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Based on a British show of the same name, chef Paul Patranella and his friend Bill Allen tour the United States sampling the local culture and the best food from regional chefs. Patranella is a former White House Chef and while Allen is a chef, he's mostly just on the show for the laughs.

The two men ride their motorcycles from town to town and manage to hit everything from a Garlic Festival to a Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest. The two chefs have a great chemistry and the show is as much about laughs as it is about the food.

History Channel
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 10, 2011
Cast: Simon King, David Myers
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Hairy Bikers Full Episode Guide

  • The bikers are in Maine and hop aboard the boat of a lifelong lobsterman who shows them a typical day's work. Back on land, the boys go digging for clams in muddy flats and throw down a traditional beachfront seafood bake with a local chef.

  • Bill and Paul indulge in the pioneer spirit of Kentucky where squirrel season is starting. After capturing a few, the bikers hit the Bourbon Trail and Maker's Mark distillery puts them to work churning out Kentucky's signature Bourbon whiskey. They join up with a group of local bikers and learn that the best way to cook up squirrel is the wild frontiersman stew called Burgoo.

  • Bill and Paul set out for some nighttime spear fishing and beach-side pan-frying in South Carolina. Later they take a little history trip when they harvest rice from an old plantation's paddies and bring all the ingredients with them to an underground dinner party thrown by a secret culinary group called Guerrilla Cuisine.

  • Bill and Paul roll into Jackson, Mississippi where the soul food culture is famous for making use of every part of the pig. Many favorite local dishes are made from the least expensive parts... including skin, ears, feet, intestines and stomach. They bikers learn the secret to a famous Pig Ear sandwich and visit a local pig butcher to break down a pig and make their traditional Hog Head Sauce. Finally, they join the 50th Anniversary celebration of "Jackson's original soul food restaurant," where they fry up some pig feet and help the crew make a delicious batch of hogmaws (pig stomach) and chitlins (pig intestines.)

  • The men are in North Carolina, where they tour the Great Smoky Mountains; learn to eat roadkill; and forage for wild mushrooms.

  • Deep in Gator Country on the Florida panhandle, Bill and Paul are on a quest for alligators using a crossbow. They will cook them up later for dinner with the locals. The boys then roll out of the swamp and into a nest of bees, where a beekeeper shows them the process of harvesting the rare and coveted Tupelo Honey. Ultimately, they join a redneck tailgate party, to learn the secret to cooking a chicken on a beer can and try to use the technique on their fresh-caught gator!

  • Bill and Paul arrive in Corpus Christi, Texas where the locals are obsessed with extreme breakfast tacos. Next, they cruise into Aransas Pass on the opening day of shrimp season.

  • Bill and Paul ride into their hometown of Bryan-College Station Texas, where the town is being over run by wild boars. They head out on a night hunt with state-of-the-art military-grade equipment and Bill bags a big pig. Next they visit a true Texas cowboy who shows them the secret to cooking pig in a make-shift oven buried in the ground.

  • Bill and Paul cruise into Houston where there's a growing subculture of chiliheads who test their taste buds and push the limits of pain by eating some of the hottest peppers in the world. The bikers set out to find and eat the hottest peppers around. Their atomic adventure takes them to a world class chili pepper farm---a local small town butcher and in the end they hook up with a group of heat seeking maniacs to see just how much "heat" they can handle in an Ultra-hot Chili Burger Challenge.

  • Bill and Paul roll into central Oklahoma just as the winter wheat harvest is about to begin. They learn how to drive combines, harvest wheat and turn it into beer. Bill is tricked into eating a local legendary dish made from lamb testicles. And finally, they are led by a group of fellow bikers to an old gold mining town where all that remains is a restaurant known for serving up the best burger in the state.

  • Rolling into the muggy swamplands of southern Louisiana, the bikers set out to turn a pest problem into a delicious dish. They climb aboard a fan-boat to join the hunt for a large invasive river rat called Nutria. Once they've bagged a bunch of the rodents, a small-town Cajun legend helps the boys turn their catch into spicy Andouille sausage. Then they take their new bounty to a legendary Jambalaya festival with the hopes that their Nutria Andouille will give them an edge!

  • Paul Patranella is a 4-star, classically trained French chef who loves motorcycles. Bill Allen, a renowned motorcycle mechanic, is passionate about food. These two long-time friends know that food is the ticket to the American experience and motorcycling is the only way to get there. In this episode, Bill and Paul arrive in Central, Arkansas on the opening day of frog gigging season. They learn how to spear bullfrogs with a stick and cook them up on the side of the river banks. They also learn the secret to a famous BBQ sauce and in the end, they throw down with a group of Dutch Oven fanatics called: The Redneck Gourmets.

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