Masterpiece Contemporary: Place of Execution

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  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (224)

Masterpiece Contemporary: Place of Execution is a British television drama miniseries that was broadcast on ITV1 in 2008. Set in the moorlands of Derbyshire in the 1960s and 1990s, the show tells the story of a journalist's investigation into the disappearance of a young girl in a remote village.

The series begins in 1963 with the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl named Alison Carter from the village of Scardale. Catherine Heathcote (played by Juliet Stevenson), a journalist from London, is sent to cover the story. Catherine is a strong-willed and determined woman who is not afraid to dig deep to uncover the truth.

She soon discovers that Alison was not the first girl to disappear from Scardale, and that the village has a dark and secretive past. As Catherine investigates further, she encounters resistance from the local police and from Philip Hawkin (Greg Wise), the owner of the estate where Alison was last seen.

Despite the obstacles, Catherine continues to pursue the case, determined to uncover the truth. Along the way, she develops a complex relationship with George Bennett (Lee Ingleby), the detective who led the original investigation into Alison's disappearance. George is now an old man, but he still carries the emotional scars of the case.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that there are many secrets buried in the moors of Scardale. The series shifts back and forth between the past and present, showing how the events of 1963 have had a lasting impact on the lives of those involved.

In addition to the strong performances by the lead actors, the show is notable for its atmospheric setting and cinematography. The bleak and desolate moorlands provide a haunting backdrop to the story, and the show's use of color and lighting helps to create a sense of foreboding and dread.

Overall, Masterpiece Contemporary: Place of Execution is a well-crafted and engaging drama that will keep viewers guessing until the very end. With its complex characters and gripping storyline, it is a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of seeking the truth, no matter the cost.

Masterpiece Contemporary: Place of Execution
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Part 2
2. Part 2
A journalist continues to make a film about a 13-year-old girl who vanished from an English village in Part 2 of this Masterpiece Contemporary thriller based on the novel by best-selling author Val McDermid. Juliet Stevenson and Greg Wise star.
Part 1
1. Part 1
A 13-year-old girl vanishes from an English village, and the mystery deepens 40 years later when a journalist arrives to make a film about it. What she finds shatters the lives of all involved. Juliet Stevenson and Greg Wise star.
  • Premiere Date
    September 22, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (224)