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  • TV-PG
  • 1968
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.5  (2,166)

It Takes A Thief was a popular television series that originally aired on ABC from 1968 to 1970. The show starred Robert Wagner as Alexander Mundy, a debonair master thief who is given a chance to redeem himself by working for the United States government. The premise of the show was that Mundy would be released from prison, but only if he agreed to work as a special agent for the SIA (Secret Intelligence Agency). In exchange for his freedom, Mundy is tasked with stealing high-value items and documents from criminals and foreign governments.

The show's theme song, "The A-Team", was composed by Dave Grusin and became one of the most recognizable theme songs of the era. The show was created by Roland Kibbee and was produced by Universal Television. It quickly became a hit with audiences, and its popularity led to a second season of the show being produced.

The show was notable for its wit and humor, as well as its stylish and glamorous portrayal of international crime and espionage. Wagner's portrayal of Mundy was charming and suave, and his expertise at thievery was rivaled only by his ability to flirt with beautiful women. The show's writers also added a fun twist to the espionage genre by showing Mundy as a reluctant spy who would often grumble about his assignments and try to find creative ways to avoid danger.

It Takes A Thief was also known for its use of exotic and glamorous filming locations. The show was filmed on location in Europe and other international destinations, and it was the first television show to use the Panavision widescreen format. The show's cinematography and production values were top-notch, and audiences were drawn to the show's colorful and vibrant portrayals of the world's most beautiful and exotic destinations.

The show's cast included some of the best-known television stars of the time, including Malachi Throne, Fred Astaire, Susan Saint James, and Leslie Nielsen. Each episode featured a new and exciting guest star, and the show's writers were able to craft exciting and unique stories that matched the personalities and talents of each guest star.

Overall, It Takes A Thief was a classic television show that captured the spirit of its era. Its fun-loving and lighthearted portrayal of glamorous crime and espionage has made it a beloved classic that is still remembered fondly today. Its combination of wit, charm, and action made it a hit with audiences of all ages, and its legacy continues to inspire new generations of viewers who love a good spy caper.

It Takes A Thief is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 1968.

It Takes A Thief
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24. Project "X"
March 23, 1970
Al Mundy matches wits with a mad scientist aboard a plane en route to a scientific meeting in Melbourne.
Beyond a Treasonable Doubt
23. Beyond a Treasonable Doubt
March 16, 1970
Al Mundy tries to prove he's been framed when accused of treason by an agent of the SIA.
An Evening With Alister Mundy
22. An Evening With Alister Mundy
March 9, 1970
Alistair Mundy recruits his son Al to join him in a plan to help King Armand save his country and daughter from scheming Gen. Contrell. Alistair buys a circus, which is scheduled to visit the kingdom to entertain Princess Carlotta and disguises himself.
The Suzie Simone Caper
21. The Suzie Simone Caper
March 2, 1970
Al Mundy's plan to steal a painting for the SIA pits him against his old nemesis, con woman Charlene Brown.
To Sing a Song of Murder
20. To Sing a Song of Murder
February 23, 1970
A female member of a musical group gets mixed up in a political plot.
Situation Red
19. Situation Red
February 9, 1970
Al Mundy's lock-picking skills are needed when a sick man initiates a nuclear bomber attack.
Fortune City
18. Fortune City
February 2, 1970
Al Mundy and his girlfriend become involved with foreign agents planning to sabotage a U.S. underground atomic test.
Touch of Magic
17. Touch of Magic
January 26, 1970
Al Mundy attempts to bring a down-on-her-luck jewel thief back to usefulness.
The Steal-Driving Man
16. The Steal-Driving Man
January 19, 1970
Al Mundy risks his life on the automobile racetracks of Europe to track down Russian missile base plans.
Nice Girls Marry Stockbrokers
15. Nice Girls Marry Stockbrokers
January 15, 1970
Al Mundy and his volunteer helper are caught searching the Paris shop of a couturier.
The Scorpio Drop
14. The Scorpio Drop
December 25, 1969
Al Mundy finds double trouble in the world of black candle, incense-burning mystics.
To Lure a Man
13. To Lure a Man
December 18, 1969
To save the life of his date, Al Mundy agrees to lure an SIA agent to a meeting with a Red spy.
The Old Who Came in From the Spy
12. The Old Who Came in From the Spy
December 11, 1969
A vague British agent is sent to help Al Mundy recover a microdot hidden in an East Berlin museum.
The Second Time Around
11. The Second Time Around
December 4, 1969
Al Mundy and his father thwart communist execution attempts and set out to prevent a financial disaster.
A Friend in Deed
10. A Friend in Deed
November 27, 1969
A good friend of Al Mundy's names him as the thief who stole a file containing the names of the dreaded Brotherhood.
The King of Thieves
9. The King of Thieves
November 20, 1969
Al Mundy turns to the king of Rome's petty crooks to rescue a kidnapped girl.
Payoff in the Piazza
8. Payoff in the Piazza
November 13, 1969
Al Mundy's reputation with con woman Charlene Brown causes her to stymie his rescue assignment of a queen.
The Three Virgins of Rome
7. The Three Virgins of Rome
November 6, 1969
When Al Mundy is assigned to protect three priceless paintings, he finds that his father wants to steal them.
The Blue, Blue Danube
6. The Blue, Blue Danube
October 30, 1969
Al Mundy goes behind the Iron Curtain to rescue an SIA chief who was drugged and kidnapped.
Flowers From Alexander
5. Flowers From Alexander
October 23, 1969
Al Mundy helps an SIA courier on a mission while they are pursued by armed enemy agents.
The Great Casino Caper
4. The Great Casino Caper
October 16, 1969
Al Mundy and his father set out to loot the vault of a casino in Venice and sell the lira to a counterfeiter.
The Beautiful People
3. The Beautiful People
October 9, 1969
Al Mundy is tricked into working for the secret police.
Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars?
2. Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars?
October 2, 1969
A spy attracts the attention of foreign agents and Al Mundy when he puts out the word that he has plutonium to sell.
Saturday Night in Venice
1. Saturday Night in Venice
September 25, 1969
Al Mundy is poisoned by a Red agent and has little time to trade a decoding device he has stolen for the antidote.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 9, 1968
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (2,166)