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Notorious writer Jodi Picoult's books touch the hearts of readers everywhere. Many have been made into films that continue the themes that she has written so strongly about. The 2004 movie Plain Truth is the account of an Amish girl who is accused of murdering her baby. Other Lifetime movies by Picoult include The Pact, The Tenth Circle, and Salem Falls. Another one of her works, My Sister's Keeper, became a feature film in 2009.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
November 4, 2002
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Jodi Picoult's Lifetime Movies Full Episode Guide

  • A newborn is found dead in a serene Amish farming community. Was it a tragic accident, or could it be murder? That's the shocking question facing high-profile criminal lawyer Ellie Harrison who ditches her self-indulgent city life to defend an 18-year-old Amish girl who stands accused of killing her baby. While trying to learn her client's secrets, Ellie is forced to live with the Amish and attempt to break down the barriers of this very private society. Don't miss this riveting, multilayered drama based on the best-selling Jodi Picoult novel of the same name. Prepare for a shocking ending that will stun you to the core! Starring Mariska Hargitay ("Law and Order: Special Victims Unit")

  • A pair of teenagers in love make a suicide pact that goes horribly awry, resulting in the death of only one of the star-crossed lovers. In the aftermath of the tragedy, two sets of parents who have been friends for years battle pain and animosity as they struggle to understand what their children have done. What follows is a nail-biting trial, an exposed secret and eventually, the revelation of the truth. Starring Megan Mullally ("Will and Grace")

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