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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 0.0  (7)

In a Man's World is a reality series that premiered on Bravo in 2019. The show features four women who pose as men in order to experience life from a different perspective. Shital Patel, Emily Duddy, Le'Dor Milteer, and Ali Levine all take on new identities and infiltrate male-dominated fields to see how the opposite sex lives.

The women undergo a long transformation process, consisting of extensive makeup, hair, wardrobe, and vocal training to fully embody their male personas. Each episode follows one of the women as they immerse themselves in a new profession, from firefighting to music production and stand-up comedy.

Shital Patel becomes a firefighter in the first episode, working with the Los Angeles Fire Department. She struggles with the physical demands of the job, including carrying the heavy equipment and climbing ladders, but also deals with the psychological effects of being a woman in a male-dominated field. She feels invisible and unrecognized, even when she performs as well or better than her male counterparts.

Emily Duddy takes on the role of a professional poker player, attempting to dominate the male-dominated game. Throughout her time at the table, she must combat misogyny and sexism, and grapple with the idea that men have a natural advantage in the sport. Duddy also experiences the camaraderie and brotherhood that exists between male poker players, as well as the aggressive and risky nature of the game.

Le'Dor Milteer enters the world of apex predators as she trains to become a safari guide in South Africa. She must learn how to handle dangerous animals like lions and rhinos while also navigating sexist attitudes from her male colleagues. She struggles to be taken seriously as a guide and feels like she needs to prove herself every day.

Ali Levine becomes a stand-up comic in Los Angeles, performing as a male comedian named Alex. She experiences the high-stress environment of comedy clubs, battling stage fright and developing comedic material. Levine also confronts toxic masculinity in the comedy scene and explores how male comedians use their power to dominate and belittle female performers.

In addition to exploring different professions, the show also delves into the personal lives of the women as they experience changes in their relationships with friends and family members. The transformations also have a significant impact on the women's sense of self and their understanding of gender and identity.

Overall, In a Man's World is an intriguing exploration of gender dynamics in various professions. The show exposes the challenges faced by women in male-dominated fields and highlights the pervasive nature of sexism and misogyny. The series provides a unique perspective on what it means to be a man or a woman in today's society, and the limitations and opportunities that come with each identity.

In a Man's World is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). The series first aired on October 1, 2019.

In a Man's World
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4. Shital
October 22, 2019
Shital's immigrant parents sacrificed everything so their daughters could live the American dream, but her career accomplishments don’t mean much to her conservative, Indian-American family. They just want her to settle down and have kids. Shital’s struggle to please them has pushed their relationship to the breaking point. To expose the gender bias in her community, Shital makes the radical decision to go undercover as a man and infiltrate a family holiday celebration. Will meeting the male version of their daughter open the Patel’s eyes to how they treat her? Or is this a relationship no amount of prosthetics can change?
3. Sabrina
October 15, 2019
Highlighting the story of Sabrina, a dynamic and animated woman who turned to preaching, but whose path hasn't always been an easy one as she watches her male counterparts excel while she struggles to make a living.
2. Le'Dor
October 8, 2019
Le'Dor is an aspiring politician, but while campaigning for a seat on City Council, the only thing people wanted to talk about was that she's the mother of young kids. In their eyes, motherhood ultimately disqualified her from being a worthy candidate and she believes that's why she lost the election. So, in a unique social experiment this mom of young children will be completely transformed into...a dad of young children. When facing a focus group tasked to assess potential politicians, can Le'Dor convince them she has what it takes to hold public office, or will her dad alter ego automatically be the "best man for the job?"
1. Emily
October 1, 2019
To prove gender bias in pool, Emily undergoes the makeover of a lifetime to transform into a man.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 1, 2019
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    0.0  (7)