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In this sitcom from prolific producer Tyler Perry, an extended family has to deal with the difficulties that arise when they live and work together, including the inevitable clashes between generations. Can their family business, a diner, survive the chaos? Jonathan Chase, Leigh-Ann Rose, and Palmer Williams Jr. star.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on OWN
3 Seasons, 115 Episodes
May 29, 2013
Cast: Jonathan Chase, Leigh-Ann Rose
Love Thy Neighbor

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Love Thy Neighbor Full Episode Guide

  • Hattie, Troy and Drew attempt to baby-sit Baby Celina.

  • Sam's poorly misguided plan to win Drew's affection backfires.

  • Convinced that he's in love with Drew, Sam does the unthinkable.

  • Danny confronts Sam and Drew about their relationship.

  • Sam and Drew's secret is revealed.

  • Sam's confidence is shaken after he prepares dinner for Drew and she declines.

  • Danny and Troy deal with a personal hygiene problem in their marriage.

  • Trying to teach Philip a lesson, Linda leaves him alone with their new baby.

  • Linda lets Philip take care of the baby alone.

  • Linda apologizes to Danny and Troy.

  • Danny struggles with forgiveness.

  • Danny's cure for sweat prompts Troy to suspect he is cheating.

  • Sam and Drew wake up in a precarious position.

  • Still distraught with his buddies, Danny receives the advice of his family.

  • Linda is in labor at the diner.

  • Danny's family tries to reach him during an emergency.

  • Linda continues to show her dislike for Troy as side-effects of her pregnancy intensify.

  • Danny is upset with his family and friends because of how they have behaved towards Troy.

  • Danny goes into a funk after Troy leaves him.

  • Linda worries about Danny isolating himself in his apartment.

  • Danny has reached his limit with Sam's annoying behavior.

  • Troy has a heated discussion with Danny's family.

  • Linda gets a shocking phone call.

  • Linda reaches a point where the only one that can come to the rescue is her mother.

  • Hattie's decision to write her memoirs causes problems for her friends and family.

  • Sam reveals the true nature about his lack of maturity.

  • Sam makes a risky decision that puts him in a tough situation.

  • An evening of passion takes a twisted turn; Hattie fears for her friend's life.

  • Everyone joins in for a game of "Who You Know"

  • Sam violates Troy's personal space and continues to disrupt Danny's marriage.

  • Drew causes a terrible misunderstanding.

  • Troy tells Hattie about the difficulties she's having in her marriage.

  • Linda learns why Hattie's happy.

  • Sam causes Danny to make a dramatic change in his life.

  • Sam has difficulty accepting Danny's new responsibilities as Troy's husband.

  • Hattie mediates when Linda and Troy discuss their differences.

  • Danny has a difficult time dealing with his mother's absence.

  • Phillip learns the basics of pregnancy.

  • Danny has to deal with how his friends and family feel about his wife.

  • Troy and Sam zero in on Danny.

  • Heartbroken, Linda has to put ip with Danny's impulsive decisions.