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In this supernatural drama series, a small town filled with vampires, witches, psychics and other cultural misfits is the site of soap-opera-esque drama. The series debuted in 2017 on the NBC network. It is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris. Midnight, Texas is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on June 24, 2017.

Where do I stream Midnight, Texas online? Midnight, Texas is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Midnight, Texas on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, NBC online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on NBC
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
June 24, 2017
Drama Mystery Fantasy
Cast: François Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Arielle Kebbel
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Midnight, Texas Full Episode Guide

  • With Midnight, Texas now under the rule of Dark Witches, the surviving Midnighters must band together in one last, desperate attempt to save their town.

  • Manfred and Kai team up against a common foe. Olivia and Bobo search for a way to bring Fiji back to their side. Joe gets a surprising visitor.

  • In the wake of tragedy, Manfred vows revenge. Joe squares off against a former ally to save his husband. Fiji spends a night on the town. Kai gives Patience an ultimatum.

  • An unknown force threatens to reveal all the Midnighters' secrets. Manfred's suspicion towards Kai intensifies. Fiji embraces Dark Magic to save Bobo once and for all.

  • The Midnighters join forces to protect a newcomer in town. With Bobo still in danger, Fiji's forced to take desperate action to save him. Patience and Manfred bond over their relationship troubles.

  • Fiji and Manfred try to get to the bottom of who or what is trying to kill Bobo. A guilt-ridden Rev struggles with the weight of his past. Joe embraces his new ‘night job,' unbeknownst to his husband.

  • Manfred investigates a gruesome murder in the hotel. Lem and Olivia's psychic connection drives a wedge between them. Bobo's life is put in danger by a series of strange ‘accidents,' much to Fiji's concern.

  • The Season 2 premiere. The Midnighters finally settle into a semblance of normality after shutting the veil to hell

  • With Hell literally about to erupt onto Witch Light Road, and Fiji about to be claimed by the Demon who has been tormenting her, Manfred leads the Midnighters to take back their home from the evil forces that occupy it. As Bobo turns his attention to saving Fiji, Olivia and Creek confront the wraiths. Manfred focuses on killing the demon and closing the veil with the help of Lem, Joe, and the Rev. Manfred takes a desperate gamble and risks his life by asking for help from an unlikely source.

  • An apocalyptic sandstorm engulfs Midnight concealing wraith-like demonic spirits heralding the arrival of a demon from Hell. Fiji knows this demon wants her and Bobo vows to protect her, while wondering why the demon has targeted Fiji and no one else. Manfred, Joe and the Rev dig for answers from the past, but when the storm gets too dangerous, Manfred leads the Midnighters to an unlikely hiding spot outside of town. Olivia confronts Lem about their relationship, and Creek helps Manfred when he needs it most.

  • A faceless supernatural makes a pilgrimage to Midnight to usher in the arrival of a demon from the veil to Hell - the same demon that has been plaguing Fiji. Meanwhile, the Midnighters struggle to fight the effects of the veil to Hell opening in their town, especially Lem and the Rev, whose hunger increases to dangerous levels. Olivia and Bobo make plans of their own to protect the town. Elsewhere, Creek struggles in the face of great loss as Manfred confronts his constant self-medicating.

  • A bounty hunter from Joe's past arrives in Midnight to punish him for leaving the angelic fold. Manfred takes charge with a plan to lead Fiji, Olivia, Bobo and Lem in an effort to stop this dangerous, nearly immortal foe from killing Joe and Chuy, as well as destroying Midnight. Meanwhile, Creek struggles to recover from her family tragedy. Elsewhere, the Rev refuses to compromise the safety of his neighbors and it costs him dearly.

  • Manfred's ability to see the dead leads him to uncover an ancient supernatural who seduces and feeds on men. To protect their town's supernatural anonymity, Manfred, with the help of Fiji, Lem, Joe and Creek, venture out of the safety of Midnight to a roadside bar to stop the supernatural killer. Meanwhile, Bobo must confront the dangerous bikers who threaten to expose his past. While carrying out a hit, Olivia discovers an unlikely link to her father.

  • A deadly nest of vampires arrives in Midnight and it turns out they're old friends of Lem's eager to reunite. Manfred suspects there's more to their arrival and joins forces with Olivia to uncover the real story while Creek prepares for the worst. Elsewhere, Fiji and Bobo hatch a plan of their own in case the vampires are up to no good. Meanwhile, Joe confides his suspicions about the veil to hell opening in Midnight to the Rev.

  • Manfred tries to help one of his new neighbors, Bobo, clear his name by talking to the murdered victim with the help of Joe. As Manfred helps his neighbors and grows closer to Creek, they help him - specifically, Fiji, the resident witch who performs an exorcism to rid Manfred's home of the spirits, demonic and otherwise that haunt it. Meanwhile, the Rev tries to stay out of trouble while Lem and Olivia set out to stop a deadly predator before it kills again.

  • Manfred Bernardo, a powerful psychic on the run, decides to hide out in the small, sleepy town of Midnight, Texas. But when he's haunted by the ghost of a recently murdered Midnighter, Manfred discovers this sleepy community is a mysterious safe haven for outsiders with secrets - both supernatural and human - including Lemuel, an energy-leeching vampire; Olivia, a beautiful assassin; Fiji, a witch with a cranky cat; Creek, a spunky writer with big dreams; Bobo, a pawnshop owner with a hidden past; the Rev, who has an obsession for animals; and Joe, an angelic tattoo artist. In addition to the colorful residents, Manfred learns the town itself sits on a veil between the living and dead. He pledges to join the Midnighters in the fight to protect their home from suspicious cops and other outside forces.

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NBC Cancels 'Midnight, Texas' and 'Marlon'

Both shows were axed after two seasons.

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