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Spider-Man teams with other Marvel heroes, in this short-form series, to teach the benefits of friendship, co-operation and heroism.

Disney Junior
1 Season, 25 Episodes
October 13, 2017
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: David Attar, Matt Cowlrick, Brian Drummond, Cole Howard
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Marvel Super Hero Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Spidey, Miles Morales, and the citizens of New York must band together to show the hideous Hobgoblin that keeping the community clean and safe is everyone's responsibility!

  • She-Hulk accidentally smashes Hulk's sandcastle on their day off at the beach, making Hulk angry! Our heroes are reminded that paying attention is always important!

  • Spidey is recruited by Doctor Strange to turn sorcerer-spring-cleaning into fun! Of course, the most difficult chore is convincing the Cloak of Levitation to take a bath.

  • Spidey runs into Rocket and Groot while they track down Blackjack, the duo's furriest foe! Our spider-hero reminds Rocket that yelling is never the best way to get things done.

  • Spidey and Black Panther have an unfortunate run-in with Nebula, which leads to unfair accusations. Even in an intergalactic traffic accident, an apology goes a long way.

  • Spidey accidentally collides with fellow flyer - Falcon! They're both after Hobgoblin, but Spidey and Falcon realize that even the most awesome airborne heroes have to take turns.

  • Spidey and Captain Marvel investigate an alien threat but discover that intergalactic looks can be deceiving.

  • Spider-Girl and Spider-Man visit the ice cream shop after a long day, only to find out that someone's melting all of the ice cream in town!

  • After Spider-Man gets taken over by the evil symbiote Venom, Hulk has to control his emotions in order to save Spidey and all of New York!

  • All of the bees in New York go missing, and that's bad news for the whole environment! Ms. Marvel and Spidey are on the case, which forces them to think outside of the box.

  • Spider-Man, in an attempt to catch Green Goblin, accidentally loses Captain America's shield and is reminded that being a better listener is part of becoming a better super hero.

  • Black Panther arrives in New York with a brand new Vibranium rescue vehicle, only to have the vehicle hijacked by Ultron.

  • Spidey runs into Iron Man, who's invented a device to stop the rampaging Rhino! When Spidey uses the invention without asking permission first, he makes the situation much worse.

  • Spider-Man and Ghost-Spider are led by Doctor Octopus on a frustrating chase through the museum.

  • Ant-Man and The Wasp arrive for what seems like an easy task: help Mittens out of a tree. But when Ant-Man rushes into action, our tiny heroes are faced with a much larger problem.

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