JoJo's Circus

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JoJo's Circus is an interactive musical comedy geared towards preschool children. The show is written by Douglas Woods and produced by Cuppa Coffee Studios. The show has an educational and repetitive theme for each episode in order to engage the preshooler's mind.

The show is set in the city of Circus Town, where the center is the Big Top Tent. JoJo is a female clown that is the star of the show along with her pet lion Goliath. Both JoJo and Goliath attend Little Big Top; which is a circus school. Each episode has its basis around a theme regarding what JoJo encounters while looking for Goliath.

The show involves a lot of singing based on the resolution of the show's journey. JoJo will always recap what she has learned throughout the show; which tends to center around a life lesson for preschool children. There is an episode where Croaky the frog, is the new kid at school and JoJo teaches Croaky not to be nervous. There is an episode where JoJo discusses different bed time routines with her friends. The show features obstacles that JoJo and her friends must overcome while teaching children valuable lessons.

3 Seasons, 61 Episodes
September 28, 2003
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Madeleine Martin, Noah Weisberg, Rob Smith, Alan Ford
JoJo's Circus

JoJo's Circus Full Episode Guide

  • JoJo switches places for a day with her lookalike cousin, Princess Josephina,along with Goliath and Hercules but soon she learns that being a princess isn't as fun as it looked and Princess Josephina learned that being a clown isn't as fun as it looked either.

  • After her kite was accidentally torn JoJo received her dad a special kite that needs laughter to fly.

  • JoJo accidentally loses her father's prize trophy golf ball during a game of Silly Putt Putt

  • JoJo accidentally glues her hand and Goliath's paw together after overdoing with the Super Duper Clown Paste while trying to glue ten little clown noses on their clown face juggling balls.

  • JoJo returns to school from a fun Summer Vacation at Hula Bula but forgot the video tape that she was going to show to her class mates during Show and Tell.

  • JoJo created a pair of Really Silly Bunny Ears for the annual Springtime Celebration pageant at the Little Big Top Circus School but discovers that the others students are wearing regular plain store bought Bunny Ears for the pageant instead of making their own. JoJo later asks Jumberto Jackrabbit for help and learns that everyone can be different.JoJo returns to school following a fun Summer Vacation to Hula Bula buts forgot to bring the videotape to show to her classmates for Show and Tell.

  • JoJo uses her father's trophy Putt Putt ball for a game of Silly, Silly Putt Putt (Miniature Golf) but accidentally loses the golf ball on a wild shot.Goliath is ready to ride the Wacky Cycle (Unicycle) without the training wheels but is afraid of falling off so JoJo teaches Goliath how to keep his balance on the Wacky Cycle.

  • JoJo uses her father's trophy Putt Putt ball for a game of Silly, Silly Putt Putt (Miniature Golf) but accidentally loses the golf ball on a wild shot.Goliath is ready to ride the Wacky Cycle (Unicycle) without the training wheels but is afraid of falling off so JoJo teaches Goliath how to keep his balance on the Wacky Cycle.

  • Skeebo brings his cousin Alex (who is hearing-impaired /Deaf) to school for a mind reading act who uses sign language as part of the act and teaches JoJo and her friends how to uses sign language.JoJo and her family have a yard sale and learns to depart with the toys that she has outgrown and doesn't play with anymore.

  • The Annual Thanksgiving Hip Hooray Parade is in jeopardy when Mrs. Kersplatski is hospitalized after breaking her elbow and Jo Jo and her friends bring the parade to Mrs Kersplatski and the patients at the Big Boo Boo Hospital.

  • it's the annual Hoedown at Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm and JoJo learns about Square Dancing and helps fill in for Uncle Flippy after he lost his voice during the Hoedown.Mr.Tickle brings home a Cuckoo Clock for JoJo from the Cuckoo Forest but it doesn't want to cuckoo and discovers that the little bird wasn't a real cuckoo and receives a real cuckoo in exchange.

  • JoJo and her friends makes a batch of clownberry juice for the annual fundraiser for the school but as they rushed to make a next batch they forgot to add the clownberries.While playing Whirling Whizmo (a type of Frisbee game) Skeebo's pet dog, Harpo disappears while chasing after a Clown Bird and JoJo,Goliath, Skeebo and their friends searches all over Circus Town for Harpo.

  • Terrific the Tiger Tamer arrives in Circus Town to judge a pet show (only open for dogs and cats) and JoJo helps Skeebo and Trina to train their pets.It's Class Picture Day at the Circus Town Clown School but chaos erupts when Skeebo's pet rabbit wouldn't cooperate during the photo shoot.

  • JoJo and her classmates celebrates a new holiday that the Frogini Brothers brought over from the "Old Country" and learn about the traditions of Happy Hoppy Day.JoJo, Croaky and Skeebo goes to the Big Kid Toothbrush Tree to help Goliath get a new tooth brush and to the Big Kid Toothpaste Tree after Goliath outgrows his baby toothbrush and toothpaste and relearns how to brush his teeth.

  • JoJo, Trina and Skeebo play a game of "Monkey See, Monkey Do" after the monkeys who are part of Mr Tickle's new act escape from the Big Top and run loose into Trina's house causing chaotic mayhem in the process.JoJo her friends go on a pirate treasure hunt after finding a map in a bottle finding clues along the way towards the treasure.

  • JoJo, Goliath and her friends are ready to ride The Octopus at the annual Circus Town Carnival but Goliath and Dinky couldn't go the ride because they're too little but both Goliath and Dinky found a ride they could go on.Skeebo gets the Hiccups and JoJo and and her friends tries to help cure them

  • When Mrs. Kersplatski announced that she and Mr Aldeberto Muscles are getting married and becomes Maya's Stepmother, Maya fears that her dad won't be able to spend time with her anymore and runs away from home but learns that her dad loves her more than ever.

  • JoJo and her dad helps Skeebo and his dad assemble a robotic clown for their new act but when both Mr. Tickle and Fire Chief Seltzer fail to read the instructions JoJo, Goliath, Skeebo and Harpo helps them out.When Chico the mouse loses some of the items he needs for the Mouse Circus after Fire Chief Seltzer accidentally vacuumed up the items. JoJo, Goliath and their friends find clever ways to use ordinary objects to replace the things Chico needs.

  • Goliath gets a mane-cut for the Big Whoop-De-Do celebration but has a difficult time selecting the perfect mane-cut for him.Granny and Grampy Tickle comes for a visit and JoJo are planning a juggling act with 10 balls with little clown faces on them but need to paste 10 little noses but over do with the Super Duper Clown Paste and gets stuck with Goliath.

  • Goliath hurts himself while playing Follow the Leader by stepping on a splinter and JoJo and her mom takes him to see Dr. Longtall the veterinarian but Goliath felt a little nervous but JoJo discovers that others are also nervous as well and discover that laughter could stop their nervousness.It's "Bring Your Kids To Circus Town Club " day at the Circus Town Club and JoJo and her friends decide create a club of their own but disagree on a Silly Secret Signal for the club but decide to combine all three into one code for their clubhouse.

  • JoJo, Goliath and her dad Takes Charlie to Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm for a.visit but chaos ensues when Charlie wanders off and discovers a whole new way to tour the farmJoJo and her friends goes Clowny-fishing with her dad and Goliath accidentally unplugs the lake's plug and JoJo and her friends try to rescue the Clowny-fishes.

  • The Froginis take care of JoJo and Goliath for the night while the Tickles celebrate their wedding anniversaryJoJo and Goliath witness a special dance by the Teddy Bears while camping out with the Clown Scouts at the Funny Face National Park.

  • JoJo and her friends meets Tater's new baby sister, Small Fry, for the first time but Tater gets jealous when SmallFry gets all the attention but learns that being a big brother is very important.JoJo and her parents are invited to the Tightropes for dinner but has to act fancy but learns that the Tightropes rather have the Tickle family be funny than fancy and learn a few humorous tricks from the Tickles.

  • While at the park practicing funny clown walks JoJo and her friends discovers a depressed Cotton Andy after his cotton candy making machine Whoopsabell breaks down and try to cheer him up exhibiting the funny clown walks that they learned in class.Franco the Fantastic the King of the Jungle and greatest circus lion of all time visits the Big Top for a performance and Goliath feels a little jealous and envious about him and thinks that Franco was better than him but learns that being himself is just as good.

  • JoJo and her father tries to make a special breakfast for Peaches for Sweet Peaches Day (a holiday like Mother's Day) but it goes awryJoJo and her friends make crafts out of a type of popcorn that they thought was old and wouldn't pop but it's a special kind know as " Giggle Corn" that pops whenever they laugh.

  • After Mr Tickle's cannon breaks down and missing the Circus Train,JoJo and Mr. Muscles start an exercise program for him to get him physically fit.After missing the mailman while trying to mail invitation for Mr. Tickle's surprise party JoJo starts a bicycle delivery service with Skeebo,Fire Chief Seltzer and the Fire Clown band.

  • JoJo holds her first ever sleep-over at her house but Bal Boa feels a little homesick and is afraid of showing his stuffed animal (Stuffy Wuff) during the sleep-over but is surprised that everyone brought theirs to the sleep-over.JoJo learns to plant her own garden by growing squirting flowers, and learns that it takes time and patience for them to grow.