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  • TV-Y7-FV
  • 2013
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.6  (1,337)

Max Steel is a popular animated TV series that aired on Disney XD from 2013 to 2015. The show was created based on the Max Steel action figure line from legendary toy company Mattel. The storyline follows teenager Max McGrath, who discovers that he has incredible powers after his scientist father mysteriously disappears. Max Steel is an action-packed, sci-fi adventure filled with high-octane action, humor, and heart.

The show features a talented voice cast, including Andrew Francis as Max McGrath, Sam Vincent as his brilliant, yet quirky, alien companion, Steel, and Michael Dobson as the series' villain, Miles Dredd. Francis, Vincent, and Dobson bring their A-game to every episode, delivering fantastic performances that bring the show's characters and world to life.

At its core, Max Steel is a story about the power of friendship and the importance of believing in yourself. In the first season, Max learns to harness his extraordinary abilities, which empower him to fight against villains who threaten his community. As he confronts his enemies, he develops a deep bond with Steel, who mentors and supports him through both his victories and struggles.

Throughout the series, Max and Steel tackle a range of threats, from battling evil corporations to defending their home planet of N-Tek. Along the way, they befriend a cast of supporting characters, including Max's love interest Sydney Gardner, his best friend Kirby Kowalski, and N-Tek agents Commander Forge Ferrus and Agent Molly McGrath (Max's mom).

The action in Max Steel is fast-paced and dynamic, with the protagonists utilizing a range of high-tech weaponry and gadgets. The show's fight scenes are well-choreographed and satisfying to watch, with Max and Steel working together to take down their foes. The show also features a variety of imaginative and outlandish villains, each with their unique abilities and personalities.

One of the standout elements of Max Steel is its distinct visual style. The show employs a mix of CGI animation and traditional 2D animation, giving it a unique texture and depth. The high-quality animation is complemented by a vibrant color palette, which pops off the screen, especially during the show's action scenes. The character designs are well-crafted, with each character having their own distinct look and personality.

In addition to its exciting action sequences, Max Steel also tackles a range of complex themes, such as family, identity, betrayal, and loss. While the show is primarily aimed at a younger audience, it doesn't shy away from exploring concepts that are relevant to viewers of all ages. The show's writers do an excellent job of balancing humor and heart, injecting every episode with a healthy dose of humor and wit.

Overall, Max Steel is an entertaining and well-crafted animated series that is sure to delight fans of sci-fi, action, and adventure. Its engaging storyline, vibrant visuals, and memorable characters make it a must-watch for anyone looking for a fun and engaging show.

Max Steel
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Final Countdown: Part 2
26. Final Countdown: Part 2
December 6, 2014
To save the planet, Max Steel must battle Makino, buying time for Molly and Forge to put the finishing touches on the Turbo Star.
Final Countdown: Part 1
25. Final Countdown: Part 1
November 30, 2014
Makino arrives, and he's not messing around. He has his Alphalink, which makes him virtually unstoppable.
The Great Turbo Star Caper
24. The Great Turbo Star Caper
November 30, 2014
Feeling the pressure of Makino's approaching planet ship, Max Steel tells Forge that he wants to use the Turbo Star to destroy Makino.
23. Fugitives
November 23, 2014
The Black Star Council sends three deadly bounty hunters to capture the "evil" Steel, along with Max and Ven Ghan for aiding and abetting him.
A Germ of an Idea
22. A Germ of an Idea
November 23, 2014
Makino's planet ship is rapidly bearing down on Earth, and he's getting stronger as a result.
21. Reprogrammed
November 16, 2014
Max is going to the school prom with Sydney, forcing Steel to go as Max, much to Max's chagrin.
Torbolt the Terrible
20. Torbolt the Terrible
December 16, 2014
Not quite sure that it wants to keep fighting for the glory of Makino, an Ultralink hides from Mega Metal Elementor.
Definitely Fear the Reaper
19. Definitely Fear the Reaper
November 9, 2014
Max and his classmates accidentally stumble upon a meteor that's a chunk of Takion, inadvertently alerting Mega Metal Elementor to its existence.
Me, Myself and Extroyer
18. Me, Myself and Extroyer
November 8, 2014
During a battle with Max Steel, Extroyer manages to extroy him, creating a carbon copy of Max Steel!
My Best Friend Is an Ultralink
17. My Best Friend Is an Ultralink
November 2, 2014
Just when it appears that Max is making friends with Butch the bully, three damaged Ultralinks bond with Sydney, Kirby and Butch.
Got Turbo Star?
16. Got Turbo Star?
October 2, 2014
Max and Steel decide they need the Turbo Star to defend Earth against Makino.
Makino Strikes: Part 2
15. Makino Strikes: Part 2
October 2, 2014
On the Destroyer in orbit around Earth, Max must save Steel from Makino.
Makino Strikes: Part 1
14. Makino Strikes: Part 1
October 2, 2014
Makino's humanoid form arrives on Earth through a massive wormhole and leads a devastating attack as he tries to destroy Max Steel.
The Legend of Ja'em Mk'Rah
13. The Legend of Ja'em Mk'Rah
October 2, 2014
When Mega Elementor fries Steel's circuits, Max and Steel get caught in a memory spiral, experiencing Steel's past as if they were there.
Lights! Camera! Max!
12. Lights! Camera! Max!
October 2, 2014
Hollywood is filming "Turbo Blaster 2," the epic action-adventure sequel based on Max Steel.
Hot Zone
11. Hot Zone
October 2, 2014
Mega Metal Elementor launches the perfect attack on Max Steel while he's vacationing on a South Pacific island.
Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon
10. Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon
October 2, 2014
Max and Dredd race to recover the second piece of the Turbo Star in Copper Canyon's abandoned mines, which are haunted by the Copper Squatch!
Digital Meltdown
9. Digital Meltdown
July 11, 2014
Toxzon attempts to destroy Max Steel inside a deadly video game.
Ultralink Hunter
8. Ultralink Hunter
July 7, 2014
Ordered to capture Max Steel at all costs, Elementor apprehends Steel and Ven Ghan, leaving it up to Max to rescue them both.
Deep Turbo Blue Sea
7. Deep Turbo Blue Sea
July 7, 2014
As Max Steel and Dredd race to recover the first piece of the Turbo Star, Metal Elementor launches an attack on an underwater N-Tek base.
Animal Attraction
6. Animal Attraction
June 25, 2014
Max Steel must stop Extroyer from extroying the Ultralinks' deadly alien powers.
Full Metal Racket
5. Full Metal Racket
June 25, 2014
Makino sends his deadliest general, Metal Elementor, to Earth to destroy Max Steel.
Toxic Relationship
4. Toxic Relationship
June 25, 2014
Max Steel and N-Tek must stop Toxzon and a deadly new enemy named Plaztek from carrying out a nefarious plot to destroy the world's water supply.
Dredd Ascendant
3. Dredd Ascendant
June 25, 2014
Max and Steel find files about the Turbo Star, but they must be decrypted before they can be understood.
Ultralink Invasion: Part 2
2. Ultralink Invasion: Part 2
June 8, 2014
Max attempts to rescue Steel from the clutches of Ultralink hunter Ven Ghan.
Ultralink Invasion: Part 1
1. Ultralink Invasion: Part 1
June 8, 2014
Max Steel and N-Tek have been expecting Makino to make his move, and he does when his messenger, Dredd, attacks Copper Canyon with deadly Ultralinks.
  • Premiere Date
    March 25, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (1,337)