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GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey is a fully immersive host-driven television series focusing on weapons and weapons technology past, present and future. The Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, will get a chance to scratch his itchy trigger-finger as he plays with some fabulous weapons and weaponized vehicles, and consults with some top-notch experts. And, as only The Gunny can do, he will show our audience the way in his famous indomitable style when it comes to the world's most fabulous weaponry.

GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on April 15, 2015.

GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Wednesday 7:00 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
3 Seasons, 33 Episodes
April 15, 2015
Action & Adventure, Drama, Reality, Travel
Cast: R. Lee Ermey
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GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey Full Episode Guide

  • The Gunny takes a deep-dive into the armory and emerges with antiquity and obscurity; a true icon of bygone days, a gun as famous in name as any in modern times-the Gatling Gun.

  • The Gunny gets his first look at some next generation weapons that'll make your trigger finger itchy: the FosTecH Origin-12 shotgun and the MK-47 Mutant from CMMG; make way for some man-made monster mayhem.

  • The Gunny goes toe-to-toe with some killer robots, armed with two futuristic bullpups - the Tavor 21 and X95; the Gunny and Team GLOCK Captain, Shane Coley, get hands-on in the highly anticipated debut of GLOCK's Gen5, G17 and G19 pistols.

  • The Gunny grips and rips with some real veterans of the fight: the Russian RP46, and a dynamic duo of American mechanized military might-the M1919 A4 Browning machine gun mounted on a 1943 Ford GPW.

  • The Gunny goes arm and arm with the Russian PPS 43 submachine gun and the American M1 and M2 carbines. If necessity is the mother of invention, then get ready to meet the kids.

  • The Gunny gets his hands on the M230 Bushmaster chain gun by Orbital ATK, mounted on an LC79 and a couple of Oshkosh JLTVs to demonstrate how this autocannon has become a sublime spectacle and a standard of modern military warfare.

  • The Gunny goes back to World War II on a world tour of military metal; the FM24/29 Light Machine Gun; the Owen Submachine gun.

  • The Gunny and his friends challenge the mighty mythic power of Thor with two superb Swedish-made weapons, the Swedish K and Kulspruta M36 Machine Guns. Watch as they drop the hammer and roll the thunder over the badlands of the Arizona desert.

  • The Gunny and Orbital ATK demonstrate the magnificent firepower of the Stretched MK-44 Bushmaster chain gun, mounted on a LAV3; witnessing the fury and deployable devastation of a host of badass projectiles.

  • The Gunny is back aboard the USS Makin Island, exploring more of the ship's advanced weaponry alongside the Navy's top weapons specialists; Gunny finds the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System, or CIWS; close quarters flight ops.

  • The Gunny goes back aboard the USS Makin Island, exploring more of the ship's advanced weaponry alongside the Navy's top weapons specialists; Gunny finds true love on the fantail, falling for a sweet 20mm heartbreaker.

  • Up close and personal with the USS Makin Island crew (LHD-8) as they test some weapons.

  • The Gunny and Kenton Tucker take a spin in Kenton's Vietnam era MUTT Jeep, complete with a Ma Deuce between the seats, in a trip down memory lane. Then, The Gunny and his buddy Gary Archer chew the fat about the "Lamborghini" of iconic submachine guns.

  • The Gunny and Craig Sawman Sawyer take aim with the FN SCAR; Sawman with a surprise return.

  • The Gunny and Pete Sherayko take a trip back to the old Wild West, and check out a couple of the most legendary pistols of the period, the models 1877 and 1878 Colt revolvers. Then they break out the long guns and have a blast with a couple of 1881 Marlin rifles. Later, counter-terrorism expert and former Israeli Special Forces Operative Aaron Cohen drops in with a couple buddies to demonstrate how they serve a high-risk terrorist warrant in the Middle East.

  • The Gunny and Craig "Sawman" Sawyer take aim with the FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle), and they punch through a block wall to take out some rogue melons. Then, legendary Vietnam sniper Ed Eaton swings through, and the Gunny and Ed remind us just how destructive they can be with battle-tested M14. Later, Sawman makes a surprise return and joins the party with a brand new M2

  • The Gunny makes fast friends with Captain John Kleinheinz of the Maricopa County SWAT Team and talks all things SWAT, from the units that make up a SWAT Team, to the inner workings of the team. Later, the rest of the hard charging Maricopa County SWAT Team meet The Gunny at the shoot house and make fast work out of a hostile watermelon hostage situation. An explosive demonstration of proper proced

  • The Gunny and weapons expert Kenton Tucker, get together to talk about the famous Finnish Lahti Anti-Tank gun, and see if it's as anti-tank as it's cracked up to be. Then, Barry Becker from Military Systems Group, brings a fully modified SOCOM Humvee with multiple mounted guns out to the range, where The Gunny and friends sling some serious lead.

  • The Gunny and Team Glock Captain Shane Coley hit the range with the Glock 19 with the new Modular Optic System to show off the recent modifications and put the pistol through its paces. Then, Kirsten Joy Weiss drops by with the bunker busting M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher from Milkor USA.

  • The Gunny invites 3-time USPSA National Champion Tori Nonaka out to the range to breeze through some rounds with the Mauser M17 'Schnellfeuer' Pistol. Then, federal agent Dale Shelton comes to the case, to investigate three prohibition era gangster guns that had a generation shaking in their wingtips: the 1921 Thompson sub machine gun, fully-auto modified Colt 1911, and the Browning Automatic Rifl

  • The Gunny and the crew from Dillon Aero hit the skies in a Bell UH1 Iroquois Vietnam era Huey, complete with a mounted Dillon Minigun.