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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (5)

From anxious first-time parents to seasoned veterans embarking on a second set of multiples, get an inside look at the busy lives of these families and what it takes to manage all of these babies in the first few weeks at home.

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Anderson Triplets
18. Anderson Triplets
April 21, 2010
After several attempts to become pregnant, Diane and Jim decided to try one last time. Imagine their joy and surprise when their doctor told them they would soon be parents to triplets. When Jim goes back to work, will Diane be able to handle it alone?
Ketner Triplets
17. Ketner Triplets
April 15, 2010
For Abigail and Leroy getting pregnant was like winning the lottery. They conceived their triplet girls naturally -- which happens only one in 8000 times. Although both Abigail and Leroy are nurses, nothing could've prepared them for the stress.
Dotzler Quads
16. Dotzler Quads
April 12, 2010
After a year and a half of failed attempts at conception, the Casey and James decided to try IUI. The result: a high-risk quadruplet pregnancy! James and Casey watch and wait as their babies come home one at a time
Heilala Twins
15. Heilala Twins
April 20, 2010
The road to parenthood wasn't easy for this young couple, who struggled with infertility for almost a year. Though Meghann and her husband, Mike, had hoped for a vaginal delivery, at the last minute her twin boys have other plans.
Duffy Triplets
14. Duffy Triplets
April 7, 2010
When doctors gave this couple less than a one percent chance of conceiving, they refused to give up hope. After only two rounds of in vitro fertilization, Mike and Kelly get the news they'd been praying for in the form triplets.
Barton Triplets
13. Barton Triplets
April 2, 2010
For Crystal and Dave, conceiving was a struggle. After trying on their own, the couple turned to IVF, and they are now having triplets. A couple weeks after giving birth, the Barton family is home and that is when the fun begins -- three times the fun!
Curzio Twins
12. Curzio Twins
April 8, 2010
Gina and her husband Nick head to the hospital in a state of astonishment when her water breaks unexpectedly at 34 weeks. With a one-year old daughter and a three-year old son at home, how will the Curzios handle the addition of two more infants?
Bahr Triplets
11. Bahr Triplets
April 9, 2010
When Jeannette and Bobby's three teenagers said they wanted another baby in the house, they definitely got more than they bargained for. Having triplets and being sentenced to bed rest at just 25 weeks, how will this family adjust to the new demands?
Dobson Triplets
10. Dobson Triplets
March 31, 2010
For Trystan and Dale, conceiving and keeping a baby was an excruciating journey. But through the power of prayer and the miracles of modern medicine, they were stunned and blessed with three! For this petite mom, how will she fare on delivery day?
Long Island Quads
9. Long Island Quads
March 29, 2010
When Debbie's husband was killed four years ago in a fatal car crash, she asked the hospital staff to perform a sperm retrieval on Dave. After many years and 10 IVF attempts to get Debbie pregnant, in a medical miracle, she is having Dave's quadruplets.
Florestil Twins
8. Florestil Twins
April 6, 2010
As the parents of an exuberant 18-month-old daughter, serenity is nowhere to be found for Amanda and Freud. But, if they thought they were just getting the hang of being parents to a toddler, the Florestils are about to take a few steps backwards.
Katz Twins
7. Katz Twins
April 1, 2010
With active four-year-old twin boys, the Katz household is already chaotic. Now pregnant with twin girls, Mary and Mitch Katz know their lives are about to change even more. Once the babies come home, how will the couple fare with four kids under four?
Dwyer Triplets
6. Dwyer Triplets
May 21, 2017
Imagine being pregnant with triplets and not finding out the sex of the babies? But the gender conversation takes a back seat to Kevin and Kristi's anxieties in the delivery room. Four days post-birth, the Dwyers are anything but ready for homecoming day.
Hutchcroft Twins
5. Hutchcroft Twins
May 21, 2017
Laura and Corey, who already boast one seven-year-old daughter and a set of 21-month-old twin girls, are ready to welcome another pair of twins into the mix.
Peguero Twins
4. Peguero Twins
May 10, 2017
Jacki and Al already have their hands full with three-year-old Gabriella and six-year-old Joseph. A year after Jacki's gastric bypass surgery, she receives the biggest shock of her life -- she's pregnant with twin boys!
Butler Twins
3. Butler Twins
May 10, 2017
Willard and Janeka Butler are preparing to add twins to their family of four. When the two new bundles of joy come two weeks earlier than expected, any sense of order goes right out the window.
Brubacher Twins
2. Brubacher Twins
May 3, 2017
Mommies Jennifer and Robin already have their hands full with three-year old triplet boys, and the nerves are settling in for the arrival of another set of multiples -- twin boys! How will this couple settle into the chaos in store?
Philadelphia Quads
1. Philadelphia Quads
May 3, 2017
With more than three dozen doctors on hand for the arrival of quadruplets, how will this Philadelphia family fare when the reality finally sinks in? Is this mom and dad prepared for the difficult road ahead?

From anxious first-time parents to seasoned veterans embarking on a second set of multiples, get an inside look at the busy lives of these families and what it takes to manage all of these babies in the first few weeks at home.Make Room for Multiples is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on May 3, 2017.

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  • Premiere Date
    May 3, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (5)