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One of the most recognized and sought after actors would have to be Robert Wagner. His suave sophistication, good looks and debonair style has made him one of the biggest talents in Hollywood, both on the big and small screens. Not many actors are adapt at making the transition from a movie to a television star, however, that is what Robert Wagner did and found a great deal of success doing it with the series

It Takes A Thief is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 1968.

Where do I stream It Takes A Thief online? It Takes A Thief is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch It Takes A Thief on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Discovery, Google Play, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 104 Episodes
January 9, 1968
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Robert Wagner
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It Takes A Thief Full Episode Guide

  • Al Mundy matches wits with a mad scientist aboard a plane en route to a scientific meeting in Melbourne.

  • Al Mundy tries to prove he's been framed when accused of treason by an agent of the SIA.

  • Alistair Mundy recruits his son Al to join him in a plan to help King Armand save his country and daughter from scheming Gen. Contrell. Alistair buys a circus, which is scheduled to visit the kingdom to entertain Princess Carlotta and disguises himself.

  • Al Mundy's plan to steal a painting for the SIA pits him against his old nemesis, con woman Charlene Brown.

  • A female member of a musical group gets mixed up in a political plot.

  • Al Mundy's lock-picking skills are needed when a sick man initiates a nuclear bomber attack.

  • Al Mundy and his girlfriend become involved with foreign agents planning to sabotage a U.S. underground atomic test.

  • Al Mundy attempts to bring a down-on-her-luck jewel thief back to usefulness.

  • Al Mundy risks his life on the automobile racetracks of Europe to track down Russian missile base plans.

  • Al Mundy and his volunteer helper are caught searching the Paris shop of a couturier.

  • Al Mundy finds double trouble in the world of black candle, incense-burning mystics.

  • To save the life of his date, Al Mundy agrees to lure an SIA agent to a meeting with a Red spy.

  • A vague British agent is sent to help Al Mundy recover a microdot hidden in an East Berlin museum.

  • Al Mundy and his father thwart communist execution attempts and set out to prevent a financial disaster.

  • A good friend of Al Mundy's names him as the thief who stole a file containing the names of the dreaded Brotherhood.

  • Al Mundy turns to the king of Rome's petty crooks to rescue a kidnapped girl.

  • Al Mundy's reputation with con woman Charlene Brown causes her to stymie his rescue assignment of a queen.

  • When Al Mundy is assigned to protect three priceless paintings, he finds that his father wants to steal them.

  • Al Mundy goes behind the Iron Curtain to rescue an SIA chief who was drugged and kidnapped.

  • Al Mundy helps an SIA courier on a mission while they are pursued by armed enemy agents.

  • Al Mundy and his father set out to loot the vault of a casino in Venice and sell the lira to a counterfeiter.

  • Al Mundy is tricked into working for the secret police.

  • A spy attracts the attention of foreign agents and Al Mundy when he puts out the word that he has plutonium to sell.

  • Al Mundy is poisoned by a Red agent and has little time to trade a decoding device he has stolen for the antidote.

  • Susan invites her friend Tiffany to move into the downstairs apartment of her lakeside home. With two sassy moms and three teens, nobody gives a thought to the security problems until they get a heavy dose of crookin' courtesy of Jon Douglas Rainey.

  • Jon takes on a thirty five room Victorian hotel while guests enjoy "Murder Mystery Theater" night. With 60 plus patrons mulling about and a ltheatrical performance underway, Jon and his crew get busy pick-pocketing guests and raiding their rooms.

  • Janice and Mark just moved into their dream house. But with the perfect cover of a wooded area out back, it's a no-brainer target for our peeping-tom crooks...and they like what they see inside. However, a nosy neighbor may get in the way of Jon's plan.

  • Elliot and Stacy spared no expense when it came to renovating their waterfront home, but security wasn't exactly in the budget. The birth of their daughter has forced them to take a hard look at safety. Will Jon scare them into shape?

  • Jon and Matt have their eyes on a vintage 1965 Ford Galaxy which belongs to Louis and Nadine. The couple thinks that they have done enough to secure their suburban home, but Jon and Matt want to prove them wrong while scoring a car in the process.

  • Donna is experiencing "empty nest' syndrome now that her kids have flown the coop. With a big empty house, her kids are concerned for her safety. Will Jon be busted by an undercover cop when he tries to break in?

  • Jon and Matt love motorized toys including ATV's, SUV's and motorcycles. When these former thieves happen upon a fully stocked garage, it's game on! Stealing cars isn't as easy at it used to be and Jon has to dodge nosy neighbors.

  • Movie fanatics, Rick and Stephanie recently traded in California city life for the safety of the New England suburbs. Jon and Matt happen upon their quaint country home, which has an unexpected weakness.

  • Wayne and Marianne are magicians and their house is overflowing with electronics, jewelry and magic props. It's a perfect place for Jon to work his own magic. Can he make himself and the loot vanish before the booby-trapped house makes him disappear?

  • A traitorous SIA agent obstructs Al Mundy's attempts to track down a laser gun being developed by the Chinese.

  • Al Mundy sets out to recover a missing top-secret device after a SAC bomber crashes in Spain.

  • The ladies, participating in a beauty pageant, pay a visit to the Pentagon. During the tour, a top secret document is stolen. An agent, who has been tagging the beauty queens, is found dying and gasping a cypher "38-23-36. Mundy investigates the ladies.

  • Al Mundy gets quarantined in the home of an American industrialist to find out why he's selling oil behind the Iron Curtain.

  • Al Mundy gets in deep trouble with a crime syndicate when an old-time safecracker he has hired steals a diamond.

  • Al Mundy attempts to steal a document divulging the master plan for a Communist takeover of South America.

  • Al Mundy is pursued by an assassin and his female accomplice.

  • Al Mundy has to leave his high-level guests at his Washington apartment to disarm a time bomb ticking away upstairs.

  • Al Mundy tricks his former protege.

  • Al Mundy discovers that a 12-year-old boy may be the brain behind the solid missile fuel formula he must steal.

  • Al Mundy sets out to steal the formula for a solid missile fuel from a wealthy recluse.

  • Al Mundy is assigned to find out if a billionaire recluse is still alive.

  • Al Mundy is arrested when his fingerprints link him to a series of jewel robberies.

  • Al Mundy becomes embroiled with the various factions seeking a Russian defector.

  • Al Mundy must recover the stolen Cycad Scrolls to prevent the collapse of an emerging African nation.

  • Al Mundy must rob a bank to prevent an international cartel from taking control of the munitions industry.

  • Al Mundy competes with an international fence to obtain a stolen treaty.

  • Noah Bain is kidnapped by foreign agents who demand the identities of several SIA agents as ransom.

  • Al Mundy puts the head of East German security in a dangerous position.

  • Al Mundy arranges to be imprisoned in East Germany as a spy, to make possible his exchange for a supposed Communist spy, actually a U.S. agent.

  • A Washington socialite blackmails Al Mundy into stealing samples of a secret U.S. atomic fuel.

  • Al Mundy is assigned to steal a contract made between an industrial cartel and a revolutionary leader.

  • Al Mundy is assigned to steal a stolen sample of a revolutionary jet fuel from an international fence.

  • Al Mundy is assigned to steal doctored photos being used to blackmail a congressman.

  • Al Mundy sets out to steal documents from a blackmailer which will expose a missing Nazi war criminal.

  • Al Mundy is assigned to steal the dead body of the son of a Caribbean dictator and return it after an autopsy has been performed.