Hurricane Hunters

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Early detection and monitoring of hurricanes and tropical depressions saves millions of lives annually. Many people do not think about the men and women who risk death daily to gain important weather data. Follow a group of extreme meteorologists as they chase humongous storms, experience high winds, and survive with an unforgettable story to tell.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Weather Channel
2 Seasons, 13 Episodes
June 11, 2012
Action & Adventure, Documentary & Biography, Drama, Kids & Family, Mystery, Travel
Cast: Dana Waters
Hurricane Hunters

Hurricane Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • A nor-eastern cold storm merges with Hurricane Sandy to form a superstorm; the storm hits during a high tide, causing a tidal surge and flooding New York City subways and the coast of New Jersey.

  • The team tracks Hurricane Sandy up the east coast, encountering ice and snow.

  • The Hurricane Hunters' downtime is cut short by a tropical depression that threatens to grow into a major storm.

  • A chronicle of a rookie pilot's training to be a member of the storm-chasing squadron.

  • A rookie hunter is put to the test; takeoff to Tropical Storm Ernesto is delayed by lightning.

  • Tracking Hurricane Isaac in August 2012 is complicated by equipment failures and a storm that changed directions and made landfall in the U.S. twice.

  • Jova is a category 3 hurricane which was formed in the Pacific and appears to land on Mexico's west coast.

  • They monitor Hurricane Katia and tropical storms Maria and Nate.

  • Pilots track a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico, where they fly at 500 feet above the water's surface which is dangerously low, are surrounded by lightning and hope to avoid a downdraft which would be fatal.

  • Thick clouds surround the aircraft as it heads into Tropical Storm Lee.

  • A mission into the heart of Hurricane Irene 16 hours before the storm is projected to hit North Carolina.

  • A pilot must forget what he was taught as he flies into his first hurricane.