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John Doe was a unique, interesting mix of science fiction and crime drama. The series begins when the main character, played by Dominic Purcell, wakes up to find himself naked on a small island off the coast of Seattle, Washington. As he comes to, he discovers that he cannot remember his name - or anything else about himself. However, he knows literally everything else. Whatever event left him unconscious with no knowledge of his past also inserted every existing fact of human knowledge into his brain. There is no factual question that is unable to answer. He also finds himself with expert-level skills on a wide variety of topics, such as computers. He assumes the name "John Doe."

On the path to uncover his past, his identity, and what strange event happened to him, John teams up with two detectives from the homicide division of the Seattle Police Department, Frank Hayes (John Marshall Jones), and Lieutenant Jamie Avery (Jayne Brook). John uses his unique knowledge to analyze crime scenes and solve murders. Thus, the viewer is simultaneously rooting for John to find his identity and return to his former life, while wanting to continue watching him work with the detectives.

Throughout the series, facts about John's past periodically materialize. In the first episode, a strange woman addresses him by name before her passing boat pulls out of range. John slowly becomes aware that the Phoenix Organization, an international conspiracy group, is watching his every move and may be the key to unlocking his past. The first and only season ends with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers uncertain as to John's true identity, or what caused his condition. The show is engaging and entertaining, as viewers follow John's train of thought in solving crimes, learning new bits of trivia along with the shows main characters.

John Doe was produced by Camp-Thompson Productions, Regency Television, and Fox Television Studios. It aired on Fox for one season of twenty-one episodes, beginning in September 2002.

1 Season, 21 Episodes
September 20, 2002
Science Fiction, Drama
Cast: Dominic Purcell
John Doe

John Doe Full Episode Guide

  • John is struck with visions that may help him to finally uncover the truth, and who his true friends really are.

  • When Digger's lifelong friend is killed, John treks with him and tried to help him find out what happened. John also hopes to find out the truth about his own past, in the process.

  • After John is struck by lightning, he is forced to adjust to being "normal" again...just when he was getting used to being unique. Will he regain his abilities in time to catch the latest killer who is trying to play cat and mouse with him? Or will he remain "normal" permanently?

  • When a bright flash in the woods produces a US astronaut, John, Frank, and Digger enter into a covert mission to uncover how he got there...and end up in a sticky situation themselves.

  • The investigation into a serial kidnapper turns into a homicide investigation, when a local psychic offers her help. Everyone involved, including her, is surprised to find her connected to the case, in an unexpected way. Meanwhile, John is trying to cope with guilt over a recently departed friend.

  • When John finds that a loved one is in grave danger, he must race against the clock to find her in time.

  • John helps Frank investigate the disappearance of 4 seemingly unconnected people. Also, Frank fights for custody of his children.

  • The team investigates the death of an up-and-coming local DJ. Meanwhile, Rachel re-enters John's life...and has some trouble adjusting.

  • John continues to aids the police in hunting The Mourner, after Lt. Avery is kidnapped.

  • A serial killer, with a fixation on John, is terrorizing Seattle. At each crime scene he leaves a pink envelope, marked with the symbol from John's scar. Inside each envelope there is a sympathy card, earning him the moniker The Mourner, containing a riddle that must be solved in order to find the next scene.

  • John decides to take an nice uneventful vacation...and gets more than he bargained for.

  • The murder of a private detective by a deaf killer leads John to an enigmatic woman who provides clues about his childhood. He travels to Idaho, where he supposedly grew up, and discovers things aren't quite as they seem.

  • John is shocked when a woman arrives at his door, claiming that he is the father of her son, Wesley. 11 years ago she enlisted the service of "VitroChoice", a sperm bank that normally keeps the identity of the donors strictly confidential. She found out John's information by bribing a nurse and hacking into a government computer. John doesn't trust the situation and starts searching for an explanation

  • When a mysterious art robbery takes place in a Seattle museum, Detective Hayes decides to ask for John's help. During the break-in, a security agent was killed and a valuable ring was stolen. The cameras were unable to capture the burglars, but it does show how John's assistant Karen (Who has a second job in the museum) tries to flee the building. John however is convinced of her innocence and succeeds in exonerating her. Detective Hayes then puts together a list of possible suspects.

  • John finds hope to discover his true identity when a second person is found in the ocean under similar conditions. John decides to pay his fellow amnesia sufferer a visit, but comes across a security agent who arrests him and brings him to Lieutenant Avery. John finds he must convince the cops to review the case.

  • When the police find the remains of a woman that was murdered over 30 years ago, John is put in the spotlight. It seems that he looks exactly like the suspected murderer Stephen Prescott. Detective Hayes is convinced that there is a logical explanation for the striking resemblance and decides to involve John in the investigation. However, there isn't much known about Stephen Prescott besides the fact that he disappeared under suspicious conditions at the end of the sixties.

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