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  • TV-Y
  • 2003
  • 3 Seasons
  • 5.1  (575)

JoJo’s Circus is a vibrant and lively animated educational television series produced by Disney for preschool audiences. The show follows the young and energetic JoJo Tickle - a sparkling, upbeat, and fun-loving clown who runs her own circus - as she embarks on adventures every day. Through her adventures and experiences, JoJo teaches important life skills and values to young children and promotes social development.

The lead character, JoJo, is the spunky protagonist and ringmaster of the circus, voiced by Madeleine Martin. JoJo is always ready to face any challenge, and always has a positive attitude. Her friends and family in the circus include Goliath, a large and gentle African elephant; Skeebo, a mischievous and curious monkey; Maya, a graceful, caring trapeze artist; and Tater and Potato, two silly clowns who love to make people laugh.

The storyline of each episode typically revolves around JoJo and her friends encountering a problem or a new experience. Each episode is then wrapped around a theme that can relate to young children's everyday lives, like friendship, patience, problem-solving, or loyalty. Throughout the episodes, JoJo uses her imagination and creativity to come up with innovative solutions while incorporating traditional circus performance acts in between.

One of the main values that JoJo teaches her young audience is the importance of team-work and friendship. JoJo and her friends work together to overcome any obstacle they might face. They support each other, learn from their mistakes together, and most importantly they understand the importance of including others and working together.

Another central theme that is prevalent in JoJo’s Circus is problem-solving. JoJo regularly finds herself in tricky and difficult situations, but she never gives up! She encourages her viewers to use their imaginations and brainstorm new solutions to potentially challenging problems that they might face.

The show aims to encourage self-confidence and social skills in young children. JoJo’s energetic, positive and joyful spirit is infectious and encourages children to explore, learn and be confident in their abilities.

Notably, this show also integrates traditional circus acts in a way that is both entertaining and educational. For example, Maya’s trapeze performances flow seamlessly into the narrative and provide a fun and engaging way to help young viewers learn, develop coordination, and exercise their bodies.

The visuals of the show are brilliant and lively, sticking to a bright and appealing color palette. The animation style is 2D which is perfect for young children who appreciate simple, clear visuals. The sound design of JoJo’s Circus is also well done, relying heavily on circus-themed background music, adding to the overall feel of the show.

Furthermore, the voice actors deliver an insightful and enchanting performance with a level of enthusiasm that makes the show lively and engaging. The characters are fun and lovingly portrayed, which helps children understand and appreciate the different personalities demonstrated throughout the series.

In conclusion, JoJo’s Circus is a well-crafted and lively educational show that teaches young children valuable life skills, social values and encourages self-confidence in a fun and engaging way. With interesting storylines, a diverse cast of characters, and fun and lively visuals, JoJo ‘s Circus is a catchy animated series that is both entertaining and educational for preschool audiences.

JoJo's Circus
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My Granny's Shoes
7. My Granny's Shoes
September 10, 2006
As JoJo visit her grandparents to learn circus acts that her grandparents done in their youth for the annual "Pass It On" show in the Big Top, but she notice that her granny is having problems remembering things so JoJo helps her remember things along with the Tickles inviting Grampy and Granny to stay with them.
Pie in the Sky
6. Pie in the Sky
August 29, 2006
Summary is not available.
Princess For A Day
5. Princess For A Day
July 17, 2006
JoJo switches places for a day with her lookalike cousin, Princess Josephina,along with Goliath and Hercules but soon she learns that being a princess isn't as fun as it looked and Princess Josephina learned that being a clown isn't as fun as it looked either.
The Giggle Kite
4. The Giggle Kite
June 23, 2006
After her kite was accidentally torn JoJo received her dad a special kite that needs laughter to fly.
Silly Silly Putt-Putt
3. Silly Silly Putt-Putt
June 18, 2006
JoJo accidentally loses her father's prize trophy golf ball during a game of Silly Putt Putt
Stuck on You
2. Stuck on You
May 8, 2006
JoJo accidentally glues her hand and Goliath's paw together after overdoing with the Super Duper Clown Paste while trying to glue ten little clown noses on their clown face juggling balls.
Hula Is Cool-a
1. Hula Is Cool-a
May 6, 2006
JoJo returns to school from a fun Summer Vacation at Hula Bula but forgot the video tape that she was going to show to her class mates during Show and Tell.
  • Premiere Date
    September 28, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    5.1  (575)