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Income Property is a show on the HGTV Network, starring Scott McGillivray. Scott, a carpenter by trade, has renovated over 20 income generating homes that he converted and renovated himself. Each week, he assists homeowners, by offering design options to renovate an otherwise unused space and create a potential income suite. The goal is to generate income that will lower the homeowner's monthly mortgage payments, and add value to the property. The space selected to renovate is usually the basement area.

In each episode, Scott meets with the homeowners to assess the space. Generally, the space has electrical, plumbing, code, and layout issues. He provides them with two options, each having an estimation of return on investment by way of monthly rent received for it. The homeowner decides which option will work best for them based upon their budgets. Once an option is selected, Scott, the homeowners, and a team of electricians, carpenters, and plumbers get started with the renovation. The spaces often will require that walls be demolished, changes in the electrical wiring, and flooring resurfacing. Because of these extensive renovations, quite often, an inspector is required to visit the property to ensure the wiring, plumbing and firewalls are up to code and comply with the housing authorities. Once inspections are approved, the next phase of the renovation continues. Scott asks the homeowners to stay out of the space when the renovation is nearly complete, so they will be surprised at the final reveal.

Once the renovation is complete, a real estate appraiser comes in to assess the value of the income suite with the new changes. They also provide an estimation of the amount of rent the homeowners should charge. A stager brings in furniture, appliances and accessories that will show off the space, and give it the wow factor to potential renters.

By the end of the episode, the newly developed space is revealed to the homeowners. Scott informs them of the increased value of the home and the estimated market rents. He also advises the homeowners of what features should be included in a newspaper ad to rent out the space.

Thursday 9:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
10 Seasons, 151 Episodes
January 1, 2009
Home & Garden, Reality
Cast: Scott McGillivray
Income Property

Income Property Full Episode Guide

  • Heather is a teacher who bought a newly renovated bungalow with a “ready to rent,” two-bedroom basement apartment, which was the key to affording the house on her own.

  • Barry and his girlfriend, Jenn, hope to rent out his cabin to help save for their future together and to help put Barry's children through college.

  • Astrid and Sheldon decide to buy a lake house and must rent out the property to offset the carrying costs.

  • Justin Rutledge, an award-winning musician, sold his city home to move to the country for some inspiration. He now needs to renovate and rent out his waterfront cabin to help supplement his irregular income. Scott gives Justin two options: an interior remodel to cover the basics or an interior model with an exterior upgrade to maximize curb appeal.

  • With a growing family, Nuala and Dave must rent out their lake house in order to be able to keep it.

  • Caitlyn needs to figure out how to plan for her financial future while turning her lake house into a modern vacation rental to cover the costs.

  • A Pricey Property Payback to Stay Close With the Family

  • Second Time Around for a Second Family Vacation Rental

  • Kat and Andrew are struggling to start a family, so they're counting on an income property to help pay for fertility treatments. Scott gives them two options: a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom layout.

  • Helene bought a 4-unit home to safeguard her financial future as an actress. She plans to keep two existing tenants, live in one unit, and upgrade the other to maximize rental income. Scott gives her two options: a 2-bedroom, or 3-bedroom layout.

  • Rob and Heidi's foster kids are coming of age. To prepare them for life on their own, they're building a basement suite where they can be independent but still close to home. Scott gives them two options: a 2-bedroom or a 3-bedroom layout.

  • Anne and Jody bought a 2-unit vacation property for their family and need to rent out 1 unit to help pay the mortgage. Scott gives them two options: both with full interior upgrades, but one with a higher-end bathroom and patio.

  • Andrea and Mike need to transform their humble waterfront vacation property into a moneymaker so they can save for retirement. Scott gives them two options: Both with major interior upgrades, and one with full patio overhaul.

  • Rebecca and Stew left the city to follow their dreams in the country. To make ends meet, they need to cash in on local tourism with a vacation property. Scott gives them two options: convert a portion of their country home, or fully convert their freestanding art studio.

  • Roz and Katherine need an escape from the limelight. But to help them afford it, they need to transform their outdated cottage into an upscale rental retreat. Scott gives them two options: one with a high-end master and more luxurious upgrades.

  • Leah and Stew made big sacrifices to save a down payment for their first home. Now they're counting on a rental unit to help them with the mortgage. Scott gives them the option between a 2 or 3-bedroom layout.

  • Scott's friend Jen and her husband Paul bought and renovated a fixer upper in their dream neighborhood. To help pay for it all, they need an income suite in their basement.

  • Kathy just bought her first home. With her sister Fanche in tow, she's building an income property to cut down her mortgage payments. Scott gives them two options: a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom layout.

  • Sisters Liza, Mary and Stella team up to transform Liza's basement into a retirement apartment for their aging parents. Scott gives them two options: a 1 bedroom or a 2 bedroom layout.

  • New parents Richard and Leanne begin planning for their son's future and college fund. Their sister Michelle wants to invest in real estate. Instead of sitting on their hands, the trio joined forces and bought an income property.

  • Jeff and Lee hope to feed their retirement with multiple income properties. Scott gives them two options for the basement: a 1 bedroom or a 2 bedroom; then helps turn their second property into a moneymaker.

  • Joe and Nellie need to fund their teenagers' college educations, so they invested in an income property. They already have a tenant on the ground floor, so Scott gives them two options for the basement.

  • Vic needs to pay for his aging mother's care by converting her old apartment into a money making income property. Scott gives him two options: a large 1-bedroom layout, or a 2-bedroom.

  • New couple Andrew and Maria just bought the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood, but they need an income suite to manage their huge mortgage.

  • Paul and Angela are fighting to save their small business, and to do it, they want to generate more cash flow by splitting their single-family rental into a duplex.

  • Debt is a huge factor for a 40-year-old paramedic when deciding to buy a fixer-upper property with an income suite. His choices include: a two-story home; a semidetached bungalow; and a split-level duplex.

  • Nick and Karen are trying to start a family. They want to upsize from their condo, but to afford the house of their dreams, it has to have an income property. While they wait for the stork to arrive, Scott shows them a Victorian Triplex, an American Colonial home, and a Tudor-style home.

  • At 34 years old, Marko and Jackie have big dreams of saying sayonara to their jobs by the time they're 45, Scott shows them the difference between what makes a house a good home, and what makes a house a good investment.

  • Erin needs to move out of her cramped condo so that she can have more space and a yard for her dogs. She wants her home and her finances to be princess perfect, so she needs a house with income property potential. Scott and Erin's friend Alana help her choose between two bungalows in the city, and beautiful suburban home.

  • Jen and Brock dream of buying a home downtown, but it needs to have an income property if they want to afford it. Scott shows them a 100-year-old row house, a single-family home, and an east end duplex; before sky-high housing prices threaten to scare them away from buying altogether.

  • Jeff and Kirsti are newlyweds who have outgrown their tiny city rental. With a baby on the way, they need Scott to show them how to balance an investment property that is also a home - large enough to accommodate their expanding family.

  • Bryan and Marissa have been living with Marissa's mom for six years. They've saved up and now they want to buy an income property where they can live for now, and count on as an investment down the road, all with their wedding on the horizon. Scott helps them choose between a downtown duplex, a recently renovated duplex, and a beautiful suburban home.

  • Jason and Peky have a baby on the way, and a $100,000 student debt hanging over their heads. They need a home and income property where they can start their new family and take advantage of lower mortgage payments to pay back their loan. Scott takes this young, educated couple to see a ranch style bungalow, a classic bungalow and a raised bungalow; then puts safety first when building a beautiful rental unit.

  • First time homeowners seek to put an income suite in their home to help out with the mortgage payments and increase the value of their home.

  • First time homeowners seek to put an income suite in their home to help out with the mortgage payments and increase the value of their home.

  • First time homeowners seek to put an income suite in their home to help out with the mortgage payments and increase the value of their home.

  • First time homeowners seek to put an income suite in their home to help out with the mortgage payments and increase the value of their home.

  • First time homeowners seek to put an income suite in their home to help out with the mortgage payments and increase the value of their home.

  • Alexis and Craig are freelance workers who are ready to buy their first home together. They're on a tight budget so they need an income property to make it work. Scott helps them choose between a city bungalow, a downtown fixer-upper and a suburban bungalow.

  • Jaime is a single dad and filmmaker with an unusual request. He's looking for a home for him and is son; but wants it to have a commercial rental to help him afford it. With his friend along for the ride, Scott helps Jaime decide between living above a restaurant, a barbershop, or owning a pair of condos.

  • Robert and Stephanie are ready to buy their first home, but after two years of waiting for Robert's working papers, they need an income property to help catch-up on their finances. Scott helps them choose between a bungeloft, a detached duplex, and a single family home.

  • Lysa is a determined entrepreneur who's ready to follow her dream of growing her own business; but first, she needs to buy an income property to lower her monthly expenses. After choosing between a townhouse, bungalow, and a back-split, the reno gets tense when Lysa keeps changing the plans.

  • Jessica and Aaron need an income property to afford their first home.

  • Fab and Miranda want to invest in real estate so they can fund their upcoming retirement. Scott shows them a country duplex, a new build, and a property up for auction, before helping them decide on the first of hopefully many investment properties.

  • A couple in desperate need of extra income look for a fixer-upper house with a basement apartment.

  • A couple want to find and renovate an income property in an expensive urban city in order to fund the opening of an orphanage in Ecuador.