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"Love Broker" takes a unique look at the world of matchmaking; a much forgotten and little talked about process. In days gone by matchmakers were the norm, but most people don't believe matchmakers exist in the 21st century in metropolises. "Love Broker" proves that they do exist as it follows the career and person quest of Lori Zaslow, a matchmaker operating in the New York City area.

Zaslow has been working as a matchmaker for decades. The married with children, professional, pounds the pavement as she looks for perspective dates for her clients. Zaslow, a matchmaker by passion and business owner by trade, is a co-founder of a match making service that attempts to make the perils of online dating disappear. Each episode of "Love Broker", focuses on a client of Zaslow's that is looking for love. The client is walked through a match making process and each person who signs up with Zaslow is treated to a variety of activities and tweaks that are all aimed at finding the perfect love connection.

Zaslow and her small staff take a look at the client and analyze his her her attributes and personality before heading out into the big city to find potential matches. Zaslow takes the clients preferences into account and also users her own personal criteria to find the right match. Each episode focuses exclusively on one client and their quest to fall in love.

The show, doesn't sugar coat the process either, in some cases love simply doesn't blossom and the client and matches' personality quirks are exposed for the audience. For example, one episode featured a single professional who simply feared changing anything about himself. His fear of hypercritical women eventually left the matchmaker stumped. Another episode featured a client who wasn't interested in following the rules.

In the world of matchmaking, sometimes, all is not fair in love and war. "Love Broker" highlights this fact in a bittersweet manner for all the world to see.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 5, 2012
Cast: Pelé Maree, Lori Zaslow
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Love Broker Full Episode Guide

  • Ben Cascella, 28, seems to be the perfect client -- handsome, faithful, intelligent and ambitious -- who wants a goal-oriented, creative, honest, athletic blonde. When Lori meets three incredible options for Ben, she's got a high-class problem on her hands -- who should she choose? Then, Project Soulmate goes above and beyond for a summer client appreciation party where Lori catches up with current clients about their journey towards finding their soulmate.

  • Lori Zaslow is stunned that this client shags with his mother.

  • The Lori story continues when the matchmaker helps a romantically picky Manhattan bartender. Lori shakes and stirs his world by sending him out on a blind date with an unlikely person. Lori also works for a 29-year-old man with confidence issues, giving him a makeover and romantic guidance.

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