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  • 2013
  • 3 Seasons
  • 4.2  (851)

Love Thy Neighbor is a sitcom on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) that aired from May 2013 to August 2017. The show was created by Tyler Perry, who is also known for creating other popular shows such as The Haves and the Have Nots, and For Better or Worse. Love Thy Neighbor is set in a family-owned diner called Love's Diner in Atlanta, Georgia, and follows the lives of the staff who work there.

The show's main character is Hattie Mae Love, played by Patrice Lovely. She is the owner of Love's Diner and the matriarch of the Love family. Hattie Mae is a sassy, outspoken woman who can be both hilarious and infuriating. She has a heart of gold but can also be very demanding, particularly when it comes to her family and her diner.

Jonathan Chase played the role of Sam, Love's Diner's head chef. He is a young, good-looking man who is somewhat clueless when it comes to women. Sam is also Hattie Mae's nephew, which means that he is constantly subjected to her antics and controlling behavior.

Leigh-Ann Rose played the role of Linda, a waitress at Love's Diner who is trying to make it as a singer. She is a sweet and caring person who often finds herself caught in the middle of the drama that unfolds in the diner.

Other recurring characters in Love Thy Neighbor include Drew Sidora, who played the role of Danny, Peggy's daughter, and Darmirra Brunson, who played the role of Drew, Danny's best friend. Additionally, the show features plenty of guest stars, including Tom Wright, who played the role of Floyd, one of Love's regular customers, and Tami Roman, who played the role of Marianna, Linda's overbearing mother.

The sitcom is centered around the relationships and conflicts that arise between the characters. Hattie Mae is constantly meddling in the lives of the people around her, particularly her family, and often finds herself at odds with Sam and his girlfriend, Drew. Meanwhile, Linda's dream of making it as a singer frequently clashes with her desire to be there for her friends and colleagues at the diner. All of these storylines are woven together with the help of plenty of humor and hijinks.

What sets Love Thy Neighbor apart from other sitcoms is its emphasis on family and community. The show celebrates the bonds that are formed between the characters and emphasizes the importance of being there for each other during difficult times. At the same time, the show does not shy away from tackling tough issues such as addiction, mental illness, and even death.

Love Thy Neighbor was generally well-received by audiences and critics alike. Fans of Tyler Perry's other work will likely appreciate the show's signature blend of comedy, drama, and faith-based themes. Additionally, the show boasts a talented cast that is able to bring the often-over-the-top characters to life in a way that is both relatable and entertaining.

Overall, if you are a fan of family sitcoms that are full of laughs, Love Thy Neighbor is definitely worth checking out. The show succeeds in bringing together a diverse cast of characters and celebrating the power of community and togetherness.

Love Thy Neighbor
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True Feelings
22. True Feelings
August 19, 2017
Sam and Drew discuss their feelings for one another.
One Day Soon
21. One Day Soon
August 19, 2017
Hattie, Troy and Drew attempt to baby-sit Baby Celina.
Candles and Flowers
20. Candles and Flowers
August 19, 2017
Sam's poorly misguided plan to win Drew's affection backfires.
The Same Old Sam
19. The Same Old Sam
August 12, 2017
Convinced that he's in love with Drew, Sam does the unthinkable.
Number Five Sixty-Seven
18. Number Five Sixty-Seven
August 12, 2017
Danny confronts Sam and Drew about their relationship.
Catching Sam
17. Catching Sam
August 5, 2017
Sam and Drew's secret is revealed.
It's Just Dinner
16. It's Just Dinner
August 5, 2017
Sam's confidence is shaken after he prepares dinner for Drew and she declines.
A Sweaty Proposition
15. A Sweaty Proposition
August 5, 2017
Danny and Troy deal with a personal hygiene problem in their marriage.
Father Knows Best
14. Father Knows Best
July 29, 2017
Trying to teach Philip a lesson, Linda leaves him alone with their new baby.
When a Father Sleeps
13. When a Father Sleeps
July 29, 2017
Linda lets Philip take care of the baby alone.
My Two Favorite Girls
12. My Two Favorite Girls
July 29, 2017
Linda apologizes to Danny and Troy.
Danny's Absence
11. Danny's Absence
April 8, 2017
Danny struggles with forgiveness.
The Cure For Sweat
10. The Cure For Sweat
April 8, 2017
Danny's cure for sweat prompts Troy to suspect he is cheating.
Last Night
9. Last Night
April 1, 2017
Sam and Drew wake up in a precarious position.
Make Up Or Make Out
8. Make Up Or Make Out
March 25, 2017
Still distraught with his buddies, Danny receives the advice of his family.
Better Late Than Never
7. Better Late Than Never
March 25, 2017
A missed call puts Danny and his family in a not so good place.
She's Pretty
6. She's Pretty
March 18, 2017
Linda is in labor at the diner.
5. Unanswered
March 18, 2017
Danny's family tries to reach him during an emergency.
Digging The Hole Deeper
4. Digging The Hole Deeper
March 11, 2017
Linda continues to show her dislike for Troy as side-effects of her pregnancy intensify.
No Respect For Danny
3. No Respect For Danny
March 11, 2017
Danny is upset with his family and friends because of how they have behaved towards Troy.
Wine With Cereal
2. Wine With Cereal
March 4, 2017
Danny goes into a funk after Troy leaves him.
Locked Out
1. Locked Out
March 4, 2017
Linda worries about Danny isolating himself in his apartment.
  • Premiere Date
    May 29, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    4.2  (851)