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  • 2011
  • 9 Seasons
  • 8.0  (75)

Martha Bakes is a cooking show that has been airing on the Hallmark Channel since 2011. Hosted by the legendary Martha Stewart, the show is focused on baking and features a variety of recipes that are easy to follow and perfect for home bakers of all levels. Each episode of Martha Bakes features a specific type of baked good, such as cakes, pies, cookies, or bread. Martha takes viewers through the steps of preparing each recipe in her signature calm and informative style. She provides tips, tricks, and insights that come from her decades of experience as a baker, and she highlights the importance of using high-quality ingredients and proper techniques to achieve the best results.

One of the unique aspects of Martha Bakes is the focus on seasonal ingredients and flavors. Martha frequently incorporates fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs into her desserts, both for their flavor and for their nutritional value. She also showcases recipes that are perfect for holidays, special occasions, or everyday meals.

In addition to Martha's expert guidance, the show often features guest bakers who bring their own expertise and flair to the kitchen. Past guests have included Zeke Goodband, an apple expert and orchardist who shares his knowledge of apple varieties and the best ways to incorporate them into desserts; and Leda Meredith, a forager and author who introduces viewers to the world of wild edible plants and how to use them in baking.

The set of Martha Bakes is always visually stunning, echoing the aesthetic of Martha's brand with its clean lines, elegant design, and plenty of natural light. Viewers can also expect to see plenty of beautiful shots of finished desserts, both close-up and in the context of a beautifully set table or an outdoor picnic.

Martha Bakes is perfect for anyone who loves to bake, whether they are an experienced home cook or a novice just starting out. The show is designed to be easy to follow and accessible to all, with a focus on achievable recipes and ingredients that are readily available at any grocery store. And, of course, with Martha as the host, there's always an element of sophistication and grace that elevates even the simplest baked goods.

Overall, Martha Bakes is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their baking skills, expand their recipe repertoire, or simply enjoy the pleasures of homemade desserts. With its focus on high-quality ingredients, seasonal flavors, and the guidance of a legendary baker, it's sure to inspire creativity and delight in home kitchens across the country.

Martha Bakes
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Breakfast Pastries
18. Breakfast Pastries
August 9, 2018
Everyone loves pastries for breakfast and they're even better homemade. Join Martha as she teaches how to make an easy-to-prepare sweet yeasted dough in three addictive recipes: sinfully delicious pear and frangipane pastries, a cinnamon and brown butter swirl designed for pull-apart shareability and mouth-watering jam-filled croustades. Professional quality breakfast pastries you can serve to family and friends.
Magnificent Meringues
17. Magnificent Meringues
August 2, 2018
Meringue is the foundation for so many captivating desserts and Martha shares three different meringue-based desserts: an ethereal meringue wreath with jewel-like sugared berries, chocolate angel food cake with a decadent milk chocolate frosting, and almond dacquoise bombes, the fancy cousin of baked Alaska. Scrumptious desserts you'll want to make again and again!
Elegant Cookies
16. Elegant Cookies
July 26, 2018
We all have our favorite go-to cookies, but sometimes an occasion calls for something really special. Martha shares three recipes that turn the humble cookie into an art form: "faux bois" vanilla and chocolate shortbread decorated with chocolate bark and pistachio moss, embellished wreath cookies with sugared flowers and pretty-as-a-picture cherry blossom cookies.
Decorative Breads
15. Decorative Breads
July 19, 2018
Take your bread baking skills to the next level with everything you need to know to make three boulangerie quality breads: a crusty golden brown artisanal boule, a unique "edible landscape" onion and leek focaccia, and a buttery, multi-layered brioche feuilletée. Breads so remarkable your family and friends won't believe you baked them yourself!
Perfect Pâte à Choux Episode
14. Perfect Pâte à Choux Episode
July 14, 2018
It's hard to believe the unusual 5-ingredient dough known as pâte à choux could be the foundation of so many popular desserts from profiteroles to cream puffs. Today on Martha Bakes, learn how to make this magical dough for three spectacular filled desserts: pâte à choux swans swimming in a pond of chocolate, custardy coconut eclairs, and a gorgeous, towering pink croquembouche. Impressive desserts fit for royalty!
13. France
April 28, 2018
Time-tested techniques are used in three renowned favorites: papillons, with their caramelized exteriors and flakey layers within, French meringues in a rainbow of colors and flavors, and perhaps the most popular cookie in France, sables Bretons.
Italy - Classic
12. Italy - Classic
April 21, 2018
Savor three scrumptious cookies that signify la dolce vita: Sicilian buccellati, filled with a combination of pecans, figs and raisins; Italian wafer cookies known as pizzelle; and the distinctive diamond-shaped zaleti found throughout Venice.
11. Netherlands
April 14, 2018
How three famous cookies got their unusual names: speculaas, traditionally formed using carved wooden molds; stroopwafels, made from two waffles sandwiched with caramel; and buttery, crisp arnhemse meisjes, named for the girls of Arnhem.
10. Greece
April 7, 2018
Create the authentic flavors of Greece using a variety of ingredients: walnut and honey in baklava, kourabiedes, with mastiha lending a gentle pine and anise flavor, and paximadia, imbued with ouzo, sesame seeds and a hint of orange.
Middle East
9. Middle East
March 31, 2018
How warm spices, dried fruit fillings and fragrant ingredients deliver big flavor in three irresistible treats: date-filled ma'amoul stamped with a geometric pattern; unusually textured Iranian rice cookies; and tahini cookies.
Great Britain
8. Great Britain
March 24, 2018
Three classic British "biscuits" (aka cookies): traditional English shortbread; Welsh bakestones, a cross between a chubby cookie and a scone; and Celtic knots, known for their intricate trefoil pattern.
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    January 31, 2011
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