Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

The new reality television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is a spin off of the hit television show Toddlers & Tiaras. The shows stars Alana Thompson as "Honey Boo Boo", her Dad "Sugar Bear", her mom June "The Coupon Queen", and her sisters. Honey Boo Boo's self-confidence and personality won over an audience.

The reality show is all about Alana's life as a 6 year old beauty pageant sensation and how she is more than just your average beauty queen. Whenever Alana's not trying to win the crown, she is hanging out with her family in Georgia doing the things they do best. Picking up roadkill for their food and four-wheeling through various mud pits.

Each episode follows the young lady's life with her family, but the most appealing thing about the show is her amazing personality and hilarious ways. Unlike the other girls from Toddlers & Tiaras with overly obsessive parents, this young girl is actually passionate about beauty pageants. The funny name, Honey Boo Boo, was a nickname that she gave herself.

You will also hear her say, "A dolla makes me Holla" often throughout the reality show, as it is her catch phrase. Alana Thompson's beauty pageants happen to not be the main plot of the show, as it is more about her family's redneck ways. The Thompson family regularly buys cheese balls in bulk, pork rinds, and believe that passing gas is a smart strategy when losing weight.

The family's antics and Alana's beauty pageant ambitions really makes the show highly interesting. Alana usually gets into arguments with her sisters despite the reason of those arguments not being so big.

Alana is smart, sassy, and sometimes talks with a bit of sarcasm, which definitely suits her over confident personality. She is the youngest out of four sisters and is the most energetic out of the bunch. Her family is very supportive of her beauty pageants and her Mother also does her best to make Alana look her best at every pageant.

When Alana doesn't win a pageant, she doesn't really take it that badly compared to other girls. In one episode, she buys a pet teacup pig after she lost, and told her sisters that she will dress him up in female clothes. This is her way in comforting herself, and regardless of how strange it may seem, Honey Boo Boo is still highly loved around the world.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
4 Seasons, 61 Episodes
August 8, 2012
Cast: Alana Thompson, June Shannon, Jessica Shannon, Lauryn Shannon
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Full Episode Guide

  • June's control over Anna's wedding sparks contention just days before the big day. A quirky party distracts Anna, but leads to a bit of awkwardness. The long-awaited wedding arrives and the new family packs up and kisses Georgia goodbye.

  • With the wedding just around the corner, June tries to take control of the final decoration plans. Sugar Bear and pals take Michael fishing to initiate him into manhood, but only after he and Alana give taxidermy a try. A final picnic leaves June holding onto Anna.

  • The girls decide to shake things up for Sugar Bear and Mama June. Anna's wedding is just around the corner as the bridesmaids dress sizes cause drama, but Anna's about to drop an even bigger bomb.

  • After Jessica breaks up with her boyfriend, she and her best girlfriend Carle decide to go to prom together. Tension escalates between Anna and June over the wedding details. The family throws Anna a surprise wrestling themed wedding shower.

  • It's Spring break and the girls are bored. After making a "redneck hot tub" in the back of a pickup truck, June and Sugar Bear take the family away to a houseboat vacation and invite Anna, Michael, and Kaitlyn to join in on some quality family time.

  • June and Sugar Bear decide their home needs a little makeover. The girls paint their walls, June agrees to get waxed, and the family says "goodbye" to their old couch.

  • After the family is in a car accident, June stays with Pumpkin in the hospital. At home, Sugar Bear, Jessica and Alana enjoy Mama's absence. Anna and Michael get matching tattoos.

  • June rents Alana a goat from a farm. Meanwhile, Sugar Bear purchases personal items for him and June to use in the bedroom and bribes Jessica and Pumpkin to be quiet.

  • Anna's vision for a flashy wedding is dashed when June accompanies the couple to a potential venue. Meanwhile, Sugar Bear hunts for riches in the yard using a metal detector and makes a shocking discovery.

  • Without Anna and Kaitlyn around, the family rarely spends time together. Alana hopes that their love for food will reunite them, but her efforts fall flat. Their only hope could be found in the mud.

  • Counting down the Top 10 Summer Moments.

  • Sugar Bear attempts to use June's love of couponing to his advantage. The sisters engage in a "be nice" contest in an effort to win the spare room. Little do they know the contest is rigged.

  • Sugar Bear is sick in bed with stress from all of June's nagging.

  • In the season premiere, a life-size Mario Lopez cut-out fails to boost birthday girl June's spirits after Anna and Kaitlyn move out. Now that her time is freed up, she works at the bakery, leaving Sugar Bear alone to become a domestic housewife.

  • Watch the enhanced episode of Yodega.

  • Watch the enhanced episode of Bingo Face.

  • Alana reflects on her favorite summer moments.

  • Overwhelmed by stress, Sugar Bear tries to relax and get back on track.

  • Enhanced episode: June's "b*tching" and nagging overwhelms Sugar Bear, so he gives "yodega" a try.

  • June discovers Pumpkin has a secret and confronts her about it; the girls head to an amusement park; Sugar Bear tries parenting his way; June and Sugar Bear have a double date at a drag nightclub; the family visits Anna and baby Kaitlyn.

  • With less than seven days until the New Year, the family works hard to complete last year's New Year's Revolutions. Meanwhile, Anna's boyfriend Michael plots to get the whole family involved in a proposal.

  • With Halloween just around the corner, it's time for more tricks than treats. Later, the family comes up with "klever" costumes for candy collecting.

  • Kaitlyn turns one and Anna must decide whether Kaitlyn should undergo surgery to have her third thumb removed. Ever since Kaitlyn's arrival, Alana has been feeling left out so June takes her out for some bonding time.

  • The girls' potty mouths warrant the need for a swear jar. Meanwhile, Anna thinks she wants to go to culinary school, so her family dares her to make a chicken pot pie. Alana becomes her assistant.

  • A hesitant June agrees to couples therapy with Sugar Bear. While the folks are dealing with relationship stuff, the girls amuse themselves with ice blocking and exploding soda bottles.

  • With little room left in the house, June asks the family for their new house wish-list. Later, the family heads to the Blueberry Festival, where Alana competes in a blueberry pie-eating contest.

  • After Alana and Pumpkin dig a hole in the front yard, June makes a proposal to buy them a pool if they work for it. June and Sugar Bear lay down the dating rules, so Jessica has to settle for a group date with her boyfriend and the entire family chaperoning.

  • The RV Familymoon continues with a stop at the beach for the girls' first surf lesson. Sugar Bear puts the Honey back in Familymoon when he whisks June away for some alone time. Before heading home, the family enjoys a real Southern meal... ordering everything!

  • June and Sugar Bear failed to go on a honeymoon after their Commitment Ceremony, so they decide to hit the road in their RV with their family for a "familymoon."

  • June and Sugar Bear have painfully awkward sex talks with the older girls and their boyfriends. Meanwhile, Alana feels isolated and begins to search for a new hobby.

  • Sugar Bear wants more man space so he gets a Man Camper, aka a Manper. While Sugar Bear enjoys his Manper, Pumpkin gives the girls a spa experience. Later, the family reunites for a trip to the Redneck Games.

  • Alana showcases Never Boo-fore Seen moments in this exciting special! Plus, June and Sugar Bear get personal in couples therapy and the family reveals TMI. You'll also get a sneak peek at the behind the scenes.

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