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  • 2022
  • 4 Seasons
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Love During Lockup is a reality TV show that premiered on WE tv in January 2022. The show is a spin-off of the network's popular Love After Lockup, which follows couples where one partner has just been released from prison and explores the challenges they face as they start their lives together on the outside.

Love During Lockup puts a new twist on the franchise by documenting the journeys of couples who connected and fell in love while one partner was incarcerated. The show picks up after the couple has already started their relationship through letters, phone calls, and prison visits. Now they're taking the big leap to meet in person and begin their lives together with one partner still behind bars.

The couples featured come from all walks of life but share the uncommon bond of having forged an intimate connection without the benefit of physical contact. Viewers get an inside look at their written correspondence and phone calls but also the stark reality of maintaining a relationship with a loved one who is incarcerated. The show captures the whirlwind of emotions that come with starting a romance under such constrained circumstances.

In the typical format of a Love During Lockup episode, the couple’s backstory is outlined from how they met to the current state of their relationship. One partner is then shown traveling to finally meet their incarcerated significant other, experiencing anxiety about making everything perfect but also anticipation about the life they plan to build.

The initial in-person meeting is always emotional, full of tears and intimate confessions from both sides. But it also brings revelations as the couple must reconcile the fantasy version of each other they created from afar with the reality. The free partner meets the inmate’s friends and family on the inside and gets a taste of prison life. Talk inevitably turns to future plans after release.

As release day approaches, tensions run high. The couples wrestle with the looming pressures of living together with the added challenges of parole, finding work and avoiding old negative influences. Trust issues come to the surface. But there are always wedding bells on the horizon, with ambitious prep still underway despite uncertain futures.

The show balances darker moments like court hearings, parole meetings, and family turmoil with lighter scenes of couples celebrating their love despite the circumstances. In the end, Love During Lockup tries to determine if these relationships forged in such unusual conditions can survive when injected into the real world.

With its unique concept exploring love against the odds, insider peek behind prison walls, and a cast of characters hoping to overcome rocky pasts, Love During Lockup brings a fresh new flavor to WE tv’s popular franchise chronicling romance after incarceration. The show captures the emotional journey of couples determined to make it work no matter the obstacles.

Love During Lockup
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Rob's revelation stuns Tennie, Ayonna faces time and her mom's fury. Rick's family worries his incarcerated high school sweetheart will drag him off the wagon. Shonta accused her brother of stealing 5K from her; what is he holding back about True?
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    January 21, 2022
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