comes under attack again. But this time the Earth Alliance Forces are being assisted by the Orb forces. Seeing that they are cornered Captain Gladys orders the Minerva to fire the Tannhäuser. The Archangel arrives. So has the arrival of the Freedom gundam which is piloted by Kira Yamato.
Wandering Eyes
22. Wandering Eyes
March 12, 2005
Shinn meets a girl named Stella Loussier, who fell off a cliff while dancing and seems to have no past. He jumps into the water to save her, also seeing she goes out of control from hearing the word "die". He assumes she suffers from trauma possibly from a war. They shelter in a cave, because Stella can not swim, and get to know each other, with Athrun rescuing them later on.
21. Past
March 5, 2005
A recap episode explaining the events of the series and part of unexplained events in Orb from Gundam SEED, from Shinn Asuka's point of view.
Unseen Truth
20. Unseen Truth
February 26, 2005
Summary is not available.
Attack the Lohengrin!
19. Attack the Lohengrin!
February 19, 2005
The Minerva must destroy a fixed positron cannon emplacement to break through to Gibraltar. Though hesitant at first after meeting Shinn, they are helped by a young resistance fighter named Coniel, who provides data of a secret tunnel that will lead near the positron cannon. The Minerva and the other ZAFT forces draw out the Earth Alliance mobile suits and mobile armor while Shinn heads through the tunnel and destroys the cannon.
A Warrior's Quallifications
18. A Warrior's Quallifications
February 12, 2005
Summary is not available.
Deadly Struggle in the Indian Ocean
17. Deadly Struggle in the Indian Ocean
February 5, 2005
As the Minerva leaves Carpentaria, it is attacked by Phantom Pain. During the battle, Shinn discovers the construction of a hidden Earth Alliance base who are oppressing the local citizens. He destroys the base to free the citizens, killing the fleeing soldiers. Back on the Minerva, Athrun slaps Shinn and tells him to use his power more properly.
Return to the Battlefield
15. Return to the Battlefield
January 22, 2005
Athrun is reinstated in the ZAFT military and appointed to FAITH. He is given the Saviour mobile suit and assigned to the Minerva. Captain Gladys is also appointed to FAITH, which creates something of a conflict in the command structure; Athrun and she now have more or less equal rank and strategic authority.
The Departure towards Tomorrow
14. The Departure towards Tomorrow
January 15, 2005
Kira and friends discuss matters about the PLANTs during the aftermath of the assassination attempt. During that time, they are informed that Cagalli will be marrying Yuna Roma Seiran. Kira decides to use the Freedom to abduct Cagalli from the ceremony, returning to the Archangel. Yuna orders Cagalli's immediate capture. Instead, Colonel Todaka salutes while letting the Archangel submerge into the ocean.
Revived Wings
13. Revived Wings
January 8, 2005
While the Minerva crew praises Shinn for his incredible fight, Orb joins the Earth Alliance much to Cagalli's abhorrence. Meanwhile, Kira and his friends are attacked by Coordinators who attempt to assassinate Lacus using the new UMF/SSO-3 ASH mobile suits. Kira reactivates the Freedom to protect the woman he loves. Although he only disables the enemy mobile suits, the assassins activate self-destruct mechanisms for their mobile suits.
The Blood-Stained Sea
12. The Blood-Stained Sea
December 25, 2004
The Minerva leaves Orb but an Earth Alliance fleet awaits them right outside Orb territorial waters. The Minerva is forced to break through, since Orb will not let them return. The situation worsens when the Earth Alliance deploys its new prototype mobile armor, but thanks to Shinn's SEED factor, he causes heavy damage to the Earth Alliance's fleet, and ultimately, their retreat. Meanwhile, Athrun rejoins ZAFT.
The Chosen Path
11. The Chosen Path
December 25, 2004
Cagalli tries to prevent her country from joining the Earth Alliance but the Orb council, especially the Seiran family, is against her wish to stay neutral. In the PLANTs, Athrun meets Yzak and Dearka and remembers the past while ZAFT prepares to send troops to Earth. The Minerva is warned by Andrew Waltfeld that they should leave Orb at once, because the country will ally itself with the Earth Alliance soon.
Father's Curse
10. Father's Curse
December 18, 2004
Athrun talks with Gilbert Durandal about the attack on the PLANTs and what his plans are. Because the people in the PLANTs are outraged, a Lacus look-alike hired by Gilbert Durandal calms the people. Athrun decides to do something and Durandal shows him the new ZGMF-X23S Saviour and offers him the chance to become its pilot. Afterwards Athrun meets the fake Lacus again, Meer Campbell.
Prideful Fang
9. Prideful Fang
December 11, 2004
The Earth Alliance blames the PLANTs for the fall of Junius Seven and orders the PLANTs to disarm while they secretly prepare for an attack. In response, the PLANTs prepares their defenses. A battle starts between the two forces which almost ends in the destruction of the PLANTs when the Earth Alliance uses their new GAT-04 Windams armed with nuclear weapons. However, thanks to a new weapon, the attack is thwarted. Meanwhile, Athrun meets Gilbert Durandal.
8. Junction
December 4, 2004
The Minerva enters Orb where the ship is to be repaired. While this takes place Talia Gladys meets with Maria Bernes; also known as Murrue Ramius. Meanwhile, the Orb government is considering an alliance with the Earth Alliance much to Cagalli's dismay. Athrun meets Kira and Lacus. Athrun and Kira discuss what he witnessed in the ruins of Junius Seven and how he plans to go to the PLANTs. Shinn visits a memorial at Orb and meets Kira and Lacus.
Land of Confusion
7. Land of Confusion
November 27, 2004
The Minerva uses its Tannhauser cannon to destroy the large debris but hundreds of small pieces descend towards Earth and destroy cities while causing heavy damage and numerous casualties. Meanwhile, Shinn saves Athrun and they both land safely on the Minerva, which has entered the atmosphere. After the incident ZAFT provides aid to the damaged Earth, while the Minerva crew is informed about what the terrorists had said. The Minerva then heads towards Orb.
The World's Final Hour
6. The World's Final Hour
November 20, 2004
Summary is not available.
The Scar that Doesn't Heal
5. The Scar that Doesn't Heal
November 13, 2004
ZAFT soldiers loyal to Patrick Zala set Junius Seven on a collision course for Earth. Tensions rise between Cagalli and Shinn due to Shinn blaming the Athha family for his family's death. Meanwhile, Lord Djibril and Logos leaders decide to use the Junius Seven incident to destroy the PLANTs. While Yzak Joule and his squad plan to destroy Junius Seven's debris, they are confronted by GINN High Maneuver II units.
Battlefield of Stardust
4. Battlefield of Stardust
November 6, 2004
While the Minerva battles the Girty Lue, the Minerva pilots fight against the stolen ZAFT prototypes in the Debris Belt. Even though it looks bad for the ZAFT forces at first, they are able to overwhelm the enemy thanks to Athrun's plan.
Ominous Gunfire
3. Ominous Gunfire
October 23, 2004
Summary is not available.
Those who Call Out for Battle
2. Those who Call Out for Battle
October 16, 2004
The battle at Armory One continues. Athrun helps Shinn in a ZAKU but fails to harm the three prototypes. Meanwhile, a Mirage Colloid cloaked ship attacks the colony, commanded by a mysterious masked man who pilots a new mobile armor.
Enraged Eyes
1. Enraged Eyes
October 9, 2004
Two years after the First Bloody Valentine War, Cagalli Yula Athha and "Alex Dino" (Athrun Zala acting as Cagalli's bodyguard) meet PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal at the new PLANT, Armory One, to discuss important matters. At the same time, three unknown individuals infiltrate Armory One and steal three new ZAFT mobile suits. They are confronted by pilot Shinn Asuka in the ZGMF-X56S Impulse

Gundam SEED Destiny, or Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, is a sequel series to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. SEED Destiny takes place two years after the conclusion of SEED, with the plot focusing on Shinn, a Coordinator soldier of the ZAFT organization. The series examines Shinn's role, as well as the role of several new and returning characters, during the build-up and engagement of a new war between the Coordinators, humans born on colonies in space, and the Naturals, humans born on the planet Earth.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny comprises 50 half-hour episodes, as well as four compilation films.

  • Premiere Date
    October 9, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (1,354)