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The Maxim Hot 100 show is a show based on the magazine in which it ranks the world's top 100 female celebrities. The show is very elaborate and energetic as per the females who participate in the show's interviewing process. The show attempts to delve into the lives of the most successful celebrity women of the world in order to educate, recognize, and celebrate on behalf of the accomplishments of the most beautiful women in the world. The show and magazine itself is an annual countdown that garners recognition on popular television shows, news stations, and blogs.

The accomplishment of being on this countdown/ranking as a woman garners much respect in all industries because it ranks these woman based on amount of money they made during the year, the amount of movies or albums done in the year, and also other accomplishments made during that particular year. These accomplishments could include medals won during the Olympics, championship trophies in their particular sport or sports, and even things like how many twitter and facebook mentions and references made during that year. Some rankings are even made on the basis of how many youtube views a certain female garnered for a particular video or videos that they may have shot or recorded.

The list of women on the Maxim Hot 100 could include models, politicians, actors, authors, athletes, boxers, mixed martial arts fighters, musicians, recording artists, reality TV stars, etc. The recognition of being on this list as a woman can open up many doors for future opportunities and jobs. This list unlike any other list that ranks female celebrities is highly respected among mainstream media and not viewed as misogynistic or degrading towards women. All pictures and shots of these woman are done in respectable taste and are very unique in accordance to the women and their particular profession.

The Maxim Hot 100 captivates viewers with unique dialogue, interviews, videos, photos, and snap shots of the most beautiful and successful women of the year that have consumed the interests of the world.

3 Seasons, 3 Episodes
May 30, 2006
Celebrity & Entertainment
Maxim Hot 100

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