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  • 1968
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (197)

Marine Boy is an animated television show that originally aired in Japan from 1965 to 1966, but it was later syndicated and aired internationally from 1968 to 1969. The show follows the adventures of a young boy named Marine Boy, who has the ability to breathe underwater due to a special invention known as the Oxy-Gum. With the help of his team, which includes Neptina, the daughter of the underwater king, and Splasher, a friendly dolphin, Marine Boy sets out to stop various enemies who threaten to harm the ocean and its inhabitants.

The show features a mix of sci-fi and adventure elements, as Marine Boy and his team encounter various underwater creatures and obstacles on their missions. Along the way, they use advanced technology such as submarines, jet packs, and lasers to aid them in their endeavors. The show is notable for its use of underwater themes, from the music to the sound effects, which combined to create an immersive and captivating viewing experience.

One of the standout elements of the show is its animation style, which was ahead of its time. The series was produced by animation studio Sankyō in Japan, and it utilized a unique process known as "Aqua Filming." This technique involved filming real-life aquatic environments and creatures and then animating over the footage. The result was a visually stunning and realistic depiction of the underwater world, which helped to transport viewers to exotic and otherworldly locales.

The show also features an impressive voice cast, including Yoshiko Ohta as Marine Boy, Goro Naya as the narrator, Kazuko Sugiyama as Neptina, and Tadashi Nakamura as Dr. Mariner, Marine Boy's mentor and scientist. The talented actors bring their characters to life with passionate performances that help to convey the emotional weight of the various conflicts that arise throughout the series.

Despite its age, Marine Boy remains a beloved and influential show in the world of animation. It is often cited as a precursor to other underwater-themed shows and movies, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Aquaman. The show's impact can also be seen in the continued popularity of various anime and manga genres, which owe a debt to the groundbreaking work of series such as Marine Boy.

In conclusion, Marine Boy is a classic animated show that continues to captivate audiences with its innovative storytelling, breathtaking animation, and memorable characters. Whether you're a fan of science fiction, adventure, or just enjoy a good story, Marine Boy is a must-watch series that deserves a place in the pantheon of great animated shows.

Marine Boy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1968.

Marine Boy
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The Monstrous Seaweed
26. The Monstrous Seaweed
March 30, 1967
Marine Boy answers an SOS and finds no ship in the area of the signal. What he does find, however, is electronically controlled arti ficial seaweed.
The Ghost Ship
25. The Ghost Ship
March 23, 1967
Marine Boy, Bullton, and Piper are sent to the Arctic Ocean to search for 11 missing men and to explore the myth of a ghost ship.
The Deepest Of The Deep
24. The Deepest Of The Deep
March 16, 1967
In order to provide more food to the people of the world, Dr. Mariner experiments with raising larger fish, but it is missing one in gredient which can only be found in the deepest part of the ocean.
The Mysterious Paradise
23. The Mysterious Paradise
March 30, 1967
During an expedition organized by Ocean patrol, Dr. Mariner and his crew find a spear which is modelled after one known to be two th ousand years old, but this spear is newly made.
The Astounding Shellfish
22. The Astounding Shellfish
March 2, 1967
Bullton and Piper find a missing fishing boat with no one aboard. Marine Boy and Splasher set out to solve the mystery of the crew's whereabouts.
The Dangerous Starfish
21. The Dangerous Starfish
February 23, 1967
After arriving at the crash site of an unidentified aircraft, P-1 witnesses an explosion and find themselves surrounded by huge, ele ctronically controlled, poisonous starfish which are pawns of Stellardin.
Monsters Of The Deep
20. Monsters Of The Deep
February 16, 1967
Marine Boy, Bullton, and Piper are ordered to the fishing boat Whoppercatch to investigate an SOS regarding a sea monster.
Lighthouse Of Terror
19. Lighthouse Of Terror
February 9, 1967
A lighthouse beam changes course mysteriously and ships in the area are running aground as a result.
Mission At Corkscrew Strait
18. Mission At Corkscrew Strait
February 2, 1967
In leading an important cargo ship through the narrow strait, P-1 must use torpedoes to clear the way. Marine Boy goes ahead to warn of the torpedo blasts and comes upon a huge sea snake which releases a vapor cloud and puts him to sleep.
5 Billion In Diamonds
17. 5 Billion In Diamonds
January 26, 1967
Little Clicli sees a submarine attack a diamond-bearing ship and picks up the key tot he diamond strongbox after the captain of the ship throws it overboard to keep it from thieves. The thieves set out after Clicli.
The Power Of Power
16. The Power Of Power
January 19, 1967
Accidents continue to occur in an underwater power station which is under construction, and Marine Boy discovers tremendous currents which he feels are man-made.
The Whales Of Destruction
15. The Whales Of Destruction
January 12, 1967
While testing the electronic fence at the Ocean patrol underwater research ranch, Professor Fumble and Mr. Washer are captured and h eld on an "invisible ship."
The Terrifying Icebergs
14. The Terrifying Icebergs
January 5, 1967
Marine Boy and P-1 are sent to investigate the disappearance of ships at the North Pole, apparently due to icebergs.
Battle To Save The World
13. Battle To Save The World
December 29, 1966
Marine Boy leaves the P-1 to search for the wreckage of a ship sunk by Captain Rex Rancid's electronic missiles.
Danger At 300 Fathoms
12. Danger At 300 Fathoms
December 22, 1966
A great underwater oil field is discovered by Dr. Mariner, but while drilling, the team at Satellite Station 23 collapses and Marine Boy is sent to investigate.
Empire Of The Sea
11. Empire Of The Sea
December 15, 1966
Despo Montebank, who claims to be the Emperor of the Pacific Empire, holds Marine Boy and his crew captive in an electromagnetic fie ld and tries to make them obey him.
Terror For The Fire Ball
10. Terror For The Fire Ball
December 8, 1966
Dr. Shinedor has invented an electronic laser beam which he can use to shock and punish man for hunting and fishing for pleasure.
The Gigantic Sea Farm
9. The Gigantic Sea Farm
December 1, 1966
Marine Boy and Splasher stumble on an underwater farm where plants grow quickly due to the rich soil.
Danger In The Depths
8. Danger In The Depths
November 24, 1966
Splasher is caught in the sound waves emitted by Scorpo, who plans to sell him to Smirkland for use as a robot.
Menace Of The Missing Bomb
7. Menace Of The Missing Bomb
November 17, 1966
A proton bomb with its safety catch unhooked is stolen by a secret agent. He places it in a lunch box and meets the other villains a t an amusement park, where a small boy switches his lunch box with the agent.
Mystery Of The Vanishing Vessel
6. Mystery Of The Vanishing Vessel
November 10, 1966
Flim Flamboyant disguises his sub as the P-1 and leads Ocean Patrol boats to a cave where he steals their precious cargo.
Secret Of The Time Capsule
5. Secret Of The Time Capsule
November 3, 1966
A mysterious time capsule is found by Marine Boy and Splasher who take it to Dr. Mariner. Within the capsule is a secret document de scribing the location of a button which will activate tidal waves.
Disaster On The High Sea
4. Disaster On The High Sea
October 27, 1966
Smirch and Captain Slicker steal nuclear rock drills from the Ocean Patrol in order to steal all the uranium in the world. They end up causing an oil leak in the Mindanao Trench's waters.
The Greatest Power On Earth
3. The Greatest Power On Earth
October 20, 1966
A strange statue which contains vast treasure is discovered by "Tycoon" while flying over it in his plane.
The Super Mystery Boat
2. The Super Mystery Boat
October 13, 1966
Marine Boy enters a boat race using a special boat invented by Dr. Mariner and Professor Fumble, but the boat is blown up before the race starts and the gang feels that it was caused by a guided missile disguised as another boat and remote controlled.
The Green Monsters
1. The Green Monsters
October 6, 1966
Marine Boy, suspecting sabotage, investigates when an "unsinkable" nuclear ship is lost during a tornado.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 12, 1968
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (197)