Hitched or Ditched

After planning a wedding, some couples find that they might be getting married while others find that they will get ditched before the big day or at the altar. The couples face decisions in their lives that involve other relationships as well as issues with each other.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on The CW
1 Season, 6 Episodes
May 26, 2009
Cast: Anissa, Suzy Brack, Brian Bradbury, Peter Buitenhek
Hitched or Ditched

Hitched or Ditched Full Episode Guide

  • An interracial North Carolina couple who have been dating for 10 years must decide whether to get married or end their relationship.

  • A Chicago couple who've been dating over four years now must decide whether to wed or break it off for good. The would-be bride has dreams of moving to Los Angeles and become a model and actress, whereas the groom wants to remain in Chicago and remain in his job as a sales executive.

  • Despite their families being against this relationship, a New Jersey couple who have dated for two years now must decide whether they are ready to get married or split for good.

  • A San Diego couple who have been dating for three years are given an invitation to their own wedding. The bride-to-be struggles with issues concerning her family, while the groom tries to convince everyone that his playboy days are over. Also: An ex-boyfriend crashes the bachelorette party.

  • A Boston couple receive an invitation to their own wedding and are challenged to marry in one week or separate. The would-be groom tries to convince the bride's family that his playboy days are in the past.

  • A friend of an engaged couple in Charlotte sends them an invitation to their own wedding. While the bride has a problem giving up her independence, she finally gives in, and the jealous groom decides to crash her bachelorette party.

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