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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

Hitler: The Definitive Guide is an insightful and informative documentary series that explores the life and legacy of one of the most infamous figures in modern history: Adolf Hitler. Produced by the Discovery Channel, the show features in-depth analysis, eyewitness accounts, rare archival footage, and expert interviews to provide a comprehensive look at the rise and fall of the Nazi dictator.

The show is divided into several episodes, each focusing on a different aspect of Hitler's life and career. The first episode, for example, explores his early years as an aspiring artist, his experiences in World War I, and the events that led to his emergence as a political figure in the aftermath of Germany's defeat. In subsequent episodes, the show delves into Hitler's ideology, his relationship with the Nazi party, his ascent to power, his role in the Holocaust and World War II, and his ultimate downfall.

One of the most impressive aspects of Hitler: The Definitive Guide is its use of primary sources to bring history to life. The show features rare footage and photographs from the period, as well as interviews with scholars and experts who offer unique insights into Hitler's personality, motivations, and actions. The series also includes interviews with survivors of the Holocaust, who recount their experiences and provide a powerful reminder of the human cost of Hitler's policies.

In addition to its use of primary sources, the show also benefits from its well-paced and engaging narrative. Each episode tells a compelling story, often featuring a mix of historical context and personal anecdotes that make the material accessible to viewers of all backgrounds. The show is also visually stunning, with expertly crafted reconstructions and high-quality graphics that help to illustrate the complex relationships and events that shaped Hitler's career.

While Hitler: The Definitive Guide is certainly not an easy watch, it is an important and timely one. In an era where nationalism, xenophobia, and authoritarianism are on the rise, the show serves as a reminder of the dangers of political extremism and the importance of standing up to hate and bigotry. By exploring the life and career of one of history's most infamous figures, the show invites viewers to reflect on the lessons of the past and consider how they can be applied to the present.

Overall, Hitler: The Definitive Guide is a powerful and thought-provoking series that offers an unforgettable look at one of the darkest chapters in human history. Combining expert analysis, rare footage, and personal testimony, the show provides a unique and in-depth perspective on the life and legacy of Adolf Hitler. Whether you are a student of history or simply interested in understanding the roots of modern extremism, this series is an essential watch that is sure to leave a lasting impact.

Hitler: The Definitive Guide is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on February 9, 2017.

Hitler: The Definitive Guide
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The Downfall
6. The Downfall
March 16, 2017
Exploring Hitler's mental and physical decline as he was forced to confront inevitable defeat in the depths of his bunker in Berlin.
The Monster
5. The Monster
March 9, 2017
As the tide of war turns against Hitler, he accelerates the holocaust and sacrifices millions of lives on the eastern front, while retreating into drug addiction in his palatial country home.
The Victor
4. The Victor
March 2, 2017
Examining Hitler's transformation into the megalomaniac Nazi messiah responsible for the global carnage of World War II, as he invades Poland, France and Russia.
The F?hrer
3. The F?hrer
February 24, 2017
A look inside Hitler's mind as he tightens his iron grip on Germany and turns his sights to conquest, becoming increasingly self-indulgent as his vision of himself as a heroic leader grows.
The Actor
2. The Actor
February 16, 2017
How did Hitler rise from right-wing crank to Germany's Messiah and Fuhrer by 1933? Exploring his pioneering spin, speech-making skills and deadly ruthlessness - and his personal paranoia.
The Opportunist
1. The Opportunist
February 9, 2017
An in-depth insight into the first thirty years of Adolf Hitler’s life, where we discover what turned a beaten Austrians to the Nazi party’s undisputed leader.
Where to Watch Hitler: The Definitive Guide
Hitler: The Definitive Guide is available for streaming on the Discovery Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hitler: The Definitive Guide on demand at and AHC.
  • Premiere Date
    February 9, 2017