Inside the Presidency

Inside the Presidency

  • 2006
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Would you trust these leaders with the nuclear codes? Find out more about America's commanders in chief.

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Hamilton: Building America
40. Hamilton: Building America
June 11, 2017
Explore the amazing life and times of our nation's forgotten founding father, including the political and financial institutions he helped to create and why Hamilton's enormous influence still resonates today.
The Making of Trump
39. The Making of Trump
November 30, 2015
The swagger. The ego. The wealth. The hair. How a kid from Queens took NYC by storm, survived marriages and businesses, and reinvented himself as one of America's preeminent cultural icons.
George Bush: His World War II Years
38. George Bush: His World War II Years
May 30, 2002
HISTORY remembers George H.W. Bush's wartime experiences, including his service as one of the U.S. Navy's youngest pilots and the downing of his Avenger aircraft by the Japanese and rescue from the waters of the Pacific by submarine.
Trump: Path to the White House
37. Trump: Path to the White House
January 20, 2017
The swagger. The outrageous pronouncements. The ego. The wealth. The hair. This is the story of how Donald John Trump became "The Donald," and how a kid from Queens became the 45th president of the United States.
Transition of Power: The Presidency
36. Transition of Power: The Presidency
January 8, 2017
What does it take to transition the most powerful office in the world? Get an inside look at the hand-over process from election to inauguration and its key milestones.
The 44th President: In His Own Words
35. The 44th President: In His Own Words
January 15, 2017
President Barack Obama offers a firsthand account of his time in office: his successes, his failures, his unfinished business, and what he hopes will be his legacy.
33. Reagan
February 9, 2011
Who was Ronald Reagan and what made him tick? From his impoverished childhood and Hollywood stardom to his ultimate role as Commander in Chief, discover how the events of his life informed the man and shaped a president.
Nixon: A Presidency Revealed
32. Nixon: A Presidency Revealed
February 15, 2007
The triumphs of Richard Nixon's presidency were overshadowed by a scandal that forced his resignation. Learn more about the driven but flawed 37th president from those who worked closest to him.
TR: An American Lion, Part 3
30. TR: An American Lion, Part 3
November 12, 2003
From the construction of the Panama Canal to his extraordinary commitment to preserving the environment, Teddy Roosevelt used his bully pulpit to engineer a series of radical departures from established U.S. policies.
TR: An American Lion, Part 2
29. TR: An American Lion, Part 2
January 21, 2003
President Teddy Roosevelt tested and extended the limits of the White House like no other before him or since, from battling with captains of industry and their corporate trusts to mediating the Russo-Japanese War.
TR: An American Lion, Part 1
28. TR: An American Lion, Part 1
January 20, 2003
Teddy Roosevelt overcame debilitating asthma, lived through a war, and succeeded an assassinated president by the age of 42. President George W. Bush introduces this look at one of America's most beloved presidents.
John F. Kennedy
27. John F. Kennedy
March 5, 2012
Historian David Eisenbach uncovers little-known details about the life of John F. Kennedy: He was a courier in Nazi Germany, a body builder, and a man addicted to danger.
The Roosevelts
26. The Roosevelts
March 19, 2012
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were Washington's first couple with a New Deal. But historian and author David Eisenbach reveals that the Roosevelts' marriage was a political arrangement of epic proportions.
White House
25. White House
November 9, 2013
From dissecting the shape of the Oval Office to uncovering why a brothel once operated on White House grounds, Washington, D.C. native Henry Rollins uncovers the most thought-provoking details about the Executive Mansion.
The Presidents: 1977 - Present
24. The Presidents: 1977 - Present
January 21, 2005
Presidents from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush grapple with a new world order defined by the fall of the Berlin Wall and shattered by the specter of global terrorism
The Presidents: 1945 - 1977
23. The Presidents: 1945 - 1977
January 21, 2005
Between the dropping of the first atom bombs and the first presidential resignation, an seemingly blissful era turns into a period of total political disenfranchisement.
Founding Fathers, Part 2: Taking Liberties
22. Founding Fathers, Part 2: Taking Liberties
November 28, 2000
Part 2 sees pockets of discontent grow as patriots argue among themselves at meetings of the First and Second Continental Congress.
The Presidents: 1885 - 1913
21. The Presidents: 1885 - 1913
January 20, 2005
From Grover Cleveland to William Howard Taft, the Gilded Age of the American presidency features a new breed of men in the White House and a new era of unbridled economic growth.
Founding Fathers, Part 1: Rebels...with a Cause
20. Founding Fathers, Part 1: Rebels...with a Cause
November 27, 2000
Part 1 of a documentary series presenting the flesh-and-blood men behind early American legends examines the political agitation of the early 1770s and how a group of loyal British citizens was driven to commit treason
The Presidents: 1849 - 1865
19. The Presidents: 1849 - 1865
January 19, 2005
A fractious era of the presidency bookended by polar opposites Taylor and Lincoln becomes one of the most turbulent in U.S. history when the volatile issues of states' rights and slavery erupt in civil war.
The Presidents: 1789 - 1825
17. The Presidents: 1789 - 1825
January 18, 2005
From George Washington, who defined the presidency, to James Monroe, the last of the Revolutionary War heroes, the office of president evolves and is tested as the fledgling United States undergoes growing pains.
Mantle of Power 1965-2013
15. Mantle of Power 1965-2013
December 19, 2012
The presidency is burdened by the personal failings of the men who occupied the office and by a Congress determined to reassert its power. The Cold War ends but global terror networks rise to present a more complicated threat.
Hail to the Chief 1945-1964
14. Hail to the Chief 1945-1964
December 18, 2012
America emerges as a superpower. The Cold War presents the nation with nuclear annihilation. The struggle against the spread of communism abroad, and the corrosive effects of inequality at home, demands a steadfast leader.
Changing of the Guard 1920-1945
13. Changing of the Guard 1920-1945
December 17, 2012
In the 1920s, America is poised for a fresh start as the horrific brutality of the first global war ends. But as America crashes into Depression and another World War, a strong leader is needed.
Call of Duty 1899-1921
12. Call of Duty 1899-1921
December 14, 2012
Since the end of the Civil War, Congress and the deep pockets of Big Industry have dictated the course for the nation, but one president fights for the common man, just as a grisly international fight begins.
Executive Retreat 1865-1901
11. Executive Retreat 1865-1901
December 13, 2012
The Civil War ends and America desperately needs leadership. The president who'd seen the nation through its most divisive conflict is dead, leaving no road map for peace.
A House Divided 1849-1865
10. A House Divided 1849-1865
December 12, 2012
America by the mid-1800s is triple its original size thanks to bold but controversial decisions by presidents such as Jefferson, Jackson, and Polk. But the question of slavery must be addressed.
Power to the People 1824-1849
9. Power to the People 1824-1849
December 11, 2012
The era of the Founding Fathers coming to an end. Over the next 25 years, six presidents will reflect the country's sometimes uneasy transition from old traditions to an expansion of land, influence, and opportunity.
Assume the Position 1789-1825
8. Assume the Position 1789-1825
December 10, 2012
The United States of America is a bold invention of enormous risk. This democracy in a world ruled by kings and emperors is a new experiment with three branches.
Lbj And Vietnam: In The Eye Of The Storm
7. Lbj And Vietnam: In The Eye Of The Storm
January 14, 2002
Though Eisenhower and Kennedy charted its course, the Vietnam War quickly became known as Lyndon Johnson's war. Hear phone conversations that reveal his inner torment over the conflict that would become his unwanted legacy.
JFK Assassination The Definitive Guide
6. JFK Assassination The Definitive Guide
November 22, 2013
Years after the assassination of JFK, Americans still can't agree on what happened on November 22, 1963. Leading experts explore the many theories of who did it and why.
The President's Book of Secrets
5. The President's Book of Secrets
December 1, 2010
Moments after the President of the United States is sworn into office, he gains access to the "Nuclear Football," a briefcase that contains the most volatile top-secret information in the world: America's nuclear launch codes.
4. Jefferson
August 24, 2010
Thomas Jefferson is the most researched, most written about, most referenced, and most quoted of our Founding Fathers. And yet, somehow, he remains the most stubbornly inscrutable.
Secret Access: Air Force One
3. Secret Access: Air Force One
August 25, 2008
Discover what makes Air Force One faster, more secure, more comfortable, and more capable than any other comparable plane.
Andrew Jackson
2. Andrew Jackson
November 18, 2007
Andrew Jackson was the first "common-man" President. Orphaned at 14, he became a lawyer with no formal education, an Army General with no military experience, and President with no fortune. But his legacy is complicated.
1. Lincoln
January 16, 2006
Was Abraham Lincoln's lifelong anguish the driving force behind his ultimate transcendence to America's most beloved President? Award-winning director Vikram Jayanti takes a look through Lincoln's eyes on his last day.

Would you trust these leaders with the nuclear codes? Find out more about America's commanders in chief.Inside the Presidency is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on January 16, 2006.

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