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When Max and his mother move to Copper Canyon in this animated series, things begin to change for him. Not only does Max meet new friends and experience bullying, but he also has to fight off super-villains coming after him for the TURBO energy he contains.Max Steel is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2013.

Max Steel is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Max Steel on demand atiTunes online.

Monday 4:00 PM et/pt on Disney XD
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
March 25, 2013
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Andrew Francis, Sam Vincent, Michael Dobson, Brian Drummond
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Max Steel Full Episode Guide

  • To save the planet, Max Steel must battle Makino, buying time for Molly and Forge to put the finishing touches on the Turbo Star.

  • Feeling the pressure of Makino's approaching planet ship, Max Steel tells Forge that he wants to use the Turbo Star to destroy Makino.

  • The Black Star Council sends three deadly bounty hunters to capture the "evil" Steel, along with Max and Ven Ghan for aiding and abetting him.

  • Makino's planet ship is rapidly bearing down on Earth, and he's getting stronger as a result.

  • Max is going to the school prom with Sydney, forcing Steel to go as Max, much to Max's chagrin.

  • Max and his classmates accidentally stumble upon a meteor that's a chunk of Takion, inadvertently alerting Mega Metal Elementor to its existence.

  • During a battle with Max Steel, Extroyer manages to extroy him, creating a carbon copy of Max Steel!

  • Just when it appears that Max is making friends with Butch the bully, three damaged Ultralinks bond with Sydney, Kirby and Butch.

  • Max and Steel decide they need the Turbo Star to defend Earth against Makino.

  • On the Destroyer in orbit around Earth, Max must save Steel from Makino.

  • Makino's humanoid form arrives on Earth through a massive wormhole and leads a devastating attack as he tries to destroy Max Steel.

  • When Mega Elementor fries Steel's circuits, Max and Steel get caught in a memory spiral, experiencing Steel's past as if they were there.

  • Hollywood is filming "Turbo Blaster 2," the epic action-adventure sequel based on Max Steel.

  • Mega Metal Elementor launches the perfect attack on Max Steel while he's vacationing on a South Pacific island.

  • Max and Dredd race to recover the second piece of the Turbo Star in Copper Canyon's abandoned mines, which are haunted by the Copper Squatch!

  • Toxzon attempts to destroy Max Steel inside a deadly video game.

  • Ordered to capture Max Steel at all costs, Elementor apprehends Steel and Ven Ghan, leaving it up to Max to rescue them both.

  • As Max Steel and Dredd race to recover the first piece of the Turbo Star, Metal Elementor launches an attack on an underwater N-Tek base.

  • Max Steel must stop Extroyer from extroying the Ultralinks' deadly alien powers.

  • Makino sends his deadliest general, Metal Elementor, to Earth to destroy Max Steel.

  • Max Steel and N-Tek must stop Toxzon and a deadly new enemy named Plaztek from carrying out a nefarious plot to destroy the world's water supply.

  • Max and Steel find files about the Turbo Star, but they must be decrypted before they can be understood.

  • Max attempts to rescue Steel from the clutches of Ultralink hunter Ven Ghan.

  • Max Steel and N-Tek have been expecting Makino to make his move, and he does when his messenger, Dredd, attacks Copper Canyon with deadly Ultralinks.

  • During the Syndicate's Attack at N-Tek, Max and Steel learned the truth from Ultimate Elementor.

  • Miles Dredd, Jason Naught, Ultimate Elementor, Toxzon and Extroyer have team-up to destroy Max Steel and N-Tek as The Syndicate.

  • Max battles Extroyer with his new TURBO mode.

  • When the Elementors can't stop arguing with themselves,they settle their differences by splitting up and hunting for Max Steel.

  • When the Elementors can't stop arguing with themselves,they settle their differences by splitting up and hunting for Max Steel.

  • Due to his super hero duties as of late, Max has been failing school.

  • When Toxzon's pet plastic goldfish goes missing he holds the world hostage by poisoning all the oceans until Fishy is found. So Max Steel and N-Tek tries to find out the case of Toxic Fish in the ocean.

  • Max and Steel are in a road trip on the search to N-Tek's true mission, but instead, they find Dredd and Jason Naught who are looking for a transmitter that will show them all of N-Tek's locations.

  • Steel is eager to learn more about Extroyer, since he is an Ultra-Link inside him. But when he leaves Max to investigate him, Extroyer scrambles his system and makes him malfunction in all sorts of funny ways.

  • When a strange virus begins to infect Copper Canyon citizens Max does some digging and discovers that Toxzon is behind it all and that Molly, Max's mom, is the prime target because she was the one who fired him from his job at THI.

  • Sydney Gardner finally finds out that Maxwell McGrath is actually Max Steel.

  • When Max buys a car with some secret good hidden in it, it puts him on a collision course with Extroyer!

  • The now combined Elementors manage to escape, albeit without the alien power drives that Dredd is after, and they capture Uncle Forge.

  • When Air Elementor attacks N-Tek our heroes must defeat the powerful beast before he can infiltrate the base and free his fellow Elementors!

  • Max, Kirby and Sydney go to a flee market and encounter a goon harassing an elderly merchant selling Asian weaponry.

  • A damaged Ultra-Link turns masterful criminal Troy Winter into Extroyer, which is capable of absorbing the powers of various animals.

  • N-TEK brings in Max and Steel to the arctic where a starship is found of similar design to the Water Elementor from the previous episode.

  • Max and Steel chase down some bad guys downtown who stole weapons from the Army.

  • Toxzon escapes from jail and seeks vengeance on Max Steel by literally wiping Copper Canyon from the map.

  • Max must deal with an issue of keeping his secret identity as Max Steel, so Miles Dredd doesn't come after him through his friends and family to siphon his near limitless TURBO energy.

  • When a string of unusual water anomalies wreak havoc on Copper Canyon, Max Steel goes behind N-Tek's back to investigate.

  • N-Tek researcher Berto has developed a superior portable weapons system for Max, but problems arise when it gets hacked by a mysterious green slime.

  • Max learns about his mother's role in the experimental program. Dredd manages to release a noxious gas that turns those who inhale it into zombies.

  • Max is captured by sinister Miles Dredd, who intends to destroy Max in order to fill up his own waning supply of Turbo energy.

  • After Max meets Steel, his alien counterpart, Max goes out on a date with a pretty classmate and is attacked by the Elementor.

  • Max McGrath is a teenager who discovers an amazing power within, he then meets new friends and new enemies.